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Shuriken16: Hey you guys, I'm Here to kick off The Sequel to Duel Masters: Kaijudo Generation. I hope you readers are just as excited as I am, so without any interruption, here ya go: Duel Masters: Vortex Wars…

[Kaijin No Sekai: Present time]

Four energy beings sit in a throne room with four of the five of them occupied. The four of them Watch Neo's Rampage from Three months before, and the earlier events.

The Green and Gold Colored Energy being spoke up first. "Well it's just as we feared, isn't it?"

The Blue and Gold one nodded. "Unfortunately the rumors of Neo's return were true after all."

The Blue and Black one nodded with her two companions. "So what do you suppose we do?"

The Green and Gold humanoid turned to the Red and Green one who sat quietly. He sighed and gave his Judgment. "We'll go to Earth, and fix this mess. After all, he's one of our own and it's our responsibility. We must carry his sins as our own, and as such, we must correct it."

The Red and Green humanoid stood up. "Let's get to it then." It replied in a young feminine voice. "The sooner the better right…?"

The other three turned to each other and nodded. They as well stood up and followed the Red and Green humanoid out of the room…

[Earth, June 17th, 2015]

"Are you ready to Own the Zone America? Thank you for tuning into our rescheduled presentation of the NYC Duel Circuit Tournament. As you know, due to a mechanical malfunction in Madison Square Garden, the final match, between Team Kaijudo Generation, and Team Neo, was postponed until this morning. Despite their injuries, both Duelists from each team are still going through to serve in participating in the final match. So let's move on to the K-Terminal to see the final match unfold!"

Two teenage girls make their way to the mechanical play table.

"First up is Team KG's Jamie Martin!" Jamie was sixteen years old, having long black hair and a black jean jacket. She wore a red shirt that stopped halfway down her stomach, and she wore blue jeans, and black and red sneakers.

"And her opponent is Team Neo's Cindy McKnight!" Cindy was about seventeen years old, having blonde hair with red streaks. She wore a magenta-colored shirt and black jeans. Her leg was in a cast, due to the "Mechanical error" at the tournament, where she fell from the 10 foot platform. Nonetheless, she didn't want to let her team down so she forced herself on crutches and got herself to Central Park that morning.

"I hope you're ready for this…" Jamie told Cindy. She strapped a Red and White glove onto her Right hand and Cindy did the same.

"Don't worry; I can hold my own against you no problem." Cindy replied. "Good luck though."

Jamie nodded. "Same to you."

"And on that note, the Final Match of the NYC Duel Circuit Tournament: Begins!"

"Duel Masters: The Trading Card Game where young men and women take part in commanding armies of powerful creatures from the Fire, Nature, Light, Water and Darkness Civilizations. Attacking your opponent, aiming to shatter his five shields, allowing for a final direct attack! With hundreds of thousands of Duelist around the world, each are aiming to receive the title: Kaijudo Masters, the S-Rank class of the Dueling World. If you're ready to take on this challenge, then get your gear and Own the Zone!"

Chapter 1: Shattered Hearts

"DUEL START!" The two of them said in unison.

Ten holographic objects suddenly projected inside the machine, revealing them to represent the five facedown cards that each duelist had on their sides. They then each drew five cards.

Jamie set a Blue card in her mana zone, and tapped it, generating a Blue sapphire crystal on her side.

"I summon Aqua Guard!" She said as she set the card into her Battle Zone.

Aqua Guard materialized into the Battle Zone, ready for whatever attack that Cindy could throw at it.

Cindy drew and set a Yellow mana card as a Topaz crystal generated on her side.

"I summon: La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian."

La Ura Giga flew into the Battle Zone basically in the same situation as Aqua Guard.

Jamie drew her next card and set a Red card next, generating a Ruby Crystal, and the Sapphire, showing that she tapped two of her mana.

"I Evolve Aqua Guard into: Crystal Spinslicer!"

Jamie set a creature on top of her Aqua Guard card, triggering the two crystals to fuse into a unique crystal, resembling spirals of white blades, like flower petals. It floated around Aqua Guard until it morphed it into a soldier-like centaur with a bladed shield.

"Crystal Spinslicer, Break her shield, Ike!" Jamie tapped her creature, as Spinslicer began to run towards Cindy's shield, the blades of the shield extending. Spinslicer threw his shield and the shield shattered into pieces. Cindy picked up the corresponding card and added it to her hand. She drew and set her second mana card.

"I summon a second La Ura Giga, and a Deadly Fighter Braid Claw." Cindy set the Light Creature, and the Fire creature to accompany the first La Ura Giga. As such, Cindy now had 2 blockers and a creature capable of breaking Jamie's shield.

Jamie drew and set her card in mana. "I cast Energy Stream, and due to its effect, I draw 2 cards from my deck." She then drew two cards from her deck and ended her turn there.

Cindy drew and set mana. "I summon Missile Soldier Ultimo. And I attack with Braid Claw, Ike!"

Braid Claw let out a war cry and dashed towards Jamie's shield. Suddenly though, it was cut off by Spinslicer.

"Spinslicer blocks the attack."

