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Synopsis: Bella never moved, she's 17, and Edward is stalking her. 18yr old Paul gets expelled and has to go to Forks High. Oh yeah, he's a werewolf. Sam is Alpha, Leah is his imprint, Jake's an 8 year old boy who's mom didn't die, and Bella is his babysitter who he has a huge crush on. Embry and Jared round out the Pack. Oh, and Charlie is dating Embry's mom and has been dazzled by Edward and now wants Bella to date Edward despite the fact that she hates his guts! Oh, and did I mention Bella is Paul's imprint? What a Mess!

A/N: I know, I know, you're saying to yourself 'DGS WHY? Why would you start yet another new story when you already have 4 stories still in progress?' The answer is simple, this idea blitzed into my brain and I couldn't NOT write it. Enjoy!

**Paul POV**

As I smashed my fist into the captain of the football teams face I knew that I had finally gone too far. Sam was running towards us as fast as his legs would carry him from one direction while the Principal, Vice Principal, and Dean of Students were all running towards us from the other direction.

Brian's nose was a lump of cartilage that would definitely require surgery to fix, and it was spraying blood like a veritable fountain. His lip would need stitches as well but all of it was his own damn fault! I had been minding my own fucking business walking into the building when he had slyly whispered, "Sup Dixon, how's your daddy? Still drunk from the weekend? Did he send your mommy to the hospital again? God your family is such pathetic trash!"

To be fair what really pissed me off the most was that he was right. My family was just out of control. Dad a drunken tattoo artist who fixed cars on the side, Mom too weak to ever be anything more than his punching bag, and then there's me.

Paul Dixon is my name, and fucking up is my game. I'm 18 years old, been held back once already, and what no one other than the Elders, and my 3 best friends and Pack mates know is that I'm a werewolf. Actually, we all are. Sam, Jared, Sam's younger half brother Embry, and me.

We're The Pack, and we keep our lands safe from vampires. Or we would keep them safe from vampires, if there WERE any fucking vampires to keep them safe FROM! Don't get me wrong, there are vamps here, the fucking Cullen's, but I'm talking about Vampires we're actually allowed to kill, and in the year and a half that I've been a werewolf there have been exactly 0 such vamps.

Thank God that when the Cullen's moved back there were only three of them, otherwise we'd be up shits creek without a paddle . According to the legends there used to be more, but I guess the others had moved on with their eternity.

Sam reaches me and pulls me bodily away from Brian yelling in my ear, "God DAMN IT, PAUL! What the FUCK were you THINKING! They're going to expel you for sure this time!"

I almost laugh, expulsion, so what? Did he think my dad would give a shit? Hell, my old man was lucky to make it out of high school with a tenth grade education himself! What could they possibly do to me? Expulsion. What a joke!

The Principal and VP rush over to Brian and help him to his feet as they exclaim over his pathetically broken nose. The Dean however, Mr. Shen, strides right up to me where I'm being restrained by Sam and gets right up in my face, "Well, well, Mr. Dixon. I really wish I could say that I'm surprised that it's you again, but we both knew this was coming since the beginning of the year. I wish I could say that it gives me no pleasure to do this, but you've had this coming for the last month. Paul Dixon you are expelled from La Push High School effective IMMEDIATELY! I will send the contents of your locker home with Mr. Tompkins."

I snort, "Don't bother, it's EMPTY. Has been since the beginning of the year. I'll send my textbooks in with Jared, or Embry tomorrow."

He shakes his head, "Paul, for what it's worth, I hope you find a school that will take you, and that you get a hold of this anger of yours before you kill someone."

Mr. Shen turns to Sam, "Mr. Uley, please take your friend, and both of you get off school property."

**Bella POV**

There are exactly 5 minutes left of the lunch period. My hands are sweating, my stomach is clenched in knots, and Edward Cullen is staring at me, AGAIN. He's so creepy with his messy ginger hair, and his beyond pale skin, I mean I'm like milk, and even I'M darker than he is! It's not even so much his appearance, because by conventional standards he is good looking. There's just, something about him that doesn't feel right to me. I take a deep breath and try to relax. I know that it's not going to work, but I try.

Jessica and Lauren aren't speaking to each other, again. This time it's some nameless Quileute sex God from down on The Res that they're arguing over. Mike is sitting between them and looking rather forlorn. I guess he's wishing he hadn't taken quite so long to realize that I was never going to be interested in him. Now he's interested in both Jess, and Lauren, and neither of them will give him the time of day.

