AN/ This is a roleplay done through gaia online personal message system. Each chapter will be a reply by either Forumaru, or myself. This is the first chapter to this Gamzee x Tavros roleplay, and was started by Foru, who is writing for the part of Gamzee. The next chapter will be written by me as Tavros, and will then switch off every other chapter. Note: This is rated M for explicit sexual content between men, AKA Yaoi, Violence, Strong Language, and some very deep, depressing themes later to come. If this is not your cup of tea, then you have been warned to turn back and not read this.


Hooded amber eyes looked up at his squirming partner, before carefully standing up; and lifting the other troll out of the four wheeled device and settling him down in his lap. He rested the others back against his chest, chin perched on his shoulder as his hands parted the immobile legs and fumbled with the pants once more; making sure to keep as much contact with the restrained bulge beneath the fabric.

"So motherfuckin' cute Tav. And I'm all up and ready to make ya feel like miracles are exploding before your fuckin eyes, babe."

His lips found their way to the others neck, biting and sucking along the side.