Tulip: Seven Minutes in Hetalia Heaven


Observing the guests attending Alfred's party, you selected your next target; this was the perfect opportunity to charm a new man! Smiling devilishly, you decided to approach Gilbert, however, Alfred came flying over and exclaimed, "Hey dude! What's up? We're playing Seven Minutes in Heaven! Wanna play?"

A smirk split your lips—was there anything more tantalizing than seducing a random person in a closet? Of course not! You agreed instantly and Alfred laughed, offering you the hat. "Go ahead!" Confidently, you placed your hand in the hat and intuitively felt for the ideal result. Satisfied, you pulled a piece of paper out and unfolded it. Written on the inside was a type of flower.

Your beautiful teeth flashed as you declared:


Such a sexy flower, you noted with a sultry smile as you tossed the card to Alfred. This should be exciting. I look forward to this particular seduction.

Hips dancing as you swept by the closet door and closed it with an elegant pull, you entered the lightless room. Somehow, you loved how your mind worked when enclosed in black; you adored the thrill of dark intentions. Prepping your hair as you waited, you decided you would jump your partner as soon as he entered the room and discover who he was halfway through the game.

When the door opened, you were alert and ready.

Closing with a light slam, the door banished light and you made your move, tackling the figure who had just entered the room. Your hands slipped under his shirt, discovering rippling muscles. He certainly didn't seem to mind your touching him and you were pleasantly surprised when his hands worked up the back of your shirt. When your mouth went down upon his, you tasted tongue, and he breathed into your mouth. Oddly aroused, now you wondered who this man was.

"You taste good," you licked his lower lip, "and your attitude is sexy."

He chuckled and turned the tables, pinning you against the floor and straddling your waist as he kissed you hungrily. Dark, sultry desire rose within you; it was a thirst. Fingers running through his short hair, you played with two curls that looped around your fingers near the back of his neck. Exhaling deeply into your mouth, he held your cheek and moved his other hand to the inside of your leg, stroking your thigh.

Shuddering with delight, you groaned into his mouth. "Feels so good…" you whispered, bucking your hips against his, wanting him to make a noise that would allow you to know who he was. There was something quiet about him, though he certainly did not lack confidence. His mouth roamed away from your lips, kissing your jaw then down your neck. He pulled your low neckline down further to expose your bra and you gasped when his tongue dipped between your breasts.

Heart pounding suddenly, you flushed as he erotically moaned against your skin.

Nuzzling his nose against your heaving mounds, he unhooked your bra and removed it. When your breasts fell free, the cold air made your nipples stiffen and your breath hitched. Careful fingers tweaked your peaks, causing you to writhe and whine softly. A hot mouth kissed the base of your breast, sucking gently on the skin, building anticipation as it neared your hardened nipple. You couldn't contain the sounds collecting in your throat. Before you could utter a cry, his tongue glided over your nipple, electrifying you with sensations.

While his tongue teased your peak, his other hand fondled the opposite breast. His knee slid up between your legs into your crotch, grinding against it. You cried aloud when his mouth closed over your nipple and started sucking erotically, making it impossible for you to lie still. "P-please!" You begged in hushed, hot whispers. "D-don't stop! Ahh! H-harder!"

He groaned sensually as your knee brushed his crotch, skimming the bulge in his pants.

Eyes slamming shut as he suckled harder, you gripped the back of his head and rocked your hips against his. How could you control yourself? Everything felt so good and you had never been so pleasured in all your life. This man was exotic, different, and you would know his name before you came. You wanted to steal him away into the dark of the night.

"A-ah!" you lifted your legs, locking your ankles around his waist. "W-who are you?"

You realized he was panting when you rubbed your crotch desperately against his. "Sadiq," he eventually managed, voice thick with a Turkish accent and uncontrollable lust. Such a deep, husky voice, you shivered when he spoke, such a turn-on. I'm not sure I've ever met him before. No, I have not. If I did, I would certainly remember him.

Passionate lips crashed into yours and you rose into him, clutching him tightly. Your hands explored beneath his shirt again, admiring his muscles, and then lowered to his waistband. Here, however, he stopped you and suddenly sat up, pulling you into his lap.

"Tell me your name," he demanded softly, hand sweeping across your breast as he kissed the corner of your mouth.

"_," you replied between gasps.

Fingers brushing subtle stubble as your knuckles grazed his chin before stroking his cheeks, you surrendered to a dominating kiss. "I'm not sure I'll be able to hold out much longer, I want you terribly badly," you felt him smirking against your lips, "would you mind if I stole you away for the evening?" Lashes fluttering over your eyes, you were so seduced that it didn't matter if he stole you for two evenings.

"Take me away…" you whispered into the kiss, "…I'm all yours…"

With a satisfied smile, Sadiq accepted your answer and kissed you once more before you made your escape past the party and into the moonlit night. It didn't matter who he was or where you went, you just wanted to be with him.


Looks like you caught yourself a middle-eastern country who has taken quite the liking to you! Congratulations because Turkey was one of the surprise results and only shows up once.


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