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Sirius came back out the veil when Voldemort was killed in Harry's seventh year. All the light side and even a few slytherin children (Blaise and Draco) helped defeat Voldemort by shooting loadsa spells from different directions. None of the light side died as this happened at the start of the battle. Voldemort only had four hourcruxes, the ring, the diary, the locket and the cup. Fred and George decide that since Hogwarts was harm free that they would complete their seventh year. Some of the students that were already at Hogwarts came back for a proper last year and the golden trio came back for their seventh year aswell. Angelina, Katie and Alicia were talked into this by Fred and George. So now I've bored you to death you can read and review!

In the beginning…

"Ginny, guess what?" said Fred, or George, I wasn't sure.
"What, you stole my badge because I can't find it!" I said, my stress levels rising with every moment.
"It's on your bed, and we -"
"After a lot of sweet talking Minnie -"
"Are allowed to finish our seventh year,"
"With Katie, Alicia and Angelina -"
"Great right?"
Once the realisation hit me I said, "Your not actually going to try to learn anything are you?" they shook their heads, "so this year is just a year to annoy your littlest brother and your favourite sister?"
"Ah, no, you see our favourite sister will be helping us out, weather she wants to or not." said Fred, smirking.
"and now that she is head girl, we wont get into that much trouble, a shame that prick is head boy." finished George.
"Hey, that prick was fighting for us and he helped more than enough last year. Anyway we should go to the station, are we apperating?"
Fred gave a brief nod before ducking out the door find mum. George and I started the long trudge downstairs.

It was chaos at the bottom, Hermione was ordering Ron and Harry about, making sure they had everything, mum was talking to Fred, making him promise to try and get more NEWTS than he did OWLS, and Alicia, Angelina and Katie were standing in the middle of the madness, looking slightly bemused.
A cry from mum silenced the room, "gosh, is that the time, we have to go everyone apperate to kings cross, platform 9 and ¾."
"Mum, I think we know where to go." smirked Ron. Making Hermione bat him with her tiny beaded bag (small but deadly as we joked about it, you could almost hear the textbooks falling over in there).
"Move, now, we can't be late." said mum, obviously flustered.
Lots of loud 'pops' filled the room, I hugged George, it was a more fun way to go and we reappeared in front of the train, and we saw more red head's boarding.
"Come on George, we'll miss the train!" I laughed dragging him and my case along. Mum gave us a quick hug and a teary smile and we went straight to the heads room, with everyone else.


About an hour later and we were all bored out of our minds. Dean and Seamus had joined us and we were all having little conversation until Ron said, "why don't we play truth or dare, I mean it's the last time were going to Hogwarts on the train." murmurs of 'yeah' and 'why not' went round the group.
Just as he finished Draco and Blaise came into the compartment,
"I heard 'truth or dare' and I'm in" said Blaise, Draco following a little less enthusiastically, "who's first?"
"Ron, 'cos he's the craziest", said Harry, moving closer to everyone else.
"Hey, I know lots of people who are crazier than me, I grew up with brothers that finish each others sentences!" said Ron, not bothered in the slightest.
"Can we play now I'm bored", whined Dean, Seamus in agreement.
"Okay, okay Fred truth or dare?" asked Ron facing one twin. The other answered.
"Dare, duh."
"Umm…. Oh, I dare you to make all the professors wear hats and tails for."
"Now, that is a challenge, I accept." smiled Fred, his plotting smile, "George, my twin, truth or dare?"
"Dare, you should know that by now!" answered George, smirking.
"Right, I dare you to get us some firewhiskey, pronto!"

George apperated away and was back in a few minutes juggling a lot of wine holders, full of firewhiskey bottles, " I got one for everyone so pass 'em round."

"Ah Draco, Truth or Dare then?" said George, taking a long sip.
"Dare." Draco was nearly a quarter of the way through his bottle, but sounded totally sober.
"Snog ginners." replied George, obviously not thinking.
"Fine then." and Draco walked over and kissed me, it was soft and gentle, not what I expected. We must have been going for a few minutes when some one coughed. Harry. Followed by a murderous look from Ron.
"What?" I asked, deciding to have a little fun. "He is an amazing kisser you know", drawing out the syllables for exaggeration.
"So, Ginny dear, truth or Dare?" asked Draco taking a swig of his drink.
"Dare, you obviously don't know me that well."
"I dare you to…" and he whispered the rest in my ear.
"Now that is mean, and degrading and just plain cruel, of course I'll do it", I laughed.


Within ten minutes the room was more than plastered, and finding anything funny, no one e when Sirius fell in to the room, apparently he had been pushed by a smirking Remus ( professor Lupin now I guess) took one look at the empty firewhiskey bottles and fled from the room, dragging professor Lupin with him.
Harry called out to them "I swear to drunk I'm not god!" This sent us all into fits of laughter.

Hours and hours passed, dares got wilder and worse, nobody wanted to disappoint and pick truth, so they just dared each other, until the train stopped in hogsmede. Ginny and Draco went to the first years, still laughing about some of the dares while the rest went in the carriages to the castle. All of which were clearly drunk, not able to walk in a straight line. Little did the students know, Hogwarts was about to get wilder than usual.

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