As the highblood licked up his chest he could feel his nipples growing erect and perked, the blush on his cheeks only growing deeper from embarassment. With his low self esteem, he found it hard to beleive that anybody could find him sexy, cute, or good looking in any way at all; Gamzee no less. He found himself growing a little bold as he let his hand wander down and give a curious grope to the bulge in Gamzee's pants, and shivered in delight to see what pleasure it brought the other. It really boosted his self confidence to see Gamzee so pleasured because of him, and a smile came to his lips as his lifted Gamzee's face with his other hand and kissed him gently. The kiss was sweet and quick, but when his Matesprit began to respond he found himself deepening the kiss, and even sliding his tongue across Gamzee's lip.