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Ever since the Ministry of Magic decided to introduce television to the wizarding community, most of wizards and witches loved the idea. They found this little box very fascinating and entertaining. The Ministry gave to every wizarding house a muggle TV that was enchanting to play the magical networks too.

Ron was having one more interview in a sports-show called; Catch the Snitch, with Adam Lacey, a good friend of his. It wasn't the first time that Ron was invited to this TV-show, but this time he had an important announcement to make that he hadn't tell Adam before.

"Ronald Weasley, after 6 years as the Cannon's keeper and Captain and after you lead the time in their first League championship since 1892 and named officially as the best Quidditch player in the world for year 2005, what are your feelings?"

"Yeah, it was a good year for me and the team I must admit," he laughed for a moment before getting more serious. "The most important thing is that we made our fans proud. They waited patiently for so long and they had to endure the mocking of other team's fans for so many years, but they stayed loyal to the team and this is our biggest achievement. Not the trophies, but the smiles and happiness we gave to our fans. Everything is for them."

"Is this relationship you have developed with the Cannon's fans the reason you refused the offer from Tutshill Tornados, last year?"

Ron simply shook his head. "The Tornados offer was very generous, but money was never the reason I decided to try my luck in playing Quidditch in a professional level. I'm a Cannon's supporter my whole life and it was my dream to play one day for them in front of our fans. You can't buy that with money."

"So playing for the team you supported your whole life and winning the League as the MVP is a dream comes true?"

"I stopped making dreams a long time ago. I'd rather face reality. But if you want to put it that way, then I suppose you're right. It is something that my younger self used to dream and now that I succeeded that, I feel very happy and proud of myself."

"Now the World Cup is coming and it's going to be held here in England. Are you excited to be a member of our National team?"

"It's a great honour of course to play for your country. I believe it's going to be a great experience."

"You think we can make it as a team? How far do you see us going in the tournament?"

"We have a good team I think and if we work hard then we can go all the way through, always with the supports of our fans of course."

"Do you mind if we go into more personal questions? I received many question from a lot of female fans of your, and they desperately want some answers."

Ron knew this was coming. Every time they asked him the same questions. If he's single, what he seeks in a woman and all that nonsense. "Sure, why not?" he answered with fake enthusiasm.

Adam pulled a pile of cards from his robe, gave Ron an apologetic glance and started asking.

"Do you have a tattoo and if yes what it is and where?"

Ron lifted his shirt in his right arm. "This is a lion, that represents the Gryffindor emblem and I have one more tattoo in my body, but I can't say where," he said and a lot of female giggles came from the live audience.

"When was the first time you kissed a girl?"

"I was sixteen and it was after a school Quidditch game."

"Are you single at the time?"

Ron sighed. "Yes, I am." Whistles and a lot screaming from a couple of girls asking him to marry them were heard and Ron laughed. After a minute the girls were silent again and the show went on.

"Have you ever been in love?"

Ron froze. It was the first time they asked him that. "Once," he said quietly.

"What happened?"

Ron tried to play it cool. He knew that she was probably watching and he didn't want to give her the satisfaction that he's still pining over her.

"Well, you know… life. I was young and at that age you tend to misunderstand some feelings. I realized that some things are just not meant to be. Especially a lovestory when the feelings are one-sided."

"So, after that you never fell in love again? We've seen you a lot of times in the arms of beautiful women. None of them ever stole your heart?"

"I don't deny that I had a lot of short-term relationships, but nothing too serious. I'm just enjoying life at the moment."

He saw Adam looking skeptical over the next question he was about to ask.

"If you don't feel comfortable with this question then you're free to not answer it," Adam said and Ron nodded.

"What happened to the Golden Trio and you three split up? Last time someone saw you three together in the same room, was at Harry Potter's and your sister Ginny's wedding ceremony 4 years ago. And all the witnesses said that you and Miss Granger didn't share a word. And the only moment you talk to Harry was when you congratulated him for the wedding and then you left. You didn't even go to wedding party, as opposed to Miss Granger who went, but she sat alone all night and didn't say a word to anyone. What broke this bond?"

Anger filled Ron's insides. People should look at their own business and leave them alone. Also the mention of Hermione's name was enough to make him want to curse everyone in the studio. But once again he reminded himself that she would be watching, so he took a few deep breathes, wore a fake smile and got ready to answer.

"Again if you don't feel comfortable-"Adam begun saying, but Ron interrupted him.

"No, it's fine, I'll answer." He let out a soundless but deep sigh. "Like in all relationships, friendship is tested very often. Sometimes you pass with flying marks and others you fail. It's sad, but it happens. It's life."

That's it. That was his answer. He wouldn't give anything else and Adam knew it.

"This is the last question. Why do you live in a muggle area?"

"It's easier to hide from unwelcome wizards and witches," he said and everybody wondered what he meant.

"Actually there is something I want to announce if you don't mind," he said and Adam nodded happily. "The World Cup is my last tournament. I'm retiring from Quidditch after that."

Everybody gaped at Ron. He was the best Quidditch player in the world, making a lot of money and he was so famous. Why he wanted to quit?

"But you are the top of your game now!" Adam exclaimed, probably voicing every Quidditch fan at that moment.

Ron face was almost blank, like he was trying to hide his feelings for some reason. "I have some very important personal reasons that are forcing me to end my career now."

Before Adam had the chance to ask him more though, Ron raised his hand to stop him.

"I want to give a promise though. This is going to be my last tournament and I want to leave with a bang! So, I'm going to give everything I have to make England win the Cup. That's it, nothing else."

Adam had so many questions at that moment but after many interviews he knew really well Ron and they were very good friends now. He knew that look on his face. It meant 'no comment' and as a good friend, he decided to not push the matter further for the moment.

"Totally unexpected way to end our show, but it was good to have you here with us, Ronald Weasley," he said giving Ron a handshake.

"To all of our viewers, have a nice night."

In a small flat in the heart of muggle London, a brunette girl was watching that show. Tears wer rolling down her cheeks as she hugged her stuffed otter tightly in her chest. The otter was the last muggle gift Ron gave her, before...

She started sobbing really hard. How everything come to this?How she could be so stupid?

She knew the answer. It was only her fault. Her fault for leaving Ron; the love of her life, for Draco Malfoy.

Author's Note: Now if you are a D/Hr fan, I'm sorry but this isn't about them. That pair is so ridiculous and laughable that I have no freakin idea how people want a nice girl like Hermione with a coward, selfish moron like Malfoy. The only reason I use them is because I wanted to add more drama and for having fun humiliating the ferret in the next chapters.

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