Angel Beats! – Second Term

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Chapter Three – Recovery

"Hey!" Musume exclaimed as she ran up to him.

He tensed up for a moment, guns in hand, but, seeing her, he calmed almost instantly. "I lost him." Tokoi stated still glancing behind himself and Musume.

"Um…I don't think we should worry about him," Musume admitted, "He doesn't seem like much of a threat."

Tokoi stared at her for a few moments. She felt a chill crawl up her spine under his gaze, and wondered if he would get angry with her… But, luckily, he gave her a small smile.

"I guess you're right." He told her, although he continued to look around. "Let's head back."

With that, Tokoi walked past Musume, heading down the hallway back towards the Principal's Office. Musume could see that he was deliberately walking slow, still searching for signs of Gero.

"I doubt you'll find him." Musume commented. Tokoi ignored her for a moment.

"He's still around her somewhere." He finally said. Musume shook her head and opened her mouth to retort…

But, suddenly, a door just up ahead opened. Tokoi instantly raised his guns…And, sure enough, it was Gero.

"Found you." Tokoi said, grinning to himself.

"Maybe I wanted to be found?" Gero stated in a smug voice, turning towards Tokoi with his arms crossed, as if he was uninterested in him.

Musume could see Tokoi flare up in anger. "Wait-" she began to tell him, but he began to fire his pistols rapidly down the hall. Musume turned her attention back towards Gero, knowing that he had no chance of escape…

"Guard Skill: Distortion." Gero said, not moving a muscle as the bullets flew at him and seemed to be absorbed by an invisible shield around him.

Tokoi and Musume were taken by surprise. "W-What the…" she said.

"I knew it…" Tokoi muttered, "You're here to send us away from this place. Your God wants to throw us away, like he did before with our lives!" His voice rose and became more angered.

Gero smiled and gave a small chuckle. "Whatever it is you want to believe then." He stated.

Tokoi's grip on his pistols tightened for a moment, as if he were going to fire again…But he dropped his aim, and slipped the USPs into his back pockets.

"If my guns won't work," Tokoi began to say, kneeling down and lifting his pant leg, revealing a six-inch knife that was hidden within a holster in his shoe, "I guess I'll use this."

Taking the knife out of its holder, Tokoi stood and ran at Gero, who got into a battle-ready position.

"Guard Skill: Hand Sonic." He said, and a blade extended from his right arm. Tokoi, however, didn't flinch, and swung his knife around for Gero's neck, only to be parried by his blade.

Not missing a beat, Gero brought his blade back and jabbed at Tokoi, who moved back, barely able to dodge it. He then began to rapidly slice at Gero, who easily avoided the blows.

"Is this all?" Gero asked mockingly, as he hit Tokoi's knife hard enough to send it into a nearby wall. He then raised his blade, and swung it downward, giving Tokoi a clean, vertical slice down the left side of his chest.

Tokoi gasped in pain and stumbled backwards. He held a hand up to his wound, then gazed down at his bloody hand.

"Tokoi!" Musume shouted, running forward, just as he fell backwards. She caught him in her arms and gently brought him down to the ground.

"Sorry, but he brought it upon himself." Gero stated, the blade fading from his arm.

Musume felt tears come to her eyes, and she looked at her hands which were now stained with Tokoi's blood.

"You…" Musume said softly, glaring up at Gero, who looked taken aback.

"H-Hey, I'm the victim here!" he exclaimed…But Musume wasn't buying into it at all.

She rolled Tokoi over slightly, and pulled out one of his pistols, raising it and pointing it at Gero, who was taken by surprise…

And she fired a shot at him. Although her hand was shaking in fear, the shot hit Gero directly in his left shoulder. He took a few steps back, holding onto his injured soldier, gasping.

"It…hurts…" he said through clenched teeth. Musume let the gun drop to the ground, and she turned her attention back to Tokoi, who was unmoving.

I…I need to get him somewhere safe, she thought, gently putting two arms beneath him and attempting to lift him up…Although he was too much for her to carry.

Damn…I need some help, I can't do this alone… Musume dug her fingers into Tokoi, feeling fearful that she might lose the one friend he had made in the After-Life...

But then, as if hearing her thoughts, someone ran up to them and knelt beside Tokoi.

"I'll take him to the Infirmary." Came a familiar voice. Musume looked up and wiped the tears from her eyes, surprised to see none-other than the boy she had passed earlier.

"T-Thank you…" she said softly, as he gently picked up Tokoi.

Musume followed the boy as he hastily carried Tokoi through the halls, descending down to the second floor. After only a couple of minutes, they arrived at the Infirmary, and he set Tokoi on one of the beds.

"I'm going to try and fix him up," the boy stated, "But you can stand outside if you wish."

Musume nodded, thankful that she wouldn't have to see any more blood. She quickly left the room, and headed for the nearby restroom. Once inside, she gazed into the mirror and could see a few blood stains on her t-shirt, as well as on her hands.

She quickly washed the red off of her hands, then tried her best to remove the stains from her shirt, although they still remained. Once Musume was done, she sat in silence, gazing down at the red as it ran down the sink, trying to recover from the horrific scenes she had seen earlier.

I guess I'm not very good with blood, she thought to herself, realizing for the first time that her legs were shaking slightly. She took a deep breath, and allowed herself to calm, closing her eyes and trying to get the image of blood out of her head…

And, after a few moments, she felt calm enough to leave and head back for the Infirmary.