I look down at my worn in jeans and baggy t-shirt. I had hoped that if I started dressing extra frumpy that Cullen would lose interest in me. No such luck though. If his ridiculous obsession with me didn't let up soon I would be forced to bring my dad into the equation.

Christ how pathetic am I? 17yr old girl needs her daddy to deal with boys who wont take a hint? Yeah, that's how pathetic I am. I almost wish I could call my mom and talk to her about it, but knowing Renee she would hear the name Cullen and insist that I marry him. Or at least fuck him, and fake a pregnancy in hopes that I'd get a payout to get rid of it. Oh well, that's mom.

My absolute best friend, Angela Weber, looks up from where she's sitting with her head bowed close to her boyfriend Ben's, "Bells? Are you okay?"

Snapping out of my panic I turn to her, "What? Yeah. I'm fine. Just, Stalker-boy will NOT stop STARING at me! I swear if this shit keeps up I'm going to tell my dad about it."

Angela tilts her head slightly, there's no way he could know that she's looking at him, but he turns and catches her eye none the less. I don't know how he's able to do that EVERY FREAKING TIME!

She shudders, "He is soooo Creep-tastic!"

I nod, "I know, right? God I wish Mr. Banner would let me trade lab partners. I told him Edward made me really uncomfortable and he just laughed! He told me that, and I quote, 'Bella, Mr. Cullen is just shy. Really unless he actually does something to warrant your complaints my hands are tied'. Even me threatening to tell Charlie didn't move him! I swear Edward has all the teachers under a spell! I told you about when I went in the first day to try and change out of that bio period right?"

Ang nods sympathetically, "You did, and I agree! He's a total creeper! Just do your time with him in bio and you know Mike and Tyler, me, and Ben are all there to walk you out after."

The bell rings and I freeze. Like every other day this year the hair on the back of my neck stands up and I know he's behind me. Like, right behind me. Angela scowls at him, "Can we help you, Cullen?"

He sneers at her, "You can't, but Isabella can."

Setting my face in a scowl I turn to him, "What can I help you with?"

He smiles indulgently at me, like a man interacting with a child throwing a tantrum, "Isabella, I would very much appreciate it if you would walk with me to Biology."

He stares deep in my eyes as if willing me to accept and I quirk an eyebrow at him, "Are you trying to hypnotize me or something? Because if you are I think you need to practice more. I've told you every other day this year so far Edward, I'm not interested in you, I don't like you. Quite frankly you creep me out more than a little. So NO, I will NOT walk with you to biology. I'm walking with Angela, Mike, Ben, and Tyler. Like I do every day. I will see you in class."

His eyes darken and he turns quickly on his heel and strides away. Turning to Angela I curl my lip in disgust, "Creepy little ginger, isn't he."

Ang nods and Ben puts an arm around her as Tyler lopes one arm low on my waist. I roll my eyes, and shrug him off, "Don't you start too."

He laughs, "Please bitch, you know you are not my type, I'm just tryin to do you a solid. You know maybe if you went out and found yourself a man Cullen would ease up off of you. I mean think about it, you are seriously the ONLY girl in our grade who's a virgin. Maybe that's what he's into."

Rolling my eyes as we head out of the caf and down the hall I ask, "How do YOU know I'm a virgin?"

He laughs, "Please girl, I know EVERY guy in this school, if any of them had popped your cherry I would KNOW."

Snorting derisively, I reply, "And how do you know that I didn't find an outsider to do it? Hell, maybe I've been having some fun with Jess and Lauren's nameless Quileute sex God myself."

Tyler snorts and almost falls he laughs so hard, "Bella the day you go out and have sex with a guy whose name you don't even know is the day that I join the fucking debate team!"

This is the problem with going to school with the same people for the last 14 years. Everyone knows your business, even if you don't have any! We walk into the classroom and I wipe my sweaty palms on my jeans as I make my way to my seat. As I approach the table I see that again Cullen has moved my chair as close to his as possible.

Sighing in disgust I pull it as far away as I can get without being in the aisle and I throw my backpack on the floor between us. Edward feigns hurt, "Isabella, please, what have I ever done to make you dislike me so thoroughly?"