Spinslicer smacked Braid Claw away as it dispersed into a bright red data stream. Cindy sent Braid Claw to the grave and ended her turn.

Jamie drew and set mana. "I summon Jiruba, Precision Shooter."

Two ruby Crystals and a Sapphire Crystal materialized and fused together to form an armored warrior wielding a red and silver handgun, and a blade in the other.

"And with the last water mana, I'll use it to summon Aqua Guard."

The last Sapphire crystal materialized and reformed into Guard.

Jamie ended and this allowed Cindy to start her turn. "I summon a third La Ura Giga."

The third white airship flew in.

"And finally, I cast Phantom Dragon's Flame; I destroy Aqua Guard."

Ultimo focused as flames developed around his fist; He punched the air, shooting fireballs at Guard, which both formed into small fire-like dragons. Guard was consumed as Blue data streams floated out of the flames.

Jamie moved Guard to the grave and drew her card, setting her fifth mana. "I summon Kyrstron, Lair Delver."

The five crystals materialized into a thin Red Dragonoid, covered in bronze-covered armor on his arms and legs.

"Jiruba, Break her shield, Ike!" Jamie tapped her creature. Jiruba aimed his gun and took a shot at the shield.

"La Ura block." Cindy said, ordering the creature to take the hit.

The bullet from his gun hit the charging La Ura Giga, however it crashed into him, both Red and Yellow data going in different directions.

Cindy drew and set her mana, now having 5. "I summon Aegis, Sage of Fire and Lightning."

Aegis materialized into the battle zone, both elements spewing from the respected mouths of the Wyvern.

Jamie drew and set her mana, having six. "I summon Mezger, Commando Leader. Mezger has speed attacker; Ike!"

Fur crystals appeared moving at high speed. They aligned themselves until they were replaced by a wired humanoid wielding a giant hammer. He jumped into the air and brought his hammer down, but Aegis stopped it before it could do damage.

"Kyrstron, Ike!"

Kyrstron wielded his staff as he ran to break a shield. La Ura Giga moved in and shot him down.

"Bad move." Jamie told her. "When Kyrston's destroyed, I can add one dragon from my hand into the Battle Zone. With his effect, I summon: Shining Star Dragon!"

Kyrston's Red data stream flew back to Jamie and reformed into a figure nearly twice the size of Kyrstron. A Red dragon in gold armor materialized, a black cape connected to his red and grey colored wings. In his hands was a staff, like a wand where a giant gold star shined from.

"When I put Shining Star Dragon into the Battle Zone, I search my deck for an Evolution Creature that evolves from dragons. I choose: Uberdragon Bajula." Jamie explained as she retrieved her card.

"Not bad." Cindy commented. She drew and set her sixth mana card. "I Evolve La Ura Giga into Ladia Bale The inspirational. Ladia: Double Break!"

Ladia Bale charged it's cannons and shot passed Jamie's creatures, blowing out two shields.

"Shield Trigger: Tornado Flame, I destroy your La Ura Giga." Jamie said as one of the broken shard piles began to spew a tornado of flames towards the remaining La Ura Giga.

"Ultimo's Turbo Rush activates, due to Ladia's shield breaking. He gains +4000 and he can attack untapped creatures. Attack Crystal Spinslicer."

Ultimo's muscles expanded as he jumped high into the virtual sky. He came back down seconds later, preforming a drop kick on Spinslicer, turning it into blue data.

Jamie drew her next card and set her seventh mana. "Break through, King of Flames: Uberdragon Bajula!"

Shining Star Dragon felt the seven crystals descend onto him, the power infusing him to evolve into Uberdragon Bajula, a Crimson colored dragon with two extra heads on his shoulders. It wielded a chain that circled his whole body in a complex, never-ending cycle.

"Blaze, Destroy Bale, Ike!"

"Aegis blocks." Cindy counted, Aegis taking the hit from the dragon's triple flamethrower. Two mana crystals appeared where Aegis stood, and Bajula used its chain to break them to pieces.

Cindy drew her next card and set it, being reduced to five. "I end my turn."

Jamie smiled. "Great, that's what I wanted to hear." She drew and set her 8th mana. "I summon Aqua Surfer, and then I evolve it into Crystal Spinslicer!"

Bajula looked down seeing the waves pick up under him. Surfer rode in, and swept up Ladia, returning it to Cindy's hand. As a reward, Bajula gave a Blue Evo Crystal to it, turning it into Spinslicer. Bajula aimed at their target, and Spinslicer nodded in agreement.

"Uberdragon Bajula, Triple Break!"

The three heads all lined up and took a shot at each shield, as the chain dug deep and popped two more crystals that were caught in the blast.

Cindy took her 3 shields and watched Spinslicer break the last one.

She drew and set the very card in mana. "I end my turn. You win." Cindy nodded.

Jamie nodded. "Uberdragon, Todomeda…"

Bajula sent his chain towards Cindy, causing the duel to end.

"And there you have it folks, we have a Winner! Team Kaijudo Generation has won the Duel Masters NYC Duel Circuit Tournament! With this they now qualify for the upcoming NY State Showdown in just a few months' time. Will they take such a challenge? We'll just have to find out; I'm your announcer David Maxwell, AKA D-MAX Signing out, and I hope you folks enjoy the rest of your day."

