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She sits in a large brown armchair, legs hanging over the side, a smile plastered onto her face. She sits there flipping through a book, no, it was a photo album. It is a wedding album, full of pictures that seem like a fantasy. Her legs sway back and forth to the random, made-up tune she was humming under her breath. She sighed, running her fingers down a photo, smiling broadly. She flips the page to welcome more and more pictures. There's a girl on the page, a small, petite brunette with wild curls in a elegant, flowing white dress with her arms around the man, the groom who stood a few inches above her, clad in a black tux. His dark brown hair was spiked up, and his arms were wrapped around the girl.

She was confused. Not only did she look so much like the young girl in the picture, but their eyes shone with something she saw everyday but could never figure out. Love. That's what it was. But, she was too young to understand that concept yet. All she knew were that the boy and girl looked very…pretty, to say in words that she knew.

"Hey, baby girl," she looked up to meet the shining eyes of her father. She smiled wider and ran towards him, attaching herself to his right leg. The album is left behind on the chair, open to the very picture she was previously looking at.

"Hi, Daddy!" she shouts eagerly, as her picks her up and sets her on his waist. Her arms and legs wrap around him nicely, making a perfect fit. "I missed you."

"I missed you too, sweetie." He hugs her tighter, kissing her cheek.

"Hey, Logan," her mother walks in, kissing her husband on the cheek.

"Hey, Cam," he says, twirling around his daughter in the air as she giggles uncontrollably. "So, what did you do today, Cass?"

He sets her down so she can show him. She runs towards the album, picking it up off the armchair. "Look!" she exclaims, holding out the album towards him.

He takes it, laughing. "Where'd you find this, honey?" her mother asks. But, she's not mad. No, she's far from it. She hasn't seen the album in months. She didn't need to. She had everything she needed in life, but now, looking at it in front of her, she wants nothing more but to tear through the pages, to cherish each memory once again.

"I dunno, Mama. It was in the clo- closet," she stutters over the word, but smiles when she gets it right. Camille picks her up and swinging her onto her hip. "Who's dat Mama?" she asks, leaning over so she can point to a photo in the album which was still is Logan's hands. Camille leans over and kisses her temple before looking at the photo she was pointing to.

Camille and Logan smile, staring at the picture in awe. The picture is one of their absolute favorites. It's taken at their wedding, and it's of them of course. They standing in front of their friends as they goof off in the background, Logan is standing behind Camille, his arms wrapped around her from behind. They look elegant to say the least. Her white wedding gown is beautiful, flowing down and hitting the floor, diamonds encrusting the top. Logan's tux is snazzy, even though he's clad in the same one as his best men. He, however, has a bright blue and navy blue striped tie while his best men only have regular blue ones. His arms look as if they had just naturally slid down Camille's arms and their eyes are met in the middle, looking longingly at each other, sparkling with love.

They recover, looking at their daughter. "That's me, Cassie," Logan says, pointing to himself. He's honestly surprised that Cassie doesn't recognize her own father. After all, he still looks the same. "And that's your Mama," he smiles as he says that. He's so blessed to have two such special girls in his life.

"Really, Daddy?" she asks him eagerly, holding out her arms so he can take her. He chuckles as he takes her.

"Yes, baby girl."

"Daddy?" she leans into his chest as she speaks, "Why are you and Mama wooking at each other like dat?"

Logan and Camille chuckle at their daughter's cute language. "It's complicated, sweetie." Logan tells her.

"Nooooo!" she whines, "Tell me."

Camille sighs, running a hand through Cassie's dark brown curls that matched her own. "It's love," she states simply.

"Wove?" she asks, confused.

"C'mere," Camille beckons her over, as Cassie willingly holds out her arms. "It's what people feel when they really, really like each other."

Cassie squeals, leaving Camille and Logan confused. What could a little girl possibly know about love? "You mean wike Cindewella and the pwince, wight?" she babbles, "They lived happily ever after, just like you and Daddy, wight?"

"Yes, baby girl," Camille laughs, adoring her daughter as she speaks.

"Mama, can I see your pwetty dwess?" she asks, pointing to Camille's wedding dress. Camille looks expectantly at her before she sets her down and nods.

"Yeah we can, Cass. Go upstairs, I'll be up in a little bit, okay?"

Cassie giggles and nods. She turns around and races up the stairs, excited that she was about to see her mother's wedding gown.

Camille sighs and leans into Logan as he wraps an arm around her. "She's one of a kind just like you, baby," Logan murmurs as he leans in a places a kiss on her pink, supple lips. She giggles, pressing her lips against his harder while a placing a hand on the nape of his neck, pulling him closer.

"Yeah, she is and she's all ours," Camille says as she pulls back before gathering him into an intimate hug. "I missed you."

"I missed you, too. I love you so much, Cam."

"Mmm, me too. You know Cassie's going to understand what we're talking about. Love. She's going to understand it one day. When she finds someone- Mmph," Camille groans as Logan's hand covers her mouth.

"Shhh, don't say that. She's my little girl, and I'm never letting her go," he says and then pouts, looking at Camille with big brown eyes.

"Sure, whatever you say. We'll see how that goes," she says, pulling in Logan for another more passionate kiss. Their arms wrap around one another instinctively, pulling each other as close as possible. As they part, breathless, they let their noses graze each, their breaths tickling their faces. "I love you," Camille pants, still trying to catch her breath.

"I love you, too. I never stopped and never will."

They always were in love despite the whole "friends with benefits" stage. It was always each other, but it took them time to see that. They weren't perfect, that was for sure, but their imperfections were what made them so perfect for each other. They loved each other, and that was something that would never change.

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