About Her, Prequel to The Gift

By Jen

Ok so I wrote a story about Buffy giving birth to a girl. Well Buffy went off to a greater realm leaving Angel to raise baby girl. The story is called The Gift. This is the back story of Angel and his little girl. It'll go all the way up until Angel's daughter is called as a slayer. Each chapter will be an episode and the story will start after Buffy's death and we'll see father and daughter fight side by side in the last years on earth. You don't have to read The Gift to understand this but from what reviews people sent me they loved it. I just want to explore Angel's relationship with his daughter and how he balances his life while being Mr. Mom. It'll start mostly Angel doing the slaying and as Isabella gets older we'll watch her fight. So let's see where this all goes.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Joss Whedon. I own nothing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel, if I owned Angel he would have been shirtless at least half of all his episodes both BTVS and Angel combined and Angel and Buffy would have stayed together and have had little vampires.

Chapter 1 Daddy

He watched her life leave her as he held his daughter; she was gone, gone from this world forever now.

Angel woke and rolled over and saw a picture of Buffy. He took it off the nightstand and sighed. It was a year and a half ago that he had lost his wife and a year and half ago he gained a daughter. It was bittersweet, he wanted both. Angel threw the covers off and got dressed. It was early in the morning, usually he doesn't wake until maybe eight in the morning, and it was six. He walked down the hall to another room and heard laughing and giggling. He smiled at that sound and opened the door and was greeted with a scream of laughter. Isabella his daughter was up in her crib bouncing around. She was a ball of energy and he found it rather hard to keep up with her. She held up her hands indicating she wanted him to pick her up. He walked over and grabbed her and she smiled.

"Funny face." She said and he knew what that meant, he morphed into his vampire face and she giggled. That face didn't scare at all. She reached out and touched him and he smiled. Just like Buffy, Isabella didn't notice. "Hair pane." She said and he held her up and she threw her arms out and he spun around. She roared with laughter and he smiled.

The day went on as normal; a few phone calls about weird activity that Fred would write down and look up. Isabella, Levy and Evan all sat on the ground with toys; Evan picked up a block and started to hit Isabella with it.

"No! No!" Isabella screamed and then pushed Evan down. Fred walked over and broke it up while Spiked walked in.

"Oh let the kids fight, builds character." Spike said as he passed by and headed for the training room. Angel stood before a wooden post of some kind and Giles was there with him. Angel asked Giles if he could help train him, find inner peace, to think like a slayer. Giles accepted Angel's request and ever since Giles helped Angel with his skills. Angel was a two hundred year old vampire and like with wine, vampires only get better with age.

"There is nothing but you," Giles begun as Angel had his hands on the post with his eyes closed. "You are center. And within you there is the core of your being of what you are. Find it, focus inward and let the world fall away." Angel heard Giles repeat that last line of falling away. He then pushed off the ground and held himself up straight in the air. Giles stilled circled him and was amazed; Angel was truly strong both in mind and body. Angel held that pose for a minute and then took one arm off the post and held it out while still balancing. Spike saw three crystals on a plate and walked over to it because one crystal wasn't with the other three. Angel was in some deep thought to where he felt some type of peace and calmness. Just as Angel was going to put his arm back and switch for the other arm Spike tried to put the forth crystal on top of the other three but it failed, the crystals fell apart. Angel's eyes shot open hearing the crystals, breaking his line of concentration and falling to the floor. Giles looked up to Spike in anger and Spike leaned over looking down at his sire. Angel glared up at Spike.

"Can we go now?" Spike asked and Angel threw a punch which sent Spike flying to the back wall. Angel sat up and Giles knew he was ok but he couldn't say that about Spike.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Angel asked and stood up ready to beat him. "I'm in the middle of my training,"

"What you trying to be the new slayer or something?" Spike asked.

"If I am you're the first vampire to go." Angel now had Spike backed up into the wall. The two starred each other down and then Giles got into the middle of them.

"Spike let Angel finish this session and then you two can go and do whatever needs to be done." Giles was trying to get them to work together on this.

Angel, Spike and Gunn were walking through the sewers to Wolfram and Hart, over the last few weeks they had made threats against Angel by taking his daughter for experimentation, it's not every day a vampire has a child.

Lilah was sitting at her desk looking at a computer screen.

"Focus," She said and then clicked the mouse. On the screen a fake golfer hit the ball and missed the hole. "Sh..." She was about to say when a voice cut her off.

"Hate it when that happens." Angel said and Lilah jumped out of her seat and turned around looking at the vampire standing behind her chair.

"Oh you scared me," She took in a deep breath and Angel smiled and walked around the desk to her. He then saw a letter opener and picked it up. He could tell her heart was racing now.

