Chapter 56

Bella's POV:

I collided against a tree with open arms to stop my running and I ignored the pain in my ribs as I took steady breaths. I turned around and leaned against the tree, looking up at the cloudy grey sky. Carmen's pregnant and the father of her child is her actual father and he's free out in the world…and unprotected. She's sixteen years old! Fucking bastard! Angrily, I whirled around and hit the tree with my palms open and ignore the stinging pain.

"Fuck! Mother-shit-fuck! Fuck!" I screamed.

"Taking your anger out on a tree won't change anything," Edward said behind me. I turned around to see him leaning against a tree but looking at me with a grim expression. "Running doesn't help either."

"I'm a fucking expert on running. It gives me a clear head, remember?" I snapped at him as I turned around, so I could lean against the tree I've almost damaged. "What am I supposed to do? I don't know how to comfort Carmen. All I could think is to kill the motherfucker who did this to her."

Edward put his hands on my shoulders and made me look up at him. "Take a deep breath. We know she doesn't want the baby and perhaps, adoption is the best."

"She was eating more than usual and she was throwing up but we both thought it was the flu." I said, pretending to ignore what Edward said. "But I knew that there was something more than that but didn't think about it." I said.

"Bella, you didn't know and neither did Carmen. There is nothing else left to do except wait for the baby to be born."

"She doesn't want to carry her sibling, Edward!" I yelled, pushing him away. "God, I can't think that her own….ugh! And fuck, I left her unconscious with Rosalie." I said, walking back to the house.

"Bella, love wait," Edward said, grabbing my hand. "If Carmen is convinced, do you believe she would give the baby up for adoption?"

"I'm more worried about what will happen between now and then. It's going to be a long eight months and who knows what she will…" I trailed off as I thought back to her reaction when she found out how far she is. "I'm worried that she will want to die rather than carry this child."

If Noah or Victoria finds out that she's pregnant, what will they do? Cancel her? I almost froze in my walk to realize they won't kill her and the baby. No, they will probably turn that child into us…but without abilities. Oh god, her child will be a born cold hearted assassin. I need to tell Trev–no, I can't tell him. Technically, he's part of Special Division and I can't tell him. I need to get Carmen out of Forks and out of Special Division for good.

I walked inside the house to find Rosalie and Esme sitting on the couch with Jasper and Emmett at their side. Edward told me that Carlisle is upstairs with Carmen. Rosalie looked at me expressionless but it was her eyes that showed me that she's remorseful.

"I know your human life wasn't all that you expected it to be especially with your death. But you're forgetting that even human women can't get pregnant. Don't blame Carmen for an ability you don't have anymore." I said and grimaced how disrespectful I sounded.

"Her father got her pregnant," Rosalie said disgusted. "I thought she was an orphan."

"She is. Her dad died when her mom did and some sick fuck took over." I managed to say without losing control of my powers. "I didn't know she was…I didn't know and that makes me the shittiest friend ever." I looked up to see Carlisle coming down the stairs. "How long will she be unconscious?"

"Another fifteen minutes," he answered. "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to kill the motherfucker rapist." I said and Emmett chuckled. I narrowed my eyes at him. "I'm not kidding. I will torture him and watch him bleed him out on the floor and I will smile at his dead corpse, knowing that no one will miss him."

There was a moment of silence and Jasper commented, "You are creepy."

"Thank you." But I sighed as I sat on the empty steps grabbing onto the rail as if it was my lifeline. They looked at me with questioning gaze. "I wasn't kidding about killing her dad. All I've done is kill people and that's the only way I know how to get rid of the monsters. Sometimes to kill a monster, you must become one."

"You're not a monster, Bella." Esme said gently. "You've killed those men because they were going to hurt you and other people. You killed them to live."

I sighed, running my fingers through my hair and gave out a humorless laugh. If only she knew the many others I've killed that I didn't need to "to live." I frowned at the sudden thought. "There were others," I said, interrupting the short time of silence. "I've killed others before I came back and it wasn't just to survive." I admitted.

Edward looked at me questionably as did the others expect for Jasper. The empathy nodded his head at me with a small smile on his face. Edward lifted his head and sighed, "Carmen is waking up. It's better if Bella is with her instead of you Carlisle." Edward said and Carlisle agreed with him.