Snorting in disbelief I hiss back, "How about calling me Isabella when I've told you specifically at least 10 times that I prefer to be called 'Bella'. Or maybe it's the fact that I caught you attempting to sneak into my yard when my father was working an overnight shift. Or maybe it's the fact that I've told you at least 45 times this year ALONE that I don't like you and that I have zero interest in you romantically, and yet you continue to harass me!"

He actually has the nerve to laugh, "Bella, I told you, I was trying to catch my cat. I was taking her to the vet and her carrier opened and she jumped out the window of my car and ran into your yard. Thanks a lot for not letting me in the yard by the way, I'm pretty sure she was killed by wolves in the forest."

I roll my eyes, "There are no wolves in the forest behind my house Edward. I'm sure your daddy can afford to buy you lots of new pets. Now please, stop talking to me, leave me alone, and concentrate on your damn work."

I luck out because just as I finish my sentence Mr. Banner calls the class to attention, "Alright kids, I want you all to turn to page 100 in your textbooks. I'm going to put the notes up on the projector and you are going to copy them silently for the rest of the period!"

**Time skip Paul POV around 10:00pm**

Dad's on a tear, he's mad at the school for expelling me, mad at me for getting expelled, but he's proud too as he cuffs me up the side of the head with his fist, "That's my boy! Took down the Captain of the football team! That's what they get for cutting you, eh Pauly?"

He's drunk so with his next breath he's cursing me, "What the fuck am I going to do with you now Pauly? You need to finish school! God damn it, you're putting me in a tough position here!"

Sam walks in the door without knocking as usual and my dad turns to scowl at him, "The fuck do you want, Uley?"

Sam rolls his eyes, "I just came from Chief Black's. He told me to tell you that it wasn't easy but he pulled some strings and Paul will be starting at Forks High tomorrow morning. I picked up his transcript and brought it up there earlier today, so he's all set. Just has to get up about an hour earlier in the morning to make it on time since it's about a half hour from here."

Shit. This is NOT good. Storming into my bedroom I put my fist through the wall three times. My dad calls in angrily, "Paul Dixon Jr. You had better realize that you're the one going to the hardware store and buying the spackle and drywall for those holes you're making!"

Oh well, in for a penny and all that shit. I slam my fist through the wall two more times and think briefly of slamming it through Sam's face as he comes into my bedroom. The walls that are still in tact are a dark brown, they match my eyes exactly. Mom had them painted after I was born, and hen I got old enough I refreshed them every few years.

Taking in my friends strong jaw I again think of slamming my fist into it but as Alpha, Sam is truly built like a brick shit house, he's the only one who even has a prayer of being able to whoop my ass.

Sam is about 6'7, he's rangy, but extremely muscular. I'm about 3 inches shorter than him at 6'4, but I'm a lot bulkier in the muscle department. He takes in my pissed off stance, "What's the problem? I thought you'd be glad to know that you wouldn't end up having to take the GED with all the other assholes that got kicked out of LPH."

Shit, if I can't be honest with Sam…, "Uhh…I've kind of been fucking two girls from Forks High the last couple of months. They barely know my name which is the only reason they haven't been completely stalking my ass. Now I have to go to school with them? I'll never get RID of them!"

Sam's eyes bug out for a minute, before he erupts into a fit of laughter. He falls down onto my bed and laughs like a maniac until my dad calls in, "Whichever one of you is laughing like a god damned hyena had better knock it the fuck off! I've got a fucking headache!"

Sam gets hold of himself quickly and realizing where he's laying jumps off the bed, "Shit! Gross! Please tell me you don't have sex in here."

I laugh, "Yeah, like I would ever bring those skeazers back here. That'd be just what I need. No, none of them have ever been here. I just jerk off there."

Sam shudders in revulsion and backs towards the door, "Alright man, I'm going home to take the hottest shower I possibly can. Don't forget you have patrols tonight."

Nodding, I wave him off, "Yeah, yeah, give Leah a kiss for me. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

His jaw clenches at my comment about Leah, his imprint, but he shakes it off, "I won't tell her you said that, it'll just piss her off, and then I won't get lucky tonight."

Sam leaves and I lay down on my bed, staring up at the ceiling. Shit, this is going to suck hardcore! What was I thinking starting up with those two? I mean granted they were hot, but there was plenty of hot pussy down in La Push that wouldn't get all whiny cryie when I didn't want to meet their daddy.

