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~ The Pregant Days ~

James, he's always been my best friend, from the first moment we talked on the train. I love the bloke like a brother, there's nothing I wouldn't do for him. I always thought our friendship was strong, and that he thought of me in the same way.

Until now.

Why am I doubting this now, you ask?

A pregant Lily, that's why. I know, scary stuff. My dear old mate Prongs has given me the honor of being godfather to his child. Now, don't get me wrong, I can't wait for the little snuckims to come along. It's just this, it's an angel being carried by the devil. She even has red hair. She is the reason people say gingers have no souls. And again, don't get me wrong, I love dearest Lily-kins, just not when she's angry, and usually, when James isn't here, it's directed at me. And now, that anger is multiplied by pregancy hormones. fun.

And since I'm godfather to their kid, I took it apon myself to make sure everything runs smoothly, so I did what every good bloke would do, I moved in, well back in. Me and the happy couple shared an apartment, but then they got married, and I couldn't stand the thump thump thump coming from their room anymore, so I moved out for a while. James still insists it was the washing machine from next door. Well, I don't know about you, but I have never heard any washing machine moan.

And it's times like this, I blame James for my discomfort.

Why am I uncomfortable you ask?

Because I have a crying Lily on my shoulder. Damn James for needing to go to Diagon Alley for some magic baby socks. Don't ask.

Another wail brought my attention back to a puffy eyed and runny nosed Lily.

" He's disgusted with me! He doesn't think I'm attractive any more because I'm fat! " If I wasn't so uncomfortable right now, I'd actually find that funny.

" Lily, your not fat, your pregant." Duh.

" I know that Sirius! But look at me! I can't even fit into my old bras! And I don't care what James says, my thighs are bigger! " Women.

" Okay, I know for a fact James like your new big boobs." Why is she complaining about having bigger boobs?

" Then tell me when he wouldn't even have sex with me today! Now that I'm showing he's disgusted! " And with that akward and disgusting image burned into my brain, Lily-kins grabbed my new shirt and wailed into my shoulder.

I akwardly patted her shoulder, while looking around the room for an escape exit. My eyes landed on a wooden spoon in the kitchen. Mabye I could knock her out? Nah, might hurt the baby, and Prongs would crucio me if I hurt either one. Not that I would, but still.

Just then I heard the door open and bang close with a smiling Prongs in the door way. Of course that smile turned into a frown and a glare in my direction when he spotted a blubbering Lily.

" Lily! Lily what's wrong? Is there something wrong with the baby? " James took Lily into his arms, looking frantic.

" What's wrong with her? What happened? " James was torn between looking angry at me for not watching his 'Darling lily' and looking scared, probally for the health of his 'mini Lily' .

" See? I told you! He thinks there's something wrong with me!" She pushed herself away from Prongs and ran into their bedroom.

James gave me a look that said , 'What just happened?'

" It's only just the begining."

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