Angel Beats! – Second Term

Note: Here's yet another Angel Beats! Fanfic from me; I hope you enjoy!

Summary: After Otonashi entrusts him with looking over the After-Life, Tokoi ends up starting up the New S.S.S, where he leads the newcomers in a fight against God, and a boy who happens to run across the Angel Player.

Below is the list of characters and their description (Skip if you really don't care):

Tokoi Konoda – Male – 16 – Medium-blonde hair, red eyes, tall, slim, wears the traditional tan uniform of the after-life with no tie – The leader of the N.S.S.S. Likes to manipulate people into doing what he wants, without them ever finding out.

Musume Yokota – Female – 16 – Black hair in a ponytail, deep-purple eyes, average height, slender, wears the traditional white female uniform of the after-life – The first member of the N.S.S.S. She is very independent, but tends to follow people when scared or unsure of something.

Gero – Male – 17 – Medium-white hair, blue eyes, tall, slim, wears the traditional tan uniform of the after-life – Mistaken as an 'Angel'; Stumbles across the Angel Player and uses it against the N.S.S.S. Naturally calm and kind, but is forced to change as he is attacked.

Usagi Tai – Male – 17 – Medium-brown hair, black eyes, average height, slim, wears glasses and the traditional tan uniform of the after-life – The second member of the N.S.S.S. Always reading a book, even while fighting, and is very quiet unless he must provide an answer to a problem the others are having.

Kurin – Female – 17 – Long and wavy dark-green hair, sky-blue eyes, short, slender, and wears the traditional white female uniform of the after-life – The third member of the N.S.S.S. She is very cheery and active, which is countered by her calm, collected playing of the guitar, where she truly shines.

Akako 'Red' – Male – 19 – Red mohawk, wears sunglasses, tall, slightly built, wears jeans and a t-shirt with a biker-vest and gloves – The fourth member of the N.S.S.S. Has an attitude, and is always itching to fight, although he has a soft spot for women and finds himself always trying to woo them.

Tsuni – Female – 20 – Medium dark-blue slicked-back hair, dark-blue eyes, tall, slightly built, wears a sleeveless t-shirt and jeans – The fifth member of the N.S.S.S. As the oldest, she is almost always trying to take control, and hastily goes into fights, succeeding much more than the rash Akako does.

Now, without further ado: Enjoy!

Chapter One – Beginnings

"I…I have no reason to live anymore…"

The girl took a step out onto the street. Many people walked around her, unaware of what was about to happen.

"If I die…I can tell him…"

She took another step, and another. As she neared the middle of the street, a man noticed her and called out, "Hey! Look out!"…

But it was too late. There was no saving the girl as a car sped down the street and slammed into her.

She was dead.

The girl opened her eyes and gasped. She sat up, her head spinning, looking around wildly…

Where am I? She thought, beginning to panic as she saw the unfamiliar surroundings all around her…

It appeared to be a school. She was in a sort of courtyard, surrounded by buildings on every side. There was nobody in sight, but she could just make out a person up on the second floor, next to an open window.

The girl stood, stumbling for a moment, then recovered and made her way to the nearby entrance. Once inside, she turned down the hall and began to wander around, unsure of where she was going.

I need to ask someone…Maybe…The Principal? She wondered, looking around at the emptiness of the hallway. Then, something caught her eye: A map was hung up on the wall in a frame. She walked up to it and examined it for a few moments, before finding that the Principal's Office is at the edge of the building on the third floor.

She quickly ran for the nearest set of stairs, ascending up them, hoping to find some answers…

And, as she arrived at the Principal's Office, she hesitated for a moment, then knocked. No answer.

She then set a hand on the doorknob and began to open the door…But stopped at a creaking noise.

Sure enough, out of the corner of her eye, she could see what appeared to be a large mallet swinging down from the ceiling panels directly towards her. She opened her mouth to scream, her heart feeling like it is about to explode…

When someone grabbed her and suddenly pulled her into the room.

She screamed for a moment, before realizing she was safe. For a few moments, she sat there, allowing her breathing to return to normal…

Then she realized that someone was standing beside her, holding onto her arm and supporting her.

"Are you alright?" the person asked. Surprised, the girl pushed him away and moved back, glaring at him.

They both gazed at each other for a few moments, the boy with his eyebrow raised, and the girl with a cautious look about her.

"W-What was that!" she exclaimed, pointing at the door with a shaky hand.

The boy glanced at the door for a moment, then grinned and answered, "Well, it's a sort of…trap, you could say."

"Trap for what?" she asked. The boy sighed.

"You know, I never caught your name." he told her. The girl gave him an annoyed look for avoiding her question.

"Musume..." she answered, "Musume Yokota."

The boy grinned at her, and said, "Well, Musume, it's nice to meet you. I'm Tokoi Konoda." He gave a small, mocking bow.

