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**Monday Morning Bella PoV**

Ang picks me up as usual, it's the only contact I'm usually allowed with the outside world while on punishment. Dad knowing about the whole my boyfriend being a werewolf and me being his imprint thing though, I'll get to see Paul after school this time.

Ang smiles at me with sympathy, "How's it going?"

I smile back, "It's great! Honestly, yeah it sucks to be grounded, but Dad agreed to let me see Paul after school still so that I can tutor him. Also I have big news."

Her jaw is dropped, but she recovers quickly and keeps her eyes on the road, "What could be bigger news than the fact that you got Chief Dad to let you see your boyfriend, who he hates, while you're grounded?"

Laughing, I answer, "Welll, how about the fact that Dad asked Jessica's new obsessions mother to marry him last night? Or the fact that Embry's mom is PREGNANT!"

Ang pulls to the side of the road, and throws the car into park, turning to me with shock, "Are you serious?"

I nod, "Yep, apparently we're gonna be moving soon too."

Angela takes a deep breath, "Wow... That's...wow. Are you good with it?"

She puts the car back in gear and pulls away from the curb, as I reply, "I really am. I like Kay, she makes Dad super happy, obviously he'll get off my back a little if he's got other kids to put his attention on, it's really the best of all worlds. Plus, Embry's really cool, it'll be fun to have him for a stepbrother."

We pull up into Jessica's driveway, and Ang honks the horn, as she says, "Cool."

Jess runs out, her hair in a high ponytail, she climbs into the back seat, and I groan internally, as Ang catches sight of the mark on the back of her neck, and shrieks, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!"

Jess looks confused, and then irritated, "What? You've never seen a hickey before Weber? I mean shit, I've seen you with one or two over the years."

Ang looks like she's about to say more, but I cut her off, "Alright ladies, settle down. Jess, maybe keep your hair down for another few weeks. You wouldn't want the teachers to see that bad boy. Or your mom for that matter..."

She hurriedly takes her ponytail out and brushes her hair down into place as Ang gets back on the road towards school. Jess throws her brush back into her bag with a huff, "Happy mother?"

Ang scowls, "Excuse me for caring!"

Rolling my eyes, I pull the bowl out of my bag, which sets Angela off again, "Really Bella? Again?"

Jess cuts in, "Is she forcing it down your throat Ms. Goody Two Shoes?"

I roll down my window a crack and take a hit while the two of them bicker, Angela's voice raising in both volume and octave as she snaps, "No, but if Chief Dad catches us we'll ALL be in trouble!"

Covering the weed with my hand to kill the ember, I shake my head, "Alright! You have a point, I'm sorry. Can we please stop arguing now? I mean come on Ang, what's up your ass?"

She sighs, and a tear rolls down her face, "It's nothing, I don't want to talk about it."

Christ, I try again, "C'mon honey, obviously it's not nothing or you wouldn't be crying."

She sniffles, and finally answers, "Fine. My dad is getting transferred to a different church."

I shrug, "Okay? Soo...what's the problem?"

She pulls into a spot in the parking lot and throws the car into park as the floodgates let loose, "We're m m mooving to O, O, Oregon!"

I feel like I've been punched in the stomach, I pat her shoulder, and try not to cry myself as I say, "Honey it won't be that bad! Oregon is like one state away! We can always save up and come visit each other, plus with e-mail and instant chat and cell phones and texting it will be like you never left! We'll talk all the time!"

She starts crying harder as she sobs out, "Th th that's wha Ben saaaaid!"

Now I'm holding back laughter as I say, "Okay, and he's right! Ang it'll all work out for the best. You've always said that you want to see more of the world than what Forks has to offer, well, here's your first chance! You and Ben already have your college plans in place, you're going to be together there. I'm sure your mom and dad will let you come back for prom and stuff!"

She gets it together a little, as Ben comes up to the car. He opens her door and sticks his head in, "I guess she told you guys huh?"

Jess and I nod, as Ang gets out of the car and jumps into his arms sobbing the whole time. I get out of the car, followed by Jess, who says, "so uh, you got that right Ben?"

He nods and waves us off, "Yeah, I got her. See you guys in homeroom"

Jess and I move towards the school, once we get on the sidewalk, I hear the familiar noise of Paul's bike, and I wait. Jess stops with me, "So did you give Embry my number?"

