Title: Merlin

Rating: K+, maybe T for certain drabbles(but I'll keep it at K+)

Summary: A collection of drabbles about everyone's favorite sorcerer... MERLIN! Mostly humorous, but some aren't. I can't write Merlin's life happy ALL the time, now can I?

Disclaimer: Own Merlin and everything related to it? I wish. Unfortunately, I own nothing :(

Title of drabble: Dinnertime


'Oh no' Merlin watched his levitating sausage drop into the prince's wine glass. 'Damn'

"Merlin?" Arthur asked from behind a changing-board."What-"

"Nothing sire," Merlin replied hastily. He reached his hand into the chalice, digging around for the meat. Merlin chastised himself for using his magic on the prince's food.

"Merlin!" Merlin looked up and saw Arthur glaring at his hand in the wine.

"Oh, sire! I was just...," he lifted his hand out of the glass, clutching a sausage, and licked a finger. "...testing your wine for poison! No need to thank me!"



"Shut up."

"Yes sire."

A/N: It appears I have now caught the drabble bug from various different authors now. So, I start my first fanfic as a drabble series. How cliché :(

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