"So Lilah," Angel began and he twirled the knife. "Who wants her?" He asked and Lilah shrugged but Angel wasn't buying it, with his vampire speed he shoved her up against the wall before she had time to think.

"Oh right," She said as she heard Angel growled. "Well a human born of a vampire these people want to know what's inside." She began, from the entrance to the room stood Spike and Gunn ready to attack. "They're paying big money if we get her." Angel then studied her.

"Call them off." Angel demanded and Lilah smiled.

"You can't kill me; you have a no killing human policy." She said with a gin and then Angel vamped out and grabbed her throat and growled.

"For you I'll make an exception." He growled out those words. Lilah couldn't help but be turned on by his anger; he was a piece of work. "Call them off."

"I can't you'll just have to kill them yourself." She said and Angel let her go and left the room but then turned around. He morphed back into his angelic face and looked back at Lilah and then before she could react he threw the letter opener and it went into the wall right next to her head.

"If you ever come near my own again I won't miss." Angel then left. It was time to find this group of demons and kill them.

It was after dinner and the hotel was growing quiet for the night. Angel gave Isabella her bath and still that never went smoothly, he found he got even more wet than she did and she was always submerged in the water. He combed her fine hair and read her a story and then sung her to sleep. Angel made sure Isabella was fast asleep and then left her room. He made his way downstairs and there waited Spike and Gunn; it was time to find these demons.

Of course they were at a dark ally, Gunn would be the bait. He held a blanket with a baby doll in it to lure them out. Gunn was also dressed in a business suit to make it more believable. Then out of the shadows a group of hooded people came out.

"Is that the child?" One asked and Gunn nodded and the demon smiled. But these demons weren't too bright. Isabella wasn't a baby but almost in her terrible twos. "Got the cash?" Gunn asked and the demons came closer. Up on the roof was Angel holding a sniper rifle. He was going to take out the leader. He looked through the scope and target was ready. He pulled the trigger and the group of demons went frantic. Gunn smiled and thought nice shot. Spike came out of the shadows and attacked. Angel tossed the rifle away and jumped down and vamped out joining in the fight. The demons didn't put up a fight. One went after Gunn and he ran making it believable he was trying to protect the child. Gunn climbed up the latter but felt the demon pull on his foot.

"You want the baby?" Gunn asked. "Here." He dropped it and the demon caught it. Two more demons came over and they ran away thinking they won. Angel and Spike ran over to Gunn making sure he was alright.

"They're gonna figure it out real fast that's a doll." Spike said and Angel pulled something out of his pocket.

"Remote control." He said and pressed a button from the distance they saw an explosion. Angel walked pass Spike tossing him the remote.

"Always two steps ahead are we Peaches?" Spike asked and they went back to the hotel.

At the hotel Willow, Tara and Cordelia, Fred, and Xander were dancing with the kids. Isabella couldn't sleep so she woke up the other kids. Willow had the best idea to wear them out or at least try. Each of children could stand up on their own and each of them were laughing while dancing. The kids were more or less jumping and spinning. Willow was doing air guitar and Isabella copied or at least she tried. Angel walked in and smiled watching them. Wes heard the commotion and saw what was going on and came in dancing or at least he tried.

"Oh my! Feels like I don't try! Looks so good I might die! All I know is everybody loves me!" Willow, Tara and Cordelia shouted and the kids kept dancing. Angel leaned up against the wall and smiled watching the show. Spike walked pass the little crowd and didn't want to take part in this shameful act, he was above it or at least that's how he came off. Angel smiled even bigger at Isabella as she jumped and smiled in her little pink pj dress. Gunn went in to join; it was to time to shake off the stress. What was funny was everyone was in their pj's. And then Cordelia saw Angel and ran to him and pulled him over and Isabella giggled. Angel knew he would look like a dork but he started to dance with his daughter which made her smile. He picked her up and swung her around and she clapped. Angel even joined in the singing. "Oh my! Feels like I don't try! Looks so good I might die! All I know is everybody loves me! Head down, swaying to my own sound! Flashes in my face now! All I know is everybody loves me!" The girls shouted together with Angel. This was nice Angel thought, to dance with his daughter as she laughed and bounced in his arms.

Angel sat in bed cradling Isabella and looked down, she was fast asleep in his arms. That's why she couldn't sleep, she knew her father was out somewhere not within in reach. He leaned forward and kissed her head with a smile. This wouldn't be the last time something was going to come after his daughter but he was ready.

So what do you think? I know not very strong but it's a start. In The Gift Wolfram and Hart was not around so we