I nod, "Yeah, yesterday. Things are kind of hectic right now though, so don't be surprised if he doesn't call you right away. Dad proposed to his mom last night, and we just found out she's pregnant and that we're all going to be moving to a bigger place sometime soon."

I see the stricken look on her face, and I quickly add, "It's going to be a local move Jess. You know Dad would never leave this area."

She visibly relaxes, but tenses again, as Paul rides up with Embry on the back of his bike. Surprised, I ask, "What the heck are you doin here bro?"

He barely looks at me as he gets off the bike, and goes directly to Jessica, "Hey. Are you okay?"

She looks slightly confused, but answers, "Yeah, I'm alright."

He looks her over and wraps her up in his arms, "Are you sure?"

She snuggles into him, and Paul taps my shoulder, "You want to get out of here?"

I nod, "Ditch day?"

He shakes his head, "Sam laid the law down, we're all going over to his and Leah's place, he's going to have to tell her everything."

Oh boy...here we go...

**Paul POV**

Bella's jaw drops, "Wow... you don't think it's a lot to handle all at once?"

Nodding, I reply, "I do, but he doesn't have a choice. The kid was going out of his mind not knowing exactly where she lived. If he had known where she lived he woulda shown up at her house last night. The whole marking thing apparently makes the wolf super possessive. He started literally freaking out at about midnight, wanted to use his wolf abilities to track her down. It took all of us to calm him the fuck down enough to wait for this morning. Sam actually went ahead and used the Alpha order on him."

Embry and Jess get on my bike, and he takes off with her out of the parking lot, Bella looks at me confused, "How are we supposed to get down there?"

I give her a smirk, knowing how much it turns her on, as I ask, "Well, how do you feel about wolf-back riding?"

She looks unsure, "I guess that could be cool."

Angela and Ben come up, "What was that all about? Was that Embry she just took off with?"

Bella nods, "They kind of have a lot to talk about, and actually so do we."

She gives Angela a pleading look, "Cover for us? Tell Mr. Aarons we got sick on the way in and you dropped us both off at home?"

Angela nods, "Okay. Just... tell her to be careful. That thing on her neck looked worse than any hickey I've ever seen."

I cut in, "They'll both be fine."

Ben pulls Angela away as the warning bell rings, I turn and Bella hops on my back, and I run as fast as I can across the football field and into the woods.

When we get a good ways in I stop in a clearing, and put her down. She looks around, and I tell her, "Turn around."

She turns, and I strip down quickly, strap my clothes to my leg, and phase.

**Bella POV**

An animalistic huff comes from behind me, and I turn to see the huge silver grey wolf that is my boyfriend right now. He lays down docilely, and gestures with his head to his back. Approaching him carefully, I get on top of him, wrapping my arms around his neck, doing my best not to pull any of his fur out I hold on tight as he gets up and takes off through the forest.

The wind rushes around us, the ground streaks beneath his paws, truthfully it's making me a little dizzy and nauseous. I close my eyes, and hold on tight. I wonder what's going to happen when we get to Sam's.

I have no idea how Jess is going to react. Chances are she'll freak, she's never been good with weird, I remember how scared she used to get when we would have sleepovers when we were little. Ang and I had always had to beg her to watch the scary movie, and if it was thundering we always had to have all the lights on. There was one time that we had invited Lauren, and she brought a ouija board, Jess had freaked the fuck out.

I feel the movement stop, and open my eyes to find myself in Sam and Leah's backyard... Letting out a little sigh of worry, I say out loud, "Well, here we go..."

Paul lopes into the forest as a wolf, and re-emerges a minute later pulling his shirt over his head, and asking, "You don't think she's gonna take it well?"

Taking a deep breath, I answer, "In a word? No. She's never been good with being scared. She's always hated the idea of anything out of the ordinary happening. So yeah, not sure how she's gonna take the whole 'the guy you had sex with is a werewolf who is made to destroy vampires one of whom, by the way, you've been going to school with for the last year thing."

Paul smirks, "Let's not forget the whole, 'he marked you and now if you want to have babies you can only ever have them with him, and he's now just a little obsessed with you' thing."

I can't help the combination of laugh-groan that escapes my mouth, "Wait...What? Shit, this is such a fucking mess..."

**Jessica POV**

I'm like so confused right now, I hadn't felt right since Tyler's party, there had been this constant ache in my chest. At first it had been bearable, like I had hit the blunt and coughed too hard, but as time went by, it had gotten worse and worse, to the point that this morning I had honestly thought of calling and begging my mom to cut her business trip short so I wouldn't have to be alone in the hospital. Then, just like that, when Embry hopped off the back of Paul's bike, the nagging ache was gone.

