I am NOT an idiot. You can't be. Not in this war. Not in this period. Not in this hell. You can't. Name's Zelda Gillian. I am 14 and I am a hunter.

I have been trained my whole life to kill. My mission is to find the base in New York and carry an important message. The problem is my trainers won't tell me what it is.

After they arrived when I was 2, my parents dropped me off here. They heard that there was a safe house around Florida. They sacrificed so much for me. I was brought to V.Z.O.B.C. ( A.N. please don't use v.z.o.b.c. COPY RIGHT.) Viral Zombie Out Break Center. As soon as they opened the gate they hugged me and my brother, Luke. They stepped out. That's the last Luke told me. I have never seen my parents again.

The center is surrounded with a two fences. The first one closest to the building is cement and as tall as 12 men. There is about three feet then another fence. The next fence is amazing. Its huge. The fence is tightly woven and charged with a new substance that some scientist in the west wing found. It's like electricity. Except its poisonous and one touch you turn to dust. It's called Leginity. It's the only thing that stops the zombies from penetrating our heaven.

I slid a dagger in my lag strap. The metal made a sound as it slid into the leather. I sighed and picked up a pencil.

"Note to self." I said. "Make new dagger." I wrote on a piece of paper. I jumped as I heard a knock on the door. I opened it a crack and spied the knocker. It was my brother. I smiled a rare smile and opened the door wider.

"Hey Z." Luke said rummaging through his bag. I rolled my eyes. Luke wasn't a hunter like me. He was an inventor. He had hands that could make anything shiny and new. At V.Z.O.B.C. everybody gets a job, most of the time it's their talent. I have a friend in the south wing that's an artist. And in north wing a friend that's a tracker.

"What do you want Luke." I smirked. He pulled out a note and read it silently.

"Trainers want us." He sighed. "By their note, It's important."