"Whatever," Musume stated in an annoyed voice, "Please…Can you explain where I am and what the hell is going on around here?"

Tokoi rubbed the back of his head for a moment, thinking about how to explain everything.

"Well, if I told you, you wouldn't believe me…" he said. Musume gave him a look that said, 'Try me.", so he continued on with an explanation:

"You're dead," he stated, and Musume's shocked expression was apparent almost immediately, "This is the After-Life." Tokoi motioned all around with his hands.

He let that soak in for a few moments. Musume remained quiet, trying to read him and see if he was joking or not.

"I'm sure you can't remember anything from before arriving here." Tokoi pointed out. Musume opened her mouth to concur, but she suddenly realized…It was true. She had no clue how she got there. Even her name had been hard to remember, but she had ignored it before.

"B-But…I can't be dead." Musume said softly, although she couldn't stop herself from believing that what Tokoi was saying was the truth…

"I know it's hard, but you're here for a reason." Tokoi said, walking over to his desk, patting her shoulder as he passed by.

"What reason is that?" she asked in a voice that seemed void of any warmth. Musume turned towards Tokoi as he sat at the Principal's desk, running a hand across her face to wipe away a few tears that had started rolling down from her eyes.

Tokoi smiled at her as he said, "God, of course. You see, everyone that comes here died unfairly. And who is the one who decides life and death?" Tokoi pointed upwards. "God."

Musume raised an eyebrow. "So…You're saying I should go against God because I died too early?" she said. Tokoi nodded.

"That's about it." He said.

Musume shook her head and leaned against the couch behind her, still taking in all of the information she was just given.

"How exactly do you fight against God anyways?" she asked. Tokoi grinned yet again.

"I'm glad you asked that," he stated, standing and walking over to the nearby window and gazing out at a few students that were walking around and chatting with one another, "This world was created for us who die before our intended time…So, if we mess with the system, we will, therefore, be messing with God himself."

"The system?" Musume questioned. Tokoi nodded and gazed up at the sky through the window.

"You see, there are only a few of us here that are real," he explained, "The others are known as NPCs, Non-Player Characters, who are merely here to fill the emptiness and make us feel at home."

Tokoi stepped to the side and motioned for Musume to step up to the window. She did, and gazed down at the students below.

"Those are not real people," Tokoi told her, "They act like it, completely, but they are merely programs for this place."

Musume was silent for a few moments. "How exactly do you know all of this then?" she asked.

"There was someone here when I arrived as well," Tokoi stated, closing his eyes as if trying to get a picture in his mind of that person, "He guided me, and taught me everything I needed to know…"

"So, do you understand?"

Tokoi was leaning back against the couch in the Principal's Office, staring down at the ground.

He shook his head. "This is…too much." Tokoi said, looking up at the person sitting at the desk. He had orange-hair, and he looked very straight-faced and slightly worn from stress.

"It was hard for me too…But at least I had people there for me." He said, glancing over at the flower in the vase on the desk. He ran a hand along its pedals, and then continued, "Others will come, with time, and I want you to be here for them."

Tokoi raised an eyebrow. "What about you? You can stay here, right, Otonashi?"

Otonashi shook his head. "I have someone waiting for me…" he stated, a smile appearing on his face for a moment as he looked at the white flower that was in full bloom, "But I couldn't leave without someone here…So please, do this for me."

He looked up at Tokoi with eyes that were full of longing…Full of pain and loneliness…

How could he turn the offer down?

"Okay…I will." Tokoi said softly. Otonashi smiled, and slowly stood, picking the flower from the vase and sniffing it for a moment.

"I'll leave it to you then." Otonashi said, holding the flower out to Tokoi, who reached out for it…

And was shocked as Otonashi vanished in the blink of an eye.

The flower daintily fell onto the desk, while Tokoi watched in disbelief. Then he picked up the flower, and gazed down at it, knowing he had much responsibility ahead of him…

But then, a thought came across his mind. A devious thought, which made him laugh to himself…

He was in control now. The others would come, and he could lead them into doing whatever he wanted…

I can go against everything that this place is, he thought, against god himself!

Tokoi smirked and crumpled the flower with his hand, then dropped it to the ground.

"Tokoi?" Musume said.

Tokoi snapped back to reality, realizing he had been lost in a distant memory.

"S-Sorry." He stated simply, walking back to his desk and sitting down, giving the empty vase on it a glance.

"So what are we supposed to do then? Beat up these NPCs and burn the school down?" Musume asked mockingly, her arms crossed, waiting to see his reaction to her smart comment. ..

But he seemed to ignore it, and tapped the desk for a few moments, thinking…

Then he turned towards her and answered her question:

"I have no idea."

To be continued!

Next Chapter – An Angel's Welcoming

Note: This is mainly an introductory chapter, but don't worry, we'll meet more people, and the story will truly start, in the next one! Please stay tuned!