It was definitely the challenge. The blonde was a real ice queen until you got her clothes off. The brunette, had just wanted to do whatever her friend was doing, but she wanted to be told that I liked her better, that she did it better, that she was better than the blonde.

That shoulda been the first clue to run like hell. Unfortunately it truly was my own damn fault. I take a deep breath and relax as the answer comes to me. I'll just ignore both of them. I won't talk to them, look at them, do ANYTHING to encourage either of them. Just cut them off, cold turkey, that's the way to go.

I hear my dad flop down on the bed in the next room and in two minutes he's snoring like a buzz saw. Moms on shift at Forks General overnight so she's not a worry. I ease my window open and slip out into the darkness of the yard. Going into the treeline I slip my shorts and t-shirt off, strap them to my leg with the large rubber band in my pocket, and Phase for my patrol.

**The next morning BPOV**

My alarm clock wakes me up after a particularly fitful nights sleep. Nightmares of Cullen continued to haunt me. God damn that ginger fuck! Now I can't even sleep without him harassing me? Dragging myself out of bed I go bleary eyed into the bathroom and hop in the shower.

I wash my hair and body and by the time I'm rinsed off I'm still half asleep. Grumbling to myself I do the only thing guaranteed to wake me up, I reach out and jerk the knob all the way to the cold side. Shrieking from the cold I shove my face in the spray and open my eyes.

The icy cold water revitalizes me the way nothing else does. I shut it off and get out of the tub still shivering. I grab a towel and wrap it around myself. Grabbing my hair dryer, I decide to do my hair and makeup again today because fucked if I'm going to look like a slob when it's not even deterring his highness from bothering me.

My hair is mahogany brown, I inherited the color from my dads mom, my grandma Marie. In the sun the red highlights would come out, but that was never a real possibility living in Forks WA where it rains all the time. My mom had walked out on Dad and I when I was 5, she had tried to take me with her but thank god Dad had put his foot down and told her she was not taking me God only knows where to live with God only knows who.

Frankly it was bad enough when I had to go for visitation with her. At least that had stopped when I was 14, and I told Dad that I caught one of her boyfriends peeping at me in the shower, and that I told mom and she didn't do anything about it. Dad went to family court with it, and the judge decided that Renee didn't need visitation after all.

I turn the dryer off and run my hands through my hair, good, it's all dry. I brush it into place and go back into my room. Going into the closet I decide on a t-shirt dress. It's the kind that the waitresses at the diner wear but it's black instead of ugly yellow, and it's a lot shorter and tighter than the girls at the diner could get away with.

I grab a pair of hot pink fishnets and pull them on before pulling the dress on and buttoning it up the front. Grabbing my hot pink and plaid net belt I wrap it around my waist and cinch it shut.

Going back into the bathroom I decide on bright purple shadow with a dark green liner and lip balm instead of lipstick. I do my makeup quickly but carefully and put the lip balm, liner, and eyeshadow into my purse so that if I have to do any touch ups during the day I can.

I grab my pair of 20 eye docs and step into them, sitting on the bed I lace them up as quickly as I can, pick up my bags, and head downstairs. Charlie Swan, my dad, is the chief of police here in Forks. He's 35yrs old, he's fit because he's a cop, he has a kind face with happy crinkles in the corners of his eyes, jet black hair, and he's dating a woman from down on the Res named Kay Call for the last 6 months or so.

Kay apparently has an out of control 18yr old son named Embry who I have yet to meet. Every time Dad and I go down there he's 'out', Dad continually tells Kay he just has a girlfriend or something and that she shouldn't stress about it. Kay on the other hand is convinced that Embry and his friends are dope dealers and hit men. I think she's being ridiculous but what do I know?

As I get halfway down the stairs I hear my dad talking to someone. Going into the kitchen I stop short, my breath catches in my throat, and I think I'm going to either pass out, or scream. Either one would be an appropriate reaction because at my kitchen table sitting with my dad is Edward FUCKING Cullen! He's looking smug and arrogant as always in his khaki's and blue button down.

Dad gets up as I come in and he takes in my outfit with a frown, "Bella don't you think that dress is too, uh…short?"

I measure with my fingers, "It's right at the 2 inch mark Daddy. What the fuck is Edward Cullen doing here?"

Dad frowns, "Bella! Be polite! Edward came by to give you a ride to school."