I'm honestly not even sure how I ended up on the back of Paul's motorcycle, Embry's broad shoulders in front of me, my arms wrapped around his waist. I was terrified, so I just held on tight and kept my eyes and mouth tightly closed.

It had taken about a half hour but finally the bike slowed to a stop. Opening my eyes, I find us in front of a small cute little house on the edge of the woods, it's a little freaky, looks like it could be straight out of a horror film.

Embry gets off Paul's bike, sets the kickstand, and helps me off. I smile shyly at him, I'm not sure why I feel so at peace yet so timid with him..part of it is that I don't really know who I am, it had been so long since I had really thought for myself, that I had almost forgotten how. Lauren had made all the decisions for both of us for the last 2 years it seemed. Embry clears his throat, and I focus on him, realizing that we've been standing here like this for a couple of minutes not. I hand him the helmet, "Thank you."

He nods, taking my hand and leading me up the path to the front door of the little house. He doesn't knock, just turns the knob, as he says, "This is my older brothers house. His name is Sam. He and his wife Leah live here. She's pregnant."

Following him into the house, I stop short as I see Bella and Paul sitting on the couch, "How did the two of you get down here before us? You didn't have a car, and we took Paul's bike."

Bella bites her lip nervously, and a tall native man who looks a lot like Embry but taller, and with longer hair, comes in followed by Bella's old friend Leah Clearwater. Leah smiles at me, "Hello Jessica, damn, I'm glad it's you and not that bitch Lauren!"

Feeling nervous now, there's a hitch in my voice, as i reply, "H, hi Leah. What about Lauren?"

The man interrupts, "Uh, This is a delicate situation, why don't the two of you sit down on the couch next to Bella and Paul."

Embry guides me over to the couch and sits down next to Paul, pulling me onto his lap.

**Sam POV**

My kid brother sits down on the couch, and pulls the frightened girl onto his lap. She relaxes just a little. How do I do this? I mean fuck my life sometimes. How am I supposed to tell this girl all of this shit after hearing what Bella said about her outside with Paul?

I guess I'll just cover it piece by piece and hope for the best if I dole out all the information slowly..., "Jessica, how do you feel about Edward Cullen?"

She tilts her head to the side like a confused puppy, "What does that have to do with anything?"

Sighing, I answer, "It will all make sense, I promise, just answer the question please?"

She thinks for a minute, "Okay. Well Lauren always thought Edward was so sexy. She always said if he didn't have a ridiculous obsession with Bella that he'd be perfect."

Patience Sam, patience...I put on my best calm adult voice, "okay. I don't really need to know how Lauren feels about him. I'd like to know how YOU feel about him though."

She nods, and her voice is small and timid, "Sorry."

She pulls herself together, and answers, "On the outside I guess he's handsome...There's just something about him that's off...I can't describe it, I don't really understand it myself, but it's like that old kids show, with the 'one of these things is not like the other' song. Does that make sense?"

Okay, now we're getting somewhere. Leah takes my hand, and I say, "Yes, it does make sense. Edward Cullen is not a normal human. Neither are we, Embry, Paul, and myself I mean. But we are on the opposite end of the spectrum."

She looks confused, and a little afraid. Maybe I had moved too quickly with the whole not normal humans thing… Bella rolls her eyes at me a little, and I breathe a sigh of relief when she kind of takes over, "Okay, what Sam is trying to say Jess, is that Edward…well, okay don't freak out okay? Promise me that you won't freak out?"

Jessica looks terrified now, as she says, "Well now I'm freaking out! What is going on? What is Edward Cullen!"

Paul huffs impatiently, and spits it out, "He's a fucking vampire, Jessica! His whole family are vampires!"

She looks at Paul like he has 4 heads, and then bursts out laughing. Laughing! Fucking shit. Embry touches the back of her neck, and she sits straight up like she's been burned, but Leah, and I both know what actually happened.

Leah shakes her head disgustedly at Embry, and snaps at him, "Inappropriate Emb…"

He shakes his head like a drowning man, "Sorry! I just didn't expect it to look so painful!"

Jess looks back at him now, "Yeah, thanks for the ugly fucking hickey dude! Ang nearly shit when she saw it! Thank god my mom is on a business trip! Look, I'm sure you guys are cool, and I'm sure you think you're funny, but give me a break. Edward Cullen and his family are vampires! Good joke. So if you guys are on the opposite side of the spectrum what does that make you? Fairies?"

