Moon: Seven Minutes in Hetalia Heaven


Bouncing around the party, you socialized with everyone and anyone! When Alfred greeted you, you were excited to see him. However, he had a question to ask you. "Say, you wouldn't want to play Seven Minutes in Heaven, would you dude? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!"

Blinking, you asked what that was.

Alfred replied, "Just the best game ever! Next to winning, of course! So, are you game or what?" Interested, you agreed to this game, 'Seven Minutes in Heaven'. Alfred quickly explained the rules and a hat containing slips of paper was presented to you. Curiosity abound, you adored the idea of randomly meeting up with someone! Hey, all the better for the socializing, right? Eagerly, you pulled out a piece of paper with a type of astrological object written on it.

Even more fascinated, you recited your answer:


"Ohh!" Alfred winked at you. "Excellent! Dude, this is gonna be so freakin' awesome! Just wait 'til he finds out you totally picked his card!"

Unable to ask questions as the American rushed you into the closet, you waited for your partner to join you. Curious, you stared at the keyhole, hoping for one individual in particular: Kiku Honda. You had admired the Japanese man for a long while, teasing him in hopes that he would acknowledge your affections. However, Yao frowned upon the idea of a relationship with him. With a sad smile, you wondered that, even if you did get Kiku, whether it would be worth it to risk your friendship with Yao.

But…you loved Kiku.

So really, what did it matter?

Somehow, you felt confident that Kiku liked you back. Knowing that Alfred and Kiku were best friends, it made sense for the American to be excited if you got the Japanese man. Heart pounding erratically, you nearly stopped breathing when the door was flung open and your partner tossed in, landing beside you with a slight groan. Your heart was racing so quickly that it tripped. Immediately, recognizing the accent emphasizing the groan, you reached out and hugged him.

"Kiku?" You asked, certain it was him.


"Kiku!" You squeezed him tighter.

Stiffening and blushing, Kiku stammered, "A-ah! Not so tight! Space, please!" Loosening your grip and disengaging from him, you smiled. Now, how to approach this? Quietly thinking, you studied Kiku's figure as he moved around and coughed into his hand, clearing his throat. "Now, I, um, understand that this is a kissing game, yes?" Your reply was affirmative. "T-then there is something that I," his tone rose, summoning all the poise he possibly could, "h-have to tell you."

"Yes?" Waiting expectantly, you crossed your legs. "What is it, Kiku?"

Bashful as ever, Kiku admitted, "Well, I, erm…I don't know quite how to ask this." You frowned, allowing the silence to set in. Kiku tried again. "A-actually, _-chan," you smiled knowingly at the 'chan', "a-are you interested in me?" Heat flooded your cheeks. "B-because that is what Alfred-kun said! I j-just wanted to know if it was true!" Now you had to admit it? This was more difficult than you expected.

"I—I," you stumbled over your words, "um, y-yes, Kiku, I do like you."

"Really?" Relief and surprise bombarded Kiku's tone as he leaned towards you. "Since when?"

"S-since," now you were stuck for words, "well, just for a really long time."

"Ah," Kiku was smiling, you could hear it in his tone, "would it be okay if I kissed you then?"

"Of course!" Your reply was automatic, excitement immediately bursting.

The minute permission was granted, Kiku slowly leaned closer and pressed his lips into yours. The enthusiasm whelming within your heart was uncontrollable as you reached out to hold him. His hands cupped your cheeks, drawing you deeper into the kiss. Sweet and satisfying, your heart fluttered until it flew. You loved him so much and knew that when you were with him that you were in love.

This was love.

"W-would you be my girlfriend?" Kiku whispered upon withdrawing.

"Yes," you murmured softly, hugging him as he embraced you in turn. "I would love that."

When Alfred came to free you from your heaven, he discovered you cuddling against Kiku, half-asleep. The American only grinned and closed the door, however, opting to let the two of you be. Sure, Yao might be a little upset about it, but you were in love with Kiku and would gladly explain everything later. Right now, all that mattered was that he was so sweet to you, so good to you, and you knew he felt the same way; there was nothing that could compare to this.


Kiku is so totally into you. Honestly, I doubt he'll ever get enough of your affections because he thinks you're one of the most wonderful people in the world. You know that he'll always be there for you to keep you safe and love you endlessly.


Doesn't Everybody Wanna Fall in Love? by Kristinia DeBarge