I take a deep breath and close my eyes and count to 10, 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10.

Opening my eyes I'm disappointed to find that it isn't a dream, he is still here. In my kitchen. Why is my dad grinning like that? I narrow my eyes at Cullen, "What did you do to my dad?"

He looks at me confused, "I didn't do anything to him!"

Frowning I exclaim, "Then why is he GRINNING like that? My dad doesn't grin, like ever!"

Edward snorts, "Well maybe he's just happy that you have an appropriate suitor."

I turn back to my Dad, taking his shoulder in my hand I shake him, "Dad. Are you okay?"

He laughs, "I'm just fine Bella. Fine and dandy. Now, let Edward take you to school."

At that moment a horn honks outside and I'm saved, "I really have to go Dad, Angela is picking me up, like she does EVERY DAY! I'll talk to you tonight. Cullen you better go too. You wouldn't want to be late!"

Edward practically hisses with rage as I grab my backpack and my purse, and run out the door with him right on my heels. Angela's eyes are wide as I get in her car and yell out, "DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE!"

She floors the gas and we fly down the street, after that daring escape I need to mellow out. I reach into my bag and pull out the joint that I had gotten off of this kid Quil down on the Res. Quil is a decent guy, he smoked a bowl with me and then rolled me a joint for 5 bucks, he's a little chubby but he's cute in that floppy not quite a man yet way.

Angela sees the joint and laughs out loud, "Shit, B. Before school?"

I nod, "If you came down your stairs to find Edward Cullen in your kitchen and your dad GRINNING like a maniac wouldn't YOU toke up before school?"

She shudders, "Are you serious?"

I nod, "Deadly."

Popping the joint in between my lips I light it and take a deep deep drag. I hold it for a few seconds before exhaling and offering it to Ang, "You want a hit babe?"

She shakes her head, "Nah, you know I get really paranoid on that shit, speaking of, open your window. I don't want to get a contact."

I do as she asks and sit back in my seat taking deep drags on the joint.

By the time we get to school it's down to a tiny roach and I toss it out the window as she pulls into the lot. She drives around the lot and finally parks next to a shiny black motorcycle.

Our eyes meet, and I ask, "You don't think…"

She squeals, "New guy! Ohmygod Bella maybe he's going to be that special guy for you!"

I snort, "Yeah, and maybe Lauren and Jessica will stop fighting over this Quileute sex God today too."

Ang rolls her eyes, "Well just keep it in mind Girl. I think Tyler's right, losing your V really might be the only way to get Stalker-Boy to back the fuck off."

I nod, "Yeah, maybe. I wonder if talking to his dad would help? I mean obviously my Dad has fallen under his inexplicable spell, so maybe HIS dad is the one to try?"

She looks skeptical, "I guess it could work, but do you really think his dad would believe you?"

I sigh in defeat, "Good point…"

Tyler, Mike, and Ben come up on either side of the doors and open them up on us. Mike barely has my door open when he starts rambling, "You guys will never guess! It's all over campus!"

Rolling my eyes I ask, "What is?"

His eyes are full of evil glee, "The new guy. He's from the Res."

I arch an eyebrow at him, "Yeah? So?"

He snorts laughter, "It's him!"

Shoving him lightly I snap, "Him who? What are you talking about Mike?"

Tyler wraps his arm around me and guides me away so that Mike can shut the door. He too is laughing as he exclaims, "It's HIM B. The no name Quileute Sex God!"

I suck in a gasp as I goggle at him, "no freaking way!"

Tyler nods, "Yes way, mama. By the way you are looking so fine today. Mm."

Angela comes up with Ben, who asks, "So how much you all wanna bet that Jess and Lauren get in a total bitch fight over this dude today?"

I look in my purse feeling spacey, and pull out a bill, "I got 5 bucks says Lauren starts it trying to get his attention!"

Angela matches me, "You are on! I say it'll be Jessica who starts it because he smiles at Lauren!"

Tyler puts 5 on the two of them starting off flirty and seductive with each other and it turning into a grudge match when he doesn't acknowledge them at all, Ben puts his 5 on Lauren getting the guy in the end after losing the fight to Jess, and Mike puts his 5 on them both deciding to go after him instead.

We're almost in the door when Angela skids to a halt, "Oh my god! You guys! I totally forgot to tell you. Guess who showed up in our dear Bella's kitchen this morning?"

