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Natsu and Lucy

The sun rose while the moon disappeared behind the mountains only to return at night which Lucy knew would be the time of the day she'd find Natsu Dragneel in her bed again. She looked over to her bookshelf noticing a book which had fallen out and on to the floor opened face down.

She walked over to pick up the fallen piece of literature to read off 'Romeo and Juliet', a classic play written by Shakespeare. It was her favorite romance, and every time she read through it her heart would stop as she let out tears toward the end where the heroine Juliet stabs herself in the heart so she can live with Romeo in peace in the afterlife.

Lucy quickly sat up and laid the book on her desk so when she came out of the bath she could read the book for the fifth time. The book was her addiction and she fell victim to it. She got into the bath and started to wash her body until she was perfectly clean. Today was her day off and she planned to spend that day reading the book, and as soon as she did she would run to the fairy tail guild so that she may discuss it with Levy who was just as big a fan of the tale as she was.

Lucy washed her blond hair with her favorite shampoo and conditioner which smelled of cherry blossoms. She got out of the bath and wrapped a perfectly clean towel around her body, but before she opened the door she prepared herself mentally for the Dragon Slayer that she knew would be there. She opened the door and turned every which way to check for the boy who she did not see.

She smiled with approval as she discarded her towel, but to her embarrassment she forgot to check her desk which was occupied by one Natsu Dragneel. She blushed crimson before rummaging for quick change of clothes before he noticed her. She had managed to find a blue plaid skirt with a ruffled tank top, but little did she know Natsu had noticed and was hiding his face with the book she set on the desk.

"Natsu, get out of my apartment!" Lucy snapped at the pink haired fire mage.

"Luce, what'd this?" Natsu questioned the girl while holding up the book to find her face in shock that Natsu actually seemed to be interested in a book.

He would tend to questioned what she would find interesting in a book all the time, but Natsu Dragneel actually took interest in one, and not just any ordinary book, but a romantic novel none the less.

"Natsu, why would you want to know," Lucy questioned him skeptically. "You always make fun of me for my love of books."

"I'm just curious," He said while blushing lightly which went unnoticed by Lucy. "I skimmed through the pages, and I was wondering why this guy named Romeo would kill himself for his lover Juliet."

"You wouldn't understand," Lucy said while hearts appeared in her eyes. "Romeo loves his Juliet to the extent of dying for her, and that's something only people could dream of."

"You mean girls want their boyfriends to die." Natsu said while dropping the book out of shock.

"No, you idiot," Lucy picked up the book and dusted it off. "They wish a guy could love them as much as Romeo loved Juliet."

"You mean like Juvia likes Gray." Natsu questioned Lucy who just nodded.

'I can't believe he picked up on that,' she thought. 'I suppose Natsu isn't as dense as I thought.'

Natsu took this time and stood up in front of Lucy; he noticed something he never had noticed before. Lucy was a girl, but has she always been this beautiful. He leaned down amost inches away from her lips. She looked at him with a look of astonishment, but as she was about to say something she was stopped by a sudden pressure on her lips. Natsu was kissing her. Her eyes widened but soon relaxed as she knelt into the kiss. Her mouth opened slightly to let him explore her mouth with his tongue which felt hot in her mouth. It felt like she just ate fire and swallowed it. Suddenly he released her and looked at her with a big grin.


"Natsu, you…just, but…I." Lucy tried to catch her breath as her heart sped at a pound per second.

"I...I…Like you." Natsu stuttered out; his face completely red.

"I like you too!" Lucy said back, but after she said that she finished with something else.

"And by that I mean I love you."

Natsu stared at Lucy for a moment before taking her hand and leaving the apartment. Lucy looked at the boy for a second before kissing him on the cheek with a question. "Aren't you gonna say it back?"

"I can't just say it like that!" Natsu exclaimed in confusion.

"I wanna hear I love you Lucy from your mouth." She told him.

"I can't." He said embarrassed by the sudden command.

"Then I'm taking my confession back." Lucy said while releasing Natsu's hand.

"You can't do that!" Natsu yelled.

"But…I can, and I will unless you say those three words." She told him.

"I… love you… too Lucy." Natsu said coming out as audible as a whisper.

"Say it again please," Lucy said. "I didn't catch it."

"I LOVE YOU LUCY!" Natsu screamed, but grew embarrassed at he realized they were in the Guild.

Everyone smiled at him as he quickly made it out of there with Lucy right behind him. "It's about time." Was all that was said around the guild as they continued on with their conversations.

"No matter what, you will always be my Romeo Natsu." Lucy cooed with a small smile placed on her lips.

"And you my Juliet."

The End

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