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The large red "Closed For Refurbishment" signs had faded from the sunlight that shone through the glass of the windows. The last time I had stood outside Purge & Dowse, LTD. was when Arthur Weasley had been attacked by the snake in my fifth year. Needless to say, the plastic dummy that stood behind the sheen of glass was still as ugly, its fake eyelashes still hanging off at strange angles. The last time I was here I had been terrified that Lord Voldemort was possessing me; I had felt unclean and unworthy… But that had been before the war…

And now the war was over. More families had been torn asunder and far too many lives had been lost; but now, nearly four months after it had ended, the wizarding world was still rejoicing as the days of darkness seemed over.

So here I stood talking quietly to the ugly dummy, unsurprisingly none of the shopping muggles noticed as I stepped through the glass into the busy, noisy reception of St. Mungo's. The blonde receptionist was looking incredibly bored as she directed those standing in the queue to the appropriate floor level. I shifted from foot to foot as I stood in the queue; I could feel peoples' stares on the back of my neck. My days as "The Chosen One" were over now that Voldemort was dead, but the Daily Prophet was hailing me as "The Saviour of Wizard kind". This meant that even more people wanted to shake my hand, often offering words of thanks that now seemed a mere annoyance (having heard the same phrases repeated over and over).

"I'm here to see Seamus Finnegan." I said, placing my right arm on the reception desk and turned slightly to the left – I had just noticed a young girl tugging at her parents' sleeve and pointing excitedly in my direction – as I watched the woman behind the desk flicked through the rolls of parchment, running a long, pink-talonned finger down the row of many names.

"First floor, fifth door on the left." She replied in a monotone, then she glanced up, I saw her eyes widen and I moved away quickly.

As I counted the doors on the left side of the corridor I heard a familiar sounding voice drifting out of one of the wards; I couldn't quite place it, but I definitely knew it from somewhere. I realised that my feet had stopped moving as I listened to the voice floating out of an unknown ward, I mentally shook myself and reminded myself that I was meant to be visiting Seamus. I had lost count of the doors so I spun round to count: one, two, three, four…so the next door on the left was Seamus' ward. I psyched myself up and walked in.

"Harry, mate! How are ya?" Seamus grinned as he spotted me walking in the doorway. I sat down in the armchair next to Seamus' bed and watched him; he wasn't so much of a mess anymore. Right after the Battle of Hogwarts Hagrid had managed to save Seamus from some of Aragog's acromantula offspring, but the venom from their pincers had seeped into his bloodstream by then. He had been a real mess and taken to St. Mungo's the moment he was stable enough to be moved. The easiest way the healers had found to treat him was to put him into a bewitched sleep until they had been able to remove the venom; this had meant that Seamus had been unconscious for nearly two months until they had finally managed to remove the poison in his veins and begin to work on the gaping wounds across his torso and legs. Now he was awake and improving rapidly, and I felt it was somewhat a duty of mine to visit him, just like I had done with all the others who had been injured and the families of those who had died. At least I knew Seamus, so the conversation came easily and lasted longer than most of the others' he had visited, until it was approaching the end of visiting time and I was informed it was time to leave. I wished Seamus well with his recovery and mentioned that I may drop in again for another visit.

Out in the corridor I caught the sound of that familiar voice again:

"Take your infernal hands off me!" The voice snapped furiously. "I said, let me go! Now!" There was a slapping noise that sounded like bare feet hitting the linoleum floor and a tall figure emerged from the door just in front of me. I saw, and reacted just in time, as the person's knees gave way and they began to fall; I moved forwards quickly, with my arms outstretched to stop them hitting the floor. I could hear the healers' shoes squeaking as he ran up the ward and saw me catch the person.

"Thank Merlin! Well caught!" He sighed exasperatedly, looking down at the man I had caught. Looking down I saw the pale, pointed face and white-blonde hair of Draco Malfoy.

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