Tyler tilts his head, "Who?"

Angela practically screams, "Edward freaking Cullen! Can you believe the nerve of that fucking creeper? I mean seriously, how many ways can she tell the guy she's not interested before he backs off!"

Tyler looks alarmed, "Bella, why was he there?"

I shrug, "How the fuck should I know? He said he wanted to give me a ride to school, as if I would get in the car with that guy! You don't even understand how creepy it was!"

Ben nods in the direction of the tallest, most built guy I've ever seen in my life, the guy has inky black short straight hair, and is wearing a tight black tee shirt and worn in faded baggy black jeans that fit him like they were made specifically for him. His head is cocked to the side, and I realize he's listening to every word we've been saying. I turn to Ben, "That's him! Dude that guy is like 27 at least, what the fuck is he doing here?"

Tyler pulls me towards our homeroom and I reluctantly follow him. No wonder Jess and Lauren were fighting, shit, I'd probably fight over that guy too.

**Paul POV from pulling into the lot**

Gunning the motor on my bike I pull into the lot of Forks High and park in one of the bike spaces. The day is crisp, cool, and thankfully dry, the perfect day to ride. I wish I had just kept on going. The only reason I'm doing this is because Billy and Sam left me no other choice.

I really hope I don't have any classes with the Cullen bastard. Yeah, I know he goes here, the asshole. It's not enough to play human, he has to play it with a bunch of defenseless teenagers.

Striding into the main office, the woman behind the desk looks up alarmed, "uh…how can I help you sir?"

Smirking I answer, "Um, I'm starting here today."

She looks at me confused, "Uh, no you're not."

I raise my eyebrows at her, "uh, yeah. I am."

She stares me down and I'm actually surprised at the nerve on this lady, "No, you're not. We haven't hired ANY new teachers."

Oh, that's why. I take my driver's license out and hand it to her, "I'm Paul Dixon. Transferring from La Push. I get that I look older, but I assure you, I'm only 18."

She looks from my driver's license and back at me at least 10 times before hitting a button on the computer and printing out my fresh new class schedule. She hands it along with an index card with my locker number and combination written on it to me, "Oh. Welcome to Forks then Paul."

Yeah, right. I nod at her and make my way around to the main entrance. I get about 10 feet into the building when I hear a girl squeal a name that makes me stop short, "Edward freaking Cullen!" I tune in to listen to the rest of her sentence, "Can you believe the nerve of that fucking creeper? I mean seriously, how many ways can she tell the guy she's not interested before he backs off!"

I tilt my head and I can just make out their little group, a tall athletic African American kid is walking with a girl in boots that I can't really see because my hair is in my eye, a blonde surfer boy type, and a couple of other kids that again I can't see because of my hair.

The black guy sounds alarmed as he asks the girl next to him what Cullen wanted at her house. The girl exclaims, "How the fuck should I know? He said he wanted to give me a ride to school, as if I would get in the car with that guy! You don't even understand how creepy it was!"

Okay this is not good. Apparently Sir freaking Sparkles Jr is STALKING some girl here. I'm going to have to keep a close eye on him, and he's going to know about it too. I hear one of the girls, I think the same one who said that Sparkles showed up at her house, talking about me now, asking 'That's him?' and then going on to say I'm at least 27 and what am I doing here.

I wait a minute and turn around expecting to see the girl but all I see is the backview as her friends are dragging her towards a class. Looking down I see my class is down that way too so I follow. The taller of the two girls has curly brown hair, and is clearly with one of the football guys, they walk extremely close and I can practically smell the pheromones.

The shorter girl has my attention right away, she's petite, but curvy in all the right places. She's wearing this short, tight black dress with hot pink fishnets over her pale white skin, and combat boots that come up to her knee. Licking my lips I look up at the classroom they enter and I thank God that it's the one I'm supposed to enter too.

My happiness is short lived however when I enter the room and see the two girls that I'd been praying I wouldn't run into. The blonde sees me first, and nudges the brunette. The brunette sees me, and her mouth drops open. The blonde snaps out of the haze first. She jumps up and launches herself at me.

She jumps on me and starts kissing me. Before I even have time to react, the brunette is pulling her off me. Blondie turns and shoves Brunette. Brunette shoves Blondie back. Finally Blondie hauls off and smacks Brunette across the face. There's no teacher in sight and I yell out, "Hey!"