Slowly, I waked up the stairs and opened the door to the office to see that Carlisle moved Carmen off the chair and onto the couch with a blanket covering her body. I sat on the edge of the couch and move some strands of hair away from her face. Carmen moaned as her eyes started to open. I put my hands on her shoulders from her jumping up and attacking me accidentally.

She looked down to see that she's still wearing the medical gown and tears formed in her eyes. "I'm really pregnant. This is a nightmare." She whimpered. "Please don't it let be real."

"Hey, look at me. You're going to be okay. Yes, you will be." I said and forced her to look at me. "You can get an abortion and there is no way in hell I'm going to let you commit suicide."

"What makes you think I will do that?"

"I know what it's like to want to take the other way out." I confessed. "I don't know how you feel with your…but there was a moment in my life, when I thought that everyone was better off without me."

"What changed your mind?"

"My dad called me." I told her with a small smile on my face. "One of my neighbors hosted the after funeral party and I couldn't handle it. So I went back home and stared at the blood stain floor where my mom and stepdad were murdered. They were killed because I ran away."

Carmen was tearing up again. "They're going to kill me."

I wiped a few tears off her face and made her look at me. "Carmen, you're going to be carrying a baby inside of you for a couple of months and…do you want to keep it? Or do you want to give the baby up for adoption?"

"Isn't there a third option?"

I opened my mouth but remembered where we were. I mouthed to her, "Not here" pointing to downstairs. "Change and I'll be downstairs."

"We should start by getting everything ready for Carmen," Esme said happily and I frowned.

"What are you guys talking about?"

"Esme wants to help prepare Carmen for the baby and the classes." Edward told me.

I looked at the vampire mother hen in shock but gave a smile to her. I forgot that Esme was once pregnant but lost the baby. She never got the chance to actually be a mother to a baby. "Carmen and I are going to go in my truck," I said. "I feel like it is better if she and I have a talk back at her place before my dad decides to ground me. But thanks Esme. You should tell her later."

"What about Trevor?" Carlisle asked. "He is her guardian…isn't he?"


Luckily, Carmen came down the stairs before I could make up a lie on the spot. How am I going to tell this to Trevor? Carmen looked hesitant at the bottom of the stairs as she played with the hem of her sweater. She jumped when Esme hugged her and Carmen looked at me like a deer caught in headlights.

"If you need anything, our door is always open." Esme smiled at her.

"Thanks Esme. We'll see you later." I said and gave Edward a quick kiss on the lips before walking outside.

"Since when are you and your ex-boyfriend back together?" asked Carmen.

I laughed, "Oh no. We are not talking about that just yet. We're going back to your place and I'll make sandwiches and have some wine that's hidden in your cabinets."

"I can't drink." Carmen told me dryly.

"I know. The wine's for me."

I glanced up to see that Carmen already ate two turkey sandwiches I made for her but she was looking distantly out of the window. "I'm surprised it's not raining," she commented.

"It's close to summer." I told her as I finished my first glass of red wine and poured myself another. We were sitting in the small living room on the couches but haven't talked yet. I didn't want to have a talk like this with Carmen…not yet. "You asked me if there was a third option and there is but you won't like it."

"What is it?"

"If Noah or Victoria does find out that you are pregnant, they will raise the child themselves." Carmen looked at me confusedly. "You don't know the truth about why the others and I have escaped, do you?"

"You got tired of the life?" She guessed.

I chuckled, "Carmen, I was six years old and those seven years changed me. Everything that I've been teaching you, I was already taught at when I was kid. The truth is Noah intended us to be born. He didn't have us kidnapped sooner because our abilities haven't been revealed. He waited until that moment to take us from our homes and ruined our lives. He had Trevor's family murdered in front of him and Trevor is the first of us created."

"Are you saying that my…ba–this child will become like you and I? But he or she will be colder and…"

"That baby will learn to have no emotions, no feelings, nothing that makes them human. I know you don't want this baby but do you want your child to be raised from the bottom in Special Division?" I asked her.

"I won't be a part of the child's life anyways." She whispered painfully. "No child should be punished for the actions of the parents, right? I hate my dad but this baby is my blood too. No offense, but I don't want this kid to be like you."

"None taken, I don't want to be me right now either. But you know that once Special Division finds out, I can't protect you."

"Wait, they took you as kids and you escaped but now, you and Trevor are back. I don't understand. And you're dating your ex-boyfriend. We can't date civilians. We can't date at all."

Double fuck.

