47. I must not tell professor Snape I want his babies. - Ginny Weasley
48. I must not describe our babies to professor Snape. - Ginny Weasley

"Settle down you heathens!" snarled Professor Snape, storming into the dimly lit dungeon classroom, silencing the students in his wake. "Page two hundred and fourteen in your books, ingredients are on the board, if one of you so much as dares to put a quill out of line they shall find him or herself in detention for the week", he instructed, before pulling out his chair and bending over some scrolls.

The warning would have been taken much more seriously, if it hadn't been repeated practically every potions lesson since first year.

Whilst unpacking all the equipment she needed Ginny Weasley thought this would be the best moment to get yet another dare over and done with, and while the rest of the class pushed towards the tables with the ingredients, she instead decided to waltz over to her professor's desk.

He didn't notice her arrival, as his head was bent over yet another pile of first year essays. Gillyweed inside an invisibility potion? Dear Merlin what on earth have I gotten myself into? In retrospect, it probably wasn't a good idea to leave a class of seventh years alone, as so far into the term, he, and subsequently the rest of the staff, had noticed a certain mischievous glint in practically all the students eyes. It was although they were all keeping a secret. However, they all managed to get caught doing their mischief...

"Professor Snape, have I ever told you how much I would love to have your children" she cooed, a sickeningly sweet smile plastered upon her face.

"What? What is the meaning of this Weasley?" said Snape, astounded.
"I'm sure you heard me perfectly well Sir, can't you imagine small smiling children, my red hair, your dark eyes? Or your hair and my eyes, or perhaps-"

"ENOUGH Weasley. I am in no mood for your trickery, go back to your work, do not disturb me again, and report here at 7 O'clock sharp this evening for detention."

"So is that a no to triplets?" she smirked and winked seductively, although it made her insides churn, it was worth the look her professors face gained.

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