PLAYFUL: Seven Minutes in Heaven

Bouncing around the party, you socialize with everyone and anyone! When Alfred greets you, you're excited to see him. However, he has a question to ask you. "Say, you wouldn't want to play Seven Minutes in Heaven, would you dude? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!" Blinking, you ask what that is. Alfred replies, "Just the best game ever! Next to winning, of course! So, are you game or what?"

Interested, you agree to this game, 'Seven Minutes in Heaven'. Alfred quickly explains the rules and a hat containing slips of paper is presented to you. Curiosity abound, you adore the idea of randomly meeting up with someone! Hey, all the better for the socializing, right? Eagerly, you pull out a piece of paper with a type of astrological being written on it.

Even more fascinated, you recite your answer:

"(insert response from bottom)."