"Carmen, Noah was responsible for the murder of my mom and Phil. He made the kill order. And I told you about Maggie. He also made kill orders on the others that I've escaped with and none of them were taken. I'm the lucky 'one' to be taken back. Trevor never left."

"But now you're back? This doesn't make sense. Why are you back then? Your mom and step dad died for nothing then?"

"NO!" I yelled outrage by that comment. "They didn't die for nothing. They died over something they didn't know. They shouldn't have died in the first place, but they did because it was my fault."

Carmen looked at me in confusion but realization hit her. "You're working for the people that are responsible for their deaths and you've been trying to get away from them for so many years…" She looked at me with shock. "Trevor works for them but you said they had killed his family. Why are you really working for Special Division, Bella?"

"You need to rest. You've been through a lot for the day." I said, getting up but Carmen grabbed my wrist and forced me to sit back down. "Carmen, don't."

"Tell me the truth. If you care about me at all, then you will tell me the truth."

I scoffed softly, "If I tell you, everything will change."

"I'm fucking carrying my sibling for the next few months of crazy hormones and mood swings. I think I can handle whatever you're going to throw at me." Carmen said sternly.

I took a big gulp of wine before telling Carmen my story straight from the beginning including about the La Push pack and Alice and Jasper knowing my secrets without revealing their supernatural identities. After I was done, Carmen was looking at me with wide eyes and I took another huge gulp of wine, feeling the intoxication kicking in my system.

"Please say something," I begged.

"You're a double agent," Carmen whispered. "You were rogue but now, you're a double and you're going to destroy everything Special Division created in their walls. But what about the rest of us? Those of us that were supposedly saved because of Special Division?"

"Come on, Carmen. You can never live your own life. You can't find love, happiness, peace, friendship unless you want to get cancelled." I told her. "I didn't want to destroy them until they murdered my mom and stepdad. Before then, I just wanted to live in peace and be normal."

"And now you want revenge. You've been in the shadows all those years planning your revenge and everything were planned out, wasn't it?"

"Not everything. I wasn't supposed to be an agent. I wasn't supposed to see Noah or Victoria ever again unless they were bleeding on the floor of their own blood." I told her honestly. "Trevor and Xander have been planning this for five years and I've only been doing this for a year now."

"Is that supposed to make everything better?"

"No, no." I groaned as I ran my fingers through my hair. "After the funeral, I went to different locations to train myself to be stronger, faster and I had a motto: 'destroy everything that destroys you'." But I knew that wasn't making anything better or what Carmen needs to hear right now. "Carmen, if you were in my position, what would you do?"

She looked at me tearfully, "I wouldn't lie to your partner. I thought you trusted me."

"I do. I do trust you and that's what scares me because everyone I've ever trusted or cared for dies in front of me or leaves me. I was scared–I still am!" I yelled. "You're just a kid and like me, you didn't ask for this darkness in your life."

"I've been living in darkness before Special Division took me in." Carmen said. "They gave me another chance to live."

"Do you think they will let you live when they find out you're pregnant? They know that once you give birth, you've already been ruined as an assassin. You ruined your first assignment as a recruit. Your child's life will be ruined. Do you want to live long enough to know that give your child a normal life with loving parents without any darkness?"

Carmen didn't say anything but cried with her hands covering her face and sat on the couch, finishing my wine. She knows the truth and there's no going back now. Suddenly, she smacked me on the arm and I jumped, grabbing her wrists from hitting me in the face.

"Você é ummentiroso! Vocêmentiria! Foda-se!" She cried out.

"Carmen, it's your decision if you want to tell Noah about what I've told you. It's your choice." I told her softly as I let go of her wrists and caressed her hair like a mother would do to her child. "I did lie to you but I'm not lying when I say I care about you. You're like a little sister I've never wanted. I want to protect you–I can protect you."

She looked up at me with those sad brown eyes of hers. "You won't stop until they're gone for good, will you?" I nodded my head. Carmen touched her belly once more and took a shaky breath. "I don't want to be an experiment and neither should this baby be one. Bella, I can't kill this baby because I don't want my first kill to be a baby."

"No one wants to think like that, Carmen. It's natural that you feel that way. You can still get an abortion if that is what you want." But she shook her head. I put my arms around her as she continued to cry. Something tells me she will be crying a lot these new few months… "We need to tell Trevor. He can help us."

"But how? I'm surprised I'm not showing yet but I will be soon."