Paul huffs out angrily, "Actually, it makes us werewolves!"

Fucking shit, she's laughing again!

Bella interrupts, "she's not going to believe it until she sees proof. Let's go out back and get this over with."

Embry stands up and pretty much carries her out the back door with us all following behind him. He sets her down on the porch, and Leah and Bella both grab one of her arms, I guess to keep her from screaming and running off in terror. Paul and I both go down and stand on either side of Embry, we all strip down to our boxers, which sets Jessica off into a fit of giggles again.

Bella nods, and Leah says, "Now!"

**Bella POV**

The guys all phase into their wolves, I hear a strangled gasp, and then Jess is screaming, Leah claps a hand over her mouth, and I grab her, pinning her arms to her side and dragging her into the house, while I shout, "Stop struggling Jess! You'll hurt Leah, she's pregnant!"

She twists in my arms and shoves me aside, running for the front door, just as her hand gets hold of the knob, it's pulled roughly open, and she slams into Embry's chest as she tries to dart out the door.

He wraps his arms around her, and all of a sudden she's not screaming, she's crying, literally sobbing as he basically carries her back into the house. He sits down on a stool still holding on to her tightly as she sobs out, "How could you Bella! How can you let them kill me!"

Gaping at her in shock, I can't even help it as I begin to laugh, "Oh God, Jess! Kill you? Really? Jesus you really are a dummy. You think we're going to kill you!"

Embry shoots me a stern look, "Can it, Bella."

Paul and Sam both come back into the living room, Sam sits in the easy chair and Leah perches on the arm, as Paul sits down on the sofa, and pulls me onto his lap. Embry reaches down and lifts Jessica's chin gently maneuvering her face so that she's looking into his eyes, "No one is going to hurt you, especially no one in this house. I need you to calm down, please. Calm down, and listen to what I have to tell you. If after you hear everything I have to say, you still want to leave, I will let you leave, there won't be anything I can do to stop you, but you have to hear everything first."

She takes a deep breath, and nods silently. Embry relaxes slightly, and starts to talk, "You've seen what we turn into. We are what we are because of them, because of the Cullen's. They are vampires, but supposedly they don't drink human blood, and because of that, our ancestors made a treaty with them, if they stayed off our land, and did not harm, or kill any humans we would not kill them. So far as we know none of them have broken their end of the treaty, and if so then the ones who have, have not come back."

Jess gulps, now pale as a sheet as she chokes out, "Th, there used to be more of them?"

Embry nods, "Yes, four others, two males, and two females, they were mates."

She looks confused now, "Mates?"

He nods again, "Yeah, apparently that's what they call their partners, I guess they can't really call them soul mates since filthy bloodsuckers have no souls."

She looks worried, but her tone is still a little skeptical, as she asks, "So…Edward Cullen. Is a vampire?"

We all nod, and she continues in the same tone, "And he's obsessed with Bella why?"

We all look to Sam, and he shakes his head a little, "Well we can't be certain, because obviously none of us know what really goes on in a bloodsuckers' head, but near as we can tell it's because she's a virgin, and not only that, but the only virgin left in your senior class. Look, part of our legends say that to a vampire the blood of a virgin maiden is the sweetest, purest blood of all, it has no comparison. So I guess the elders got that one right."

She looks confused, the rest of us just shake our heads, and Embry takes back over, "There's a lot that goes along with being a wolf, Jessica."

Jess interrupts, "Why are you telling me this?"

Embry waves her off, "I'm getting to it, I'm trying my best here not to overwhelm you."

She snorts, here we go, I know that snort, it means we're about to have a very vocal, and pissed off Jessica on our hands, and here we go, "Really? This is you trying NOT TO OVERWHELM ME? Well let me tell you Embry, I AM FUCKING OVERWHELMED! You tell me we have to talk, then you bring me to your brothers' house, where, you, your brother, and my best friend's boyfriend all turn into huge ass fucking wolves, and you think this ISN'T overwhelming? Motherfucker, I'd love to see when you DO try to overwhelm someone!"

Leah busts out laughing, Paul snickers behind me, and even Sam is suppressing a smirk. Embry just shakes his head, "I'm sorry Jess. I really am. Just remember our agreement."

