Summary: She suspected it was all about the head… that perhaps everyone in Underland was painfully fearful of, not her, but her head… that perhaps it was the cause of her bitterness, her vengeance… And the offenses that ate her inside out spoiled her soul, and killed everything around her.

Chapter Five: The Rightful Queen of Underland

News spread again, quickly, once more that Iracbeth's sister, Mirana, had finally found a champion to fight against her Jabberwocky. It was no surprise, that it was Alice, the legendary wielder of the vorpal sword, the sword which is said to kill her beloved Jabberwocky…

She couldn't afford to lose her Jabberwocky, ever since Alice's return, she's lost her friends, her lover, and her window curtains. She couldn't lose the only friend she'd kept for so long. Her jabberwocky.

She let out a soft sigh, and slowly strode down the path towards the dark mountaintop to where the Jabberwocky slept. Accompanied by one of her servants, who was holding a large, heart printed umbrella over her head to shade her from the dim light of the sun that hid behind the grey clouds, she continued to walk ever so slowly to where her precious Jabberwocky slept. She dare not wake him, for sometimes he could be quite upset when he is disturbed of his sleep, but she decided to speak to him, (very softly, mind you!) regardless.

She turned to her frog servant, and whispered softly, "Leave us."

The servant did not hesitate to fulfill her orders, and he made a polite bow and turned to walk down the path back to the Queen's castle and he waited by the path in case she called for him again.

She looked at the mountainous piled of char and ash that was her sleeping pet. She drew in a long breath…

"Baby wocky?" She whispered. She was not surprised that there was no response, and she didn't mind at all. She continued to speak, "Jabber baby wocky… Things have been so hard recently." She paused. "You see," She shifted then, to sit on the ground, letting her feet poke out from her long, layered, velvet dress. "Alice has returned to Underland. Alice! And there's a prophecy that says she's bound to slay you. Alice has already taken away so much from me… My friends, my Stayne, my curtains… She made me think that she was my friend, and she betrayed me!" The outrage was hard to control, and she had to force herself to lower her voice. "… The Frabjous day is coming soon, and I hope that you fight your hardest." She sniffed, realizing that a wave of tears had begun to form in the corners of her eyes… "I can't lose you, 'Wocky, I can't."

. . .

The Frabjous day came much sooner than expected, and Iracbeth found herself getting sick with worry. She knew, that her sister would win this battle, that the crown, which was rightfully hers, would be taken away and that all f Underland would want to take revenge on her for all the wrong things she had done to the people.

As she crawled into her buggy, being pulled by two polar bears, she felt as though she was a lamb being led to the slaughter, and still, she put on her face that she kept in a jar and headed off to meet her sister, as though nothing was wrong. They trudged through the dark, shadowy path which led to the checkerboard battleground. Red against White. That would be the battle, once more.

Across the side of the battlefield, she saw an army of white, Mirana and her gang, and there, riding her Bandersnatch, she saw Alice. The sight of Alice made her blood boil beneath her skin and angered her to no end! How dare she! The girl who tricked Iracbeth to believe that she understood her pain… stole her beloved Bandersnatch and turned him against her. That was stooping incredibly low, even for her.

"Hello, Iracbeth." Mirana said.

Oh, it took all of her willpower not to lash out at her sister and attempt to murder her right then. "Hullo." She spat. She didn't want to talk to her sister any more than she had to. She averted her gaze and stared off into the space away from her sister staring at nothing in particular. Alice stepped forward, dressed in fine armor, wielding the vorpal sword. Icrabeth's heart skipped a beat then two and she almost felt herself getting ready to break down and cry. But she choked back her tears and spoke, "Hello Uhm."

"We don't have to fight." Her sister said, Iracbeth looked at Mirana and recognized that face of her.

"You think that you can just bat those little eyelashes… and I'll fall just like mommy and daddy did." The next few spews of dialogue were a blur to her, and she didn't comprehend anything but the fact that her sister was trying to get what she wanted once more, without having any consequence or any work for it.

"THIS IS MY CROWN!" Iracbeth screamed, her face turning a shade of bright red and her heart beating much faster than it ever has. "I AM THE ELDEST!" She turned around to glance at the mountain of ash and char and she called out to her pet, "JABBERWOCKY!" Then, the battle began.

. . .

"Off with your head!"

The last words she ever hear Alice spoke. And she witness the head of her beloved pet tumble down the stone steps. She nearly lost it, and right away she screamed,


"We serve you no more…" Came the voice of one of the cards. Iracbeth was in shock, it felt like a dream, no, a nightmare. "Bloody big head." Her heart broke right there… It was over. She was over. There was nothing more in the world for her to grab onto. Her pet was dead, she had no friends, and there was nothing worth fighting for anyway.

Her sister sentenced both her and Stayne to banishment and never to return to Underland again.

"At least we'll have each other." Iracbeth smiled at Stayne, but the look in his eye was much different now. He wasn't loving and gentle anymore, no, his eyes were bright and wild. He looked like a rabid animal and swiftly, he pulled back his hand to reveal a knife. Iracbeth was terrified at the sudden change, and she would have attempted to run, if she hadn't been handcuffed to him. The knife swung down and would have cut her, definitely, if the Hatter had not thrown his needles to prevent Stayne from hurting her.

The shock was what destroyed her… not only did Stayne not love her, but he tried to KILL her. HER! The person that he claimed he had loved…

"He tried to kill me…" She whispered softly, to herself at first, then she repeated it much louder to her sister, "HE TRIED TO KILL ME!" Knowing it would do no good, she loathed that her sister, yet again, got exactly what she wanted. She was being banished and chained to a man who betrayed her and emotionally tore her to bits and pieces… Again, her sister won. Simply because Mother Nature was in her favor.

. . .

Being chained to Stayne was the worst punishment she could have ever been given. All he did was moan about how much he hated her, how much he never loved her and never wanted to be with her. How he hated that he lied and how he hated that he'd ever gotten involved with her.

The realization that she was simply not wanted in the world made everything worse. It was her head that caused her the most grief. How big and ugly it was, and how short she was… The shame was never ending, and it would rot her to the core, until the say that she would be able to fight again.

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