I sighed, "I don't know. But I promise you, you will get out and I will be there for you every step of the way during and after the pregnancy. I won't leave you alone."

She sighed but gave me a smile, "Thank you and I don't hate you. You're like a sister to me too. I'm glad I met you, Bella."

I smiled. "You'll change your opinion in a few months or rather your mood swings will make that decision for you."

The front door closed behind me as I walked to the kitchen and jumped to see Charlie sitting at the table with a bottle of beer on the table. "Motherfucker!" I yelled, surprised to see him at the house early than usual tonight. "What are you doing here, dad? You're home early."

"And you're home late. Where were you, Bella? You've missed an appointment with the doc and you skipped out on school again. And there are rumors going around that you and Edward Cullen were at the pharmacy today buying pregnancy tests." He told me angrily.

I cleared my throat as I took my shoes off and walked to him. "I was with Carmen," I told him.

"I didn't realize Carmen owned men's shirts." He commented and I looked down to realize that I'm still wearing Edward's shirt.

"Okay, I was with Edward then I was with Carmen. Dad, I told you already the relationship between Edward and me –it's complicated. But I will tell you this: we didn't have sex."

"Did you have sex with anyone else then?"

"No! I thought you knew me better than that!" I yelled at him, hurt that my dad would think about me like that. "The tests weren't for me!"

He looked at me surprised. "Carmen's pregnant?" he questioned and I nodded my head. "Geez, she's just a kid. Who's the father?"

I grimaced, "You don't want to know. Trust me, when you do, you feel the same way as I feel right now and what I'm feeling isn't a good feeling."

"What feeling is it?"

"The type of feeling that will send me to jail on the number counts of murder." I confessed and grimaced. Although, I've already had enough counts on me over the years that will never let me see day light again if I ever go to prison. "I don't care about the rumors going around about me right now. I've been through worse than that. Carmen can't live through that. This town will make her life miserable."

"Come on, Bells. Not everyone is that bad."

"Dad, she's sixteen and in high school. What do you think people will do to her? It's different than with you and mom because both of you have already graduated and gotten married before me. Carmen isn't that lucky." I told him. "Look, I know you're mad at me for skipping but I wouldn't skip if it wasn't important and you know that. I've worked hard to catch up and I will catch up again to let you see me graduate in those stupid robes with my diploma in hand."

He didn't say anything but look at me sternly with his arms crossed across his chest. He looked tired and had loose buttons on his collar. "Bella, what you said earlier on the phone about how you damaged yourself…" I grimaced. He caught me at a bad moment and I had to say those things to him. "What you did to Bradley, Shane, and Jack was necessary and you shouldn't blame yourself for wanting to protect yourself."

"I didn't kill them to protect myself. I killed them because I needed to live."

Charlie looked at me suspiciously, "You needed?"

I groaned as I sat down across from him and rubbed my eyes tiredly. I could feel the effects of the wine tiring me down. "I needed to live because I didn't want you to be alone. Dad, you were my anchor…my reminder that I have something to live for. It wasn't my friends in this town, it was you. If I died, I knew they were going to kill you next and I couldn't let that happen."

"Bells –"

"There are things that you don't know and you will never know what I did during those seven years that made me who I am now." I interrupted. "I don't think I will ever be ready to admit what happened to me and what I did to other people."

"What could you have possibly done as a little girl, Bella?"

I looked at him with a blank expression on my face. "You don't want to know." I sighed as I stood up. "I'm going to bed early. Today's been…tiring. Don't worry; I'm going to school tomorrow."

"Bells," I groaned when I got to the stairs but nevertheless, I turned around to face my dad. He was buttoning his collar back up again and putting his jacket back on. "When you become a parent, you will realize that from the moment your child is born, you worry what the world might do to them, but you would never about what you as the parent will do to the child. I wasn't there for you –not really especially when you moved to Phoenix with your mom. I should've said no when you were gone those three months. I should've made you stay with me."

"Dad –"

"I should've been a better parent for you, Bells. You needed a parent. You still need one. Whether you're eighteen now or eighty years old, you will always need a parent. I'm going to be there for you every step of every way." He promised me and unexpectedly, walked up the stairs to give me a kiss on the forehead.

"You are a good parent." I told him. "I couldn't ask for a better dad."

He chuckled. "I'm going over to Billy's for a poker game but good night, Bells. I'll see you in the morning." He said and I watched him close the front door. I sighed when I heard his engine start and the lights flashed exiting out of the driveway.

