IRRITATED: Seven Minutes in Heaven

"Hey! Wanna play Seven Minutes in Heaven?" Alfred yells at you from across the bustling room. Scowling, this isn't a game you like, but you go along with it anyway. Alfred, the annoying git that he is, approaches you with his trademark grin and a suspicious-looking hat, and teases, "Yo! Since you're so fond of all that book nonsense, you gotta pick a genre out of this hat!"

Shoving the hat towards you, leering, Alfred watches you withdraw a folded piece of paper. Suddenly, you're not sure if this is a good idea. Carefully unfolding it, you skeptically observe the word.

Alfred leans over your shoulder. "Well? What is it dude? C'mon! Spit it out!"

Grimacing, you reply:

"(insert response from bottom)."