She takes a deep breath, and I have to give her credit because it seems like she's gonna put on her big girl panties and let the man talk, as she nods, and says, "okay. I'm listening."

It's his turn now to take a breath before launching into explanation, "Thank you. Okay, so you know that there is a reason I'm telling you all this, obviously we can't tell just anyone. There's a reason that Bella and Leah know."

Jess interrupts, "Because Leah is married to one of you, and Bella is with Paul now?"

Embry gestures with his hand in a half and half motion, as he says, "Well, sort of, but my girlfriend doesn't know, or didn't know. She's not going to be my girlfriend much longer anyway."

Jess looks stricken, "You, you have a girlfriend?"

He nods, and she continues, "Why didn't you tell me that before you had sex with me! Jesus, Lauren was actually right, I am just doomed to be a fucking whore forever. I don't know why I bothered trying to change."

Embry sets her on the floor, and turns her to face him, "You are NOT a whore! I was planning on dumping Veronica before I met you anyway. She was a nasty bitch to Bella, and she's always been nasty to Paul even knowing he's one of my best friends. Look just listen. There's this thing that happens to us when we meet our soul mate for the first time after phasing. It's called Imprinting. When I looked into your eyes, it was like gravity shifted, I knew that you were the one."

She looks stunned and like she's going to pass out, Embry leads her to the couch and she sits down silently on it, as he continues, "Obviously, I was a little shaken up by it, Imprinting is supposed to be rare, that's what the elders told us, Sam however imprinted on Leah right away. After that though none of us imprinted until Paul went to Forks."

The light bulb goes on, and she says quietly, "And he Imprinted on Bella… That's why he went monogamous. She's his soul mate."

Embry nods, and Paul holds me just a little bit tighter, as Embry continues, "Yes. Half the reason he was how he was with girls in the first place was that he knew that Imprinting was a possibility, he didn't want to hurt anyone if he had a relationship with them and then met his soul mate. I just honestly believed it wouldn't happen to me, that's what Jared, our other pack member thought too. We were told it was supposed to be rare. Anyway, there's one more huge thing I have to tell you, and it's probably the worst."

She looks slightly worried now, "Okay, well just tell me and get it over with."

Embry nods, "Well the final stage of imprinting is marking. The wolf ultimately makes the decision of when to mark the Imprint. Usually it doesn't occur until the couple has been together for a while. Sam didn't mark Leah until their honeymoon. What happens with Marking is that while the couple are…uh…being intimate… the wolf will make his presence known and he will bite down on the back of the woman's neck, and then heal it with his saliva, leaving a very visible scar that looks like a gnarly ass hickey. The end result of the mark is that it mixes our dna, it makes us need to be close to each other to maintain the bond, that's why we both have been going crazy since the party, I marked you when we hooked up at Tyler's party. This is the last thing, I swear, the mark, it also makes it so you can't have children with anyone but me…"

Jessica is stunned, she honestly looks like she's going to go catatonic at any second, but somehow she manages to maintain, as she reaches back and runs her fingers along the scar. She takes a deep breath, opens her mouth to say something, closes it again and sits back, then leans forward and goes to speak, but again closes her mouth and sits back.

Finally, she stands up, looks at me, and asks, "Take me home please?"

I throw my hands up, and shake my head, "I don't have a car down here Jess, Paul phased into a wolf and carried me down here on his back."

She turns and looks pleadingly at Leah, "Please?"

Leah nods, "Sure. I'm sure that you need some time to adjust."

Jess snorts, "Yeah, that's an understatement."

She turns to Embry who is looking completely dejected, and she says, "I really need some time to think. You have my number though, call me later tonight, like around 10. If you're telling the truth, I'm sure I'll be uncomfortable by then. In the meantime, dump your girlfriend. It isn't fair to go behind her back, even if she is a huge bitch."

He just nods, "Okay, talk to you later."

Leah grabs her keys, and follows Jess out the door. Embry sinks down onto the couch, "fucking shit. Could be worse though right? I mean she did tell me to call her.."

Paul shakes his head, "You got yourself into it man, but I think it'll be okay. I mean she only tried to run screaming down the street when she saw three huge wolves. Bella just fainted."

Rolling my eyes, I say, "Well come on, all 3 of you didn't have to phase out there! You can't blame her for flipping out."

Sam shrugs, "You're right. Shit this is a mess."

Embry nods, "At least it's the last time we ever have to go through this."

Paul nods, "Thank god for that!"