Edward's POV:

After Bella left, Esme and Rosalie went straight to the computer to find ways to help Carmen cope with her horrid experience and how to help her prepare for the baby. But there was a gut feeling telling me that Bella won't allow Carmen to stay in Forks due to the small town and the gossipers. Ever since Bella has been back, she and Carmen have been close yet distant with one another as if they didn't know one another but they do. I've seen through Carmen's mind once and she looks up to Bella so much that it's more than admiration.

It's love.

"Edward," I lifted my head up from the book I was reading to see Carlisle standing in the doorway of my bedroom. "I believe you have something you want to tell us about Bella sleeping over last night."

I couldn't help but smile at my adoptive father. "We're back together. She's forgiven me and she still loves me."

"But you are taking it slow."

I nodded. "Yes. Bella doesn't want to make our relationship difficult like it was last time but she doesn't want anyone to know until after graduation. It's not a long wait. I've waited for someone like Bella for over ninety years. I'm willing to wait a couple of weeks."

Carlisle smiled at me as he entered inside the room. "Son, I am happy for you and Bella. But you need to remember that Bella has been through a traumatic ordeal and your romantic relationship with her will be different than last time. I just want you to be prepared for whatever happens."

"I know, Carlisle. If Bella wants to break up with me, I will give her the space she needs. But I don't want to lose her again." I promised. "If there are more of her captors out there, I will protect her."

"Now remember what happened last time you've tried to protect to her?" Jasper asked jokingly as he came in the room along with Emmett. "Alice got home and I don't think I can handle all the baby talk even if they are happy."

Emmett rolled his eyes. "We're lucky we don't sleep because I get the feeling we're going to hear about this all night. But did you find anything about Carmen's dad?" He asked Jasper.

My hands clenched the sides of the desk, remembering the emotions on Bella and Carmen's face with the realization of how far the pregnancy is. "Please tell me he's alive."

Jasper sighed in defeat. "I don't know. It's like any trace of Carmen Munoz's past isn't there."

"I don't think Bella was joking around when she mentioned about killing him," commented Emmett. "She looked serious and we've seen Bella kill people before. You got your hands full there Eddie."

I scowled at my brother's sense of humor but couldn't help but agree. I didn't have to be a mind reader to know that Bella was being serious and that's what worries me. Was she being serious because she cares about Carmen? Or is it because she cares about Carmen that she needs to kill the father?

"I'm going to check up on Bella," I said to my family and head downstairs to see the women giggling in front of the computer at the baby pictures.

I couldn't help but smile sadly at the image I'm witnessing. Esme, Rosalie, and Alice should've already experienced the life of a mother and not lose their child like Esme did. That is why I'm afraid if Bella wants to be a vampire, she will lose her chance of being a mother and carrying a child in her womb…even if it is with another man's baby.

Quickly, I was in town and purchased enough groceries that could last for two months and stood in front of Carmen's door. The sixteen year old beauty looked at me with wide eyes open and mouth gape. "What are you doing here? Bella's not here." She said as she was adjusting her hair bun.

"I know. I just wanted to make sure you have enough food in your apartment especially with your condition. I've read many of Carlisle's medical books and figured this is what's best for you to eat for now. You are going through something hard and I figured the Gatorade and crackers with apple sauce with help you."

She opened the door wider, letting me inside and I put the groceries on top of the kitchen counter. "Brownie points for thought." She said as she peeked through the brown bags.


"Sorry. It's just…I did notice that Bella kissed you earlier and well, I didn't think you cared about me. I'm a nuisance."

"Why would you think that? Bella cares about you and I care about her. To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen Bella care for someone before. The way she cares about you is different than what I've seen." I told her. "And I know you feel the same way."

Carmen crossed her arms across the chest, eyeing me in a suspicious way. "Do you love her? I mean, really love her."

"Yes. Before the break up, I felt like I was being a little melodramatic when I say that Bella is my life."

Carmen snorted, "You sound like any other teenager."

"But I'm not like most teenagers." I couldn't help but laugh at my choice of words. I'm not even supposed to be a teenager in this decade. "Now that Bella and I had some time apart, I realized that there is no one else that I can imagine my life with. Being with her is a never ending adventure and she always surprises me. When I'm with her, she just consumes me."

Carmen's eyes searched for any lies on my face but smiled. "You must really love her if you're talking like love sick fool. I hope to find that kind of love."