Both of them turn to look at me, "The two of you need to knock it the fuck off! I'm here because I got expelled from LPH for fighting, I'm not here for EITHER of you two skanks. So stop beating on each other, and do us all a favor and stay the FUCK away from me!"

Hottie in the black dress turns to her friends, "So who wins in that situation?"

Her friend with the curly hair shrugs. Curly Hairs boyfriend is looking at me with awe, and he takes a small wad of cash out of his pocket and looks at it. Standing up he comes over to me and puts the collection of wadded up 5's in my hand, "Dude, you totally won in that scenario."

Smirking to myself I tuck the money into my pocket except for two of the fives. Going over to the girls who are sitting next to each other I hand them each one of the bills, "Ladies, I can't take your money."

Curly Hairs boyfriend nods at me, and Hottie in the Black dress looks up at me nervously biting her lip. I look down into her brown eyes and time stops. Her face is like an angels, her eyes are perfectly shaped, deep chocolate brown pools accentuated by green eyeliner and purple eyeshadow, her mouth is full, soft looking, and shiny with some sort of lip balm.

I want to roam my eyes up and down her body but I'm locked in her gaze, she's the one, she's my fucking Imprint! I feel like I've been shot, no one matters to me but her, nothing matters to me but her. God, please don't let it be her that the Angst Elf is stalking! Please God, I know I don't deserve your pity, but this girl, she deserves everything!

She speaks, and again I feel like I've been punched in the stomach, "Umm, I'm Bella. Bella Swan. This is Angela Weber, her boyfriend Ben Cheney, the guy in the football jacket is Tyler Crowley, and the blonde is Mike Newton."

I fix a fake smile to my face and take the empty seat in front of her, "It's really nice to meet you Bella Swan, and friends. I'm Paul, Paul Dixon."

They all smile and the guys all reach out to shake my hand. Newton speaks up then, "Hey, Ben! I should've won the bet man!"

Ben scoffs at him, "Dude, you said they'd both forget about Paul and go after you instead! It doesn't count if he's already given them the boot man."

The girls nod, and Bella laughs and I swear there's absolutely nothing more beautiful in this world than the sound of my girl laughing.

I shake my head to clear it. The fuck am I thinking? She's not my girl. At least not yet. After what happened with the other two girls do I really think I even have a shot with this girl?

She's polite, and she obviously thinks I'm good looking, maybe she feels the pull already too. Thank God I got myself expelled from the Res school! I pass her my schedule, "Hey, Bella. Can you take a look at this? Tell me if you have any of the same classes? You can tell me about the teachers."

She looks a little skeptical, like she doesn't trust my motives, and who can fucking blame her. Still, she takes the paper, and as she reads it her pulse speeds up a little, "You're with me almost all day, normal classes. The rest of these guys are in mostly honors classes, the only classes we have with them the rest of the day are lunch period, biology, and gym. Oh, and you have a study hall with Tyler next period while I have art."

I nod, and take the paper back, "So how are the teachers?"

She smiles, "they're teachers, I'm guessing they're the same as down on the Res."

Raising an eyebrow at her, I ask, "Do you ever go down to the Res?"

She laughs, "Yeah, I babysit down there every Friday night for my dad's best friend Billy Black's 8yr old son Jacob. Do you know the Black's?"

I nod, "Yeah, everyone does, Billy is the chief of the tribe, his wife Sarah is involved in all the community service down there too. You can't live there and not know them."

She smiles, "It's so strange to hear how other people see them, to me they've just always been Aunt Sarah and Uncle Billy."

I laugh, "Yeah I guess that would be weird."

At that moment the teacher comes in and starts to take attendance and I do my best to wrestle my thoughts away from Bella. I'm not going to fuck this up with her. Chances are she won't even consider dating me now because of what happened with the Blonde, and the Brunette.

So I'll have to just be the best friend I can be to her until she accepts that I wouldn't treat her like those skanks, and not to mention I'm going to have to take care of the fucking Cullen thing stalking her.

Wait. Swan? As in Chief Swan? As in Billy Black's best friend Police Chief Charlie Swan's DAUGHTER?

Holy shit this is such a mess!

A/N: Credit for the phrase Angst Elf goes to Noini and her husband, apparently that's what he calls Edward lol! Love it!