Once there, she decided to knock before entering. "It's alright to come in now." Came the boy's voice, and Musume hesitantly stepped inside.

She was instantly relieved as she saw Tokoi lying down with a large wrap covering his wound. His breathing was shallow, and he didn't seem to be in any pain.

"He lost a lot of blood, but he'll be fine." The boy stated, wiping his hands off on a hand-towel, then suddenly pulling out the same book from earlier from his back pocket and opening it up once more.

"T-Thank you." Musume told him with a dip of her head. Then, she decided to ask, "Um, who are you anyways?"

"Usagi." The boy stated without looking up from his book, "Usagi Tai. I've been here for quite a while, mainly reading and blending in."

"I'm Musume Yokota." She told him in return. Usagi nodded.

"It is nice to meet you." He stated solemnly, turning a page in his book…

"Musume…" Tokoi suddenly mumbled in a weak voice. Musume quickly moved over to his bedside.

"Tokoi, are you alright?" she asked. No response.

"He's still passed out," Usagi told her, "Blood loss can lead to odd dreams, so I'm sure you're in it. Speaking of blood, you may want to change, and there are extra uniforms in that closet over there." He pointed to a door on the other side of the room.

Musume nodded in agreement and headed over to the closet, opening it up. Sure enough, there were a few of the white uniforms she had seen the NPCs wearing before, neatly folded up on the middle shelving.

She found her size, and left the room to go and put it on.

Only a few moments after she left, Tokoi suddenly opened his eyes and gasped, sitting up quickly. He instantly regretted it, however, as he laid back down, pain rolling down his wound.

"You're awake." Usagi stated. Tokoi slowly turned his head and gazed over at him.

"You...I've seen you before." Tokoi said. Usagi raised an eyebrow and glanced up from his book.

"I guess I can't hide as well as I thought," he stated, pushing up on his glasses, "But that isn't really important right now. Do you feel alright?"

Tokoi glanced down at his bandaged wound. "I feel good enough." He stated, slowly sitting back up, wincing slightly, but trying to not let the pain show.

"Where is Musume?" Tokoi asked, looking around.

"She'll be back in a moment." Usagi answered.

"And Gero?"

Usagi didn't respond for a moment.

"She shot him, but I'm sure he's still alive" He finally answered.

Tokoi couldn't help but show his surprise. Musume… he thought, closing his eyes, Was seeing me injured enough to push you over the edge?

He sat there in silence for a few moments.

"We need to get him," Tokoi stated, "Dead or alive, I don't care. He'll come for us if we don't act first." He then began to move his legs to the bedside, attempting to get up, but he stopped and winced at the pain.

"You're in no condition to do anything right now," Usagi pointed out, "But Musume and I can definitely take action towards whatever you come up."

Tokoi nodded. "Thanks, I may actually have an idea," he stated, setting a hand on his chin and closing his eyes, thinking for a few moments, before continuing, "Looking through a few logs left behind from previous arrivals, I found a few operations that were held to apprehend a previous Angel."

Usagi turned a page in his book. "Were these operations effective?" he asked.

Tokoi shook his head. "Most are useless, and are mainly for obtaining food and other supplies," he answered, "But there were a few that we could change into diversions, which would allow us to take Gero by surprise."

"Sounds good, but where do we start?" Usagi asked.

Tokoi let a small grin come onto his face, and looked up at him. "Well, let me ask this: Can you play a guitar?"

Musume was about to enter the Infirmary when Usagi suddenly stepped out, closing the door behind him.

"What's up?" she asked, tilting her head slightly.

"We need to find someone who can play the guitar," He replied, turning a page in his book and glancing at her, "Unless, of course, you can play."

Musume shook her head. "I can't…But what does this have to do with anything?" she asked.

Usagi seemed to ignore the question, and pointed down the hall to the left. "Start going into classes and asking; there might be someone out there to answer our call."

Musume was about to ask her question again, but Usagi was already moving past her hastily, towards the nearest classroom. She shook her head and sighed, turning and walking the opposite way.

It seemed easy enough: Barge into a classroom, ask if anybody played, then leave if there was no response…But Musume became nervous as she set a hand on the door.

This place isn't a real school, she told herself…But it wasn't much easier.

She turned and gazed down the hall, where she could just make out Usagi as he quickly opened a door and asked, "Is anyone here capable of playing a guitar?"

After waiting for a few moments, she watched as he closed the door and left, as if he wasn't bothered at all.

Alright, here it goes! Musume thought to herself, taking a deep breath, and closing her eyes…Then she opened the door in a quick and rather violent manner.

"Can anyone here play the guitar!" she asked, in a shouting voice that she hadn't quite intended...When she opened her eyes, her mouth gaped as she looked inside the room.

Nobody was there. It was an empty classroom.

"Excuse me; can anybody here play a guitar?" Usagi asked as he opened the doorway to yet another classroom, this one being on the second floor.

He had already gone through all of the halls on his side of the third floor, with no success in finding the person that they were looking for…

And, here he was again, being looked at by dumbfounded students and a teacher who wasn't quite sure what to make of him.

"Sorry for distur-" Usagi began to say, about to close the door…

But he stopped as a girl suddenly shot up from her seat.

She had long, wavy green hair and bright-blue eyes. A smile was on her face, and she did a sort of mocking salute with her hand.

"I can!"

To be continued…

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