"I'm sure you will, Carmen. You're young, beautiful, and strong. No man is safe from you." I said with a smile and Carmen laughed. "I'm going to go check on Bella but is there anything else you want me to do for you?"

"Yeah," she said as I walked out of her door and she held the door knob in her hand. "Make her happy. I'd always thought Bella would be with someone else like her –"

"Like her? What do you mean?"

Carmen's eyes widen and for a moment, there was a glimpse of green eyes in her mind before she shut me out. "I mean nothing. It's just that I always thought she would probably end up with one of the guys that she escaped with. There's history and there would be common things. But the way, both of you look at each other…it makes better sense."

It frustrates me that I don't know where she is going with this or because she's blocking her mind from without her knowing about it. "I still don't know where this is going."

"You make her smile. You make her laugh and bring light in her eyes. I didn't think she could smile and I thought I was hallucinating when I first saw it. You bring something out of her and she has the same effect on you too. You're in love and it's sickening to watch. If you hurt her, I will kill you."

I laughed, "I can see why Bella likes your company, Carmen. Good night."

"Night Eddie boy," I stiffen at the nickname and she knew that. "Yep, that's the name I'm going to call you."

"My brothers will love you then." I said shaking my head before heading to the elevator.

I walked out of Carmen's apartment building and made sure to see if there were any humans around before I started running in the woods to Bella's house. I saw that Charlie's cruiser wasn't in the driveway, so I didn't need to sneak in through the window like the many times before. I could hear Bella singing as I closed the front door behind me and headed up the stairs, smiling to see the photos of a younger Bella down the hallway.

As I headed to Bella's room, I stopped in my steps to see that the bathroom door was left open as the steam of the hot water spread in the small bathroom. But it wasn't the fog that caught my eye; it was the beauty that pulled the shower curtain away as she stepped out of the shower wearing only a towel. Her long, brown hair soaked and slightly wavy as water was still dripping from the ends. The smell of freesia was overwhelming.

"You should really close the door next time," I said and suddenly, a small gun was pointed at my face. I looked at Bella in shock. I knew she has a gun but to have one in the bathroom…? "Should I be worried?"

Bella rolled her eyes at me as she put the loaded weapon down on the bathroom counter. "Should I? Last time, you broke my door."

"I thought you were in trouble." I told her but shook my head. "Anyways, you left your door open this time."

"Yeah, I know. I was already in the shower when I realized it and was too lazy to close it. Charlie is in La Push, so I had nothing to worry about." She said as she used another towel to dry her hair and I couldn't help but admire the drops of water dripping down her bare shoulders.

I need to leave before I do something I would regret doing.

"I'll be waiting…over there." I said, pointing to her bedroom and quickly, sat down on the rocking chair. I could see Bella's silhouette figure from the wall and tried to focus on something else. To be an immortal seventeen year old is the worse curse. "I went over to Carmen's earlier."

Bella poked her head out and looked at me surprised. "Really? Why? Is everything okay?"

I chuckled, "Yes everything is fine. I bought groceries for her and we've talked for a short while. She really cares about your wellbeing."

"Well, she should worry about her own wellbeing for the next few months. But that's sweet of you that you went to visit her. You don't even know her."

"She's important to you." I explained and watched as Bella came out wearing dark blue pajama top with small shorts. My eyes traveled her milky, long legs to her face and Bella smiled at me, knowing I was caught but she still blushed. Is it wrong of me to be happy that I could still cause that reaction? "I hope you don't mind if I dropped by. I wanted to see how you were doing."

"You mean see if what I said this morning wasn't a mistake." She said and surprisingly, went to sit on my lap and put her arms around me. "I'm not going anywhere. What I said is true and I do want to be with you but after everything we've been through, a few weeks is nothing right?"

"It's nothing, just as long as we are still together after."

Unexpectedly, Bella leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss that I couldn't help but return. Her hands went straight to my hair as I put my arms around her, holding her close to me. Then I realized that our passionate kiss was leading to more when I noticed Bella was straddling me with her legs wrapped around my waist and my hands were at the bottom of her top. Bella realized this too as she pulled away her body heat and kissed me on the jaw.

"We will be together. No one is going to tear us apart." She said but it sounded like a demanding promise, almost as if she's afraid we will be separated again. But we won't. If anyone tries to kidnap Bella away again, I will show them how vicious a vampire truly can be.

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