Mystery: Seven Minutes in Hetalia Heaven


"Hey! Wanna play Seven Minutes in Heaven?" Alfred yelled at you from across the bustling room. Scowling, this wasn't a game you liked, but you went along with it anyway. Alfred, the annoying git that he was, approached you with his trademark grin and a suspicious-looking hat, and teased, "Yo! Since you're so fond of all that book nonsense, you gotta pick a genre out of this hat!"

Shoving the hat towards you, leering, Alfred watched you withdraw a folded piece of paper. Suddenly, you weren't sure if this was a good idea. Carefully unfolding it, you skeptically observed the word.

Alfred leaned over your shoulder. "Well? What is it dude? C'mon! Spit it out!"

Grimacing, you replied:


Nodding in recognition, Alfred scurried off and you started muttering about how you had to leave work because of him and how you were playing this stupid game again, no thanks to him. Elizabeta smiled and coaxed you into the closet, saying, "You never know when something good might come out of a game like this." You raised an eyebrow at her and she smiled knowingly.

With a sigh, you ventured as deep into the closet as you could and plopped onto your bottom. As you waited, however, you suddenly heard a hard German accent outside the door and your heart pounded furiously. Ludwig! Leaning close to the keyhole, you recognized the frustration in his tone as he addressed Alfred. He detested the American. With a bitter, cynical smile, you remembered that you had broken up with Ludwig because he was angry that you were hanging out with the loud-mouthed American.

Suddenly, however, Ludwig was shoved into the closet with the help of Ivan and Yao.

Leaping back from the door, you scooted out of the way just as Ludwig was forced in and the lock clicked into place. "Damn it!" Ludwig swore, immediately pounding on the door. "Let me out of here this instant!" Clearly, he must have known you were there. With a sigh, you walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, causing him to turn around, fuming. "What are you doing here?"

"I picked your card," you stated dryly, folding your arms, "now you're stuck here with me."

Forcing himself to calm down, Ludwig shoved his fingers through his slicked-back hair. "Fine." You stared at him, sad longing entering your heart. Truth be told, you never wanted to end things with Ludwig, but you were too proud to say that. The silence was dreadfully uncomfortable.

"So," you walked towards the opposite wall, "why've you been avoiding me? Hate me that much?"

"No," Ludwig heatedly replied, "I've just been busy."

Not believing the lie for a moment, you turned around. "Oh really? Because it seems like every time I see you, you run in the opposite direction." Arms crossed tightly over your chest, you started to shake. You were upset, but you didn't want Ludwig to know. "Honestly, there's nothing I hate more than rudeness and cowardice. That's the level you've sunken to."

Ludwig's reaction was instant and sharp. "It's because I can't get over it or over you!" Mouth snapping shut, your eyes widened as the German suddenly advanced on you. "Every day I tell myself that I'm not thinking of you, but you cross my mind as frequently as Feliciano gets on my nerves!" He backed you against the wall, your heart thundering in your chest. "Look," his voice became angrier, "I regret everything I said! Every time I see you together with Alfred, it drives me crazy! And you're too proud and stubborn to do anything except take passes at me."

Jaw clenching into a grimace, you held your tongue; he was right.

Ludwig slammed his fists into the wall above your head, effectively trapping you. "But, you know what?" His voice lowered to a growl, lips hovering above yours. Heart tripping over each throbbing beat, you tensed. "Verdammt, ich liebe dich." (Damn it, I love you.) Petrified, you didn't move a muscle as the German seized your face and kissed you roughly, demandingly.

Struggling not to give in, you stiffened and refused to move as Ludwig started moving his lips down your neck, knowing exactly where to kiss you. Defenses shattering, you squeezed your eyes shut as his hand dropped to your waist and pulled your hips against his. Feeling the bulge in his pants press against you, lust spiraled down to your core and now your body and heart both pined for him. Your head stubbornly said no. Still kissing you, undeterred, Ludwig was determined to have you back.

"I cannot stop thinking about you," he whispered hoarsely into your skin, "I need you."

"L-Ludwig," breathless and faltering, you felt hot tears prick at your eyes, "I—I miss you, too."

Shocked, the German lifted his head and took your chin in his hands. "If you really miss me," the words were hard but sweet, "kiss me." Throwing your arms around his neck, you pulled your mouth into his, deepening the kiss. A tear slipped down your cheek, but you didn't care. Ludwig pulled back to look at you and you knew he was smiling. You couldn't help but beam yourself.

"Be mine again, Ludwig?" You whispered between kisses as you moved your lips around his strong jaw.

"Ja," he stated quietly, embracing you against his chest.

Happy, you started kissing his face and brought your mouth to his ear where you nibbled on the lobe, earning a rough groan. Ludwig's hands fell to your hips where he gripped your rear, squeezing it as he yanked you against him. You moaned upon feeling nips at your neck, incredibly pleasured by the German who had come to know your body so very, very well.

When your lips met again, the kiss was heated and desperate, sweet and eternal. Entangling your fingers in his hair, you murmured how much you loved him, over and over again, until Ludwig slammed you against the wall and started kissing you feverishly. Pulling yourself against him, you held on tightly as he lifted you up and held you. Locking your legs around his hips, you brushed against his groin and grinned when he groaned erotically.

"It seems you've missed me in more ways than one," you smirked, "my place sound good?"

"J-ja," Ludwig chuckled, planting a kiss on your prurient smile, "as long as you're ready."

"Ready?" You laughed lustfully, rubbing your body against his. "Always, love."


Reunited, you and Ludwig are back together! He loves you so much and didn't want to let you go in the first place. It was a pretty hard experience for both of you, but now none of that matters.


A Little Too Not Over You by David Archuleta