Jamie put her cards back into her deck case, located on her wrist and walked over to a group of teenagers who waited to congratulate her. The first teen was a tan-skinned teen wearing a blue Baseball cap, a green and white plaid shirt with a white T-Shirt, black jeans and white sneakers. This was Team KG's Nature/Fire Duelist: Chris Henderson commonly referred to as C.J.

The second teen was a husky Caucasian teen with short brown hair and matching eyes, wearing a gold colored shirt with a white vest, black pants and sneakers. This was KG's Light/Nature Duelist: Jake Stewart.

The third teen was Hispanic, having spiky black hair, dressed in a dark blue shirt with the design of a black Shark on the front of it. He had blue jeans and a sapphire-blue bandana on his left arm. This was KG's Water/Light Duelist: Dylan Rodriguez.

Finally there was their Darkness/Water Duelist Karon Davidson. He was the oldest of the team, also having a middle-eastern appearance, with very little accent. He wore a white dress shirt with a black and blue tie, black khaki's and sneakers. He also had sunglasses that rested in his gelled-spiked black hair.

"That was great; I destroyed the other team so badly with Bajula." Jamie said happily.

Uberdragon Bajula materialized on her shoulder. "It's nice to see you in a better mood than you were earlier."

"Yeah well, I lost my only other Bolshack Dragon in the tournament, but I don't mind. Uberdragon Bajula's always been my favorite Evo Creature back in the old days." She told it.

"Well if I may make a suggestion…" C.J. stood up. "How about we go out to celebrate our win? Karon's Treat."

Karon gave him a cold look and sighed. "Sure, why not?"

"Awesome, thanks for volunteering." Dylan patted him on the shoulder.

"Yeah, I'd love to join you guys, but I have to go home; doctor's orders." Jamie admitted. "He said to rest for the rest of the day to just be safe."

C.J.'s enthusiasm began to deflate. "Oh well. How about we move our celebration to tonight, that way we you can rest up and we can take the time to do whatever we have to do; sound good?"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Great, so I guess we'll meet at Seaport to hang out over there tonight?"
"Sounds good…" Jake agreed. "You guys in?"

The other three members agreed.

"OK then, I'll see you guys over there later on then." Jamie waved goodbye as she left the facility.

"So she really doesn't remember what happened to her huh?" C.J. asked himself. "Well it's for the best; after all. I wouldn't want to remember any of this either…"

"Dude; stop talking to yourself;" Jake tapped him on the shoulder. "Come on, D-MAX's giving us our prize."

"Wait, what about Jamie?"

"We'll get it to her tonight, don't worry." Jake then began to push C.J. up to where Karon and Dylan were.

Jamie found her way out of the park, and instead of getting on the bus, she decided to walk home, rethinking something that happened at the hospital the night before…


The night before Jamie told her friends goodnight as they were all ready to head home for the next day. Jamie closed her eyes, but she wasn't asleep.

"So, what should we do?" C.J. asked. "We can't tell her what really happened at the tournament."

"Simple." Jake replied. "We keep it a secret. We can tell her that she's the one who caused the accident; she doesn't know about Neo Bolshack Dragon, does she?"

C.J. shook his head. "When we gave her the Bolshack Dragon back we told her that we were Kaijudo Dueling when it happened. News reports were claiming that it was special effects for a DM Movie apparently. She doesn't know about the Neo Creatures. However…"


"Neo did say that he made Jamie make that deck that she used against Cindy the first time. And as far as I know, Jamie said that she made her Tournament deck and went straight to bed; she didn't remember making or even using that other deck."

"Well like I said, we need to keep it a secret; Jamie's one of those people who'll get guilty and heartbroken easily, so we need her to be in her normal fiery-mood tomorrow morning for the rematch."

"OK, so I'll see you and the others tomorrow morning then right?"

"Yeah, see you later Bro."

"Yeah, later Bro."

Unknown to them, Jamie laid in her bed, listening to their entire conversation, her heart breaking into pieces. It was true that she didn't remember anything, but at the same time, she couldn't believe what she heard either…


Jamie stopped, realizing that she made it to her building, located on E 65th Street.

She got up to her apartment, located on the top floor of the building, unlocking the door, throwing her keys on the table and taking a notice that her brother Jason, left on the table:

"Jamie, went out for a bit to run some errands, breakfast is on the stove; doctor said to take it easy and get a lot of rest. I'll be back in a little while, Love Jason."

Jamie read the note out loud to herself before throwing it back on the table. She went into her room and lays down on her bed. She suddenly bursts into tears, finding it impossible to block the words of her two teammates. Jamie heard that morning about the accident and that a few people were killed and dozens were injured by the freak accident. And just knowing that she unknowingly caused it was killing her inside.

"It's all my fault…" She sobbed…


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C.J.: Yo my favorite people, I hope you guys liked the first chapter, and it's a bit drama-like since it's picking up directly where KG ended. But I promise the next chapter will get more interesting. So Thanks for reading and we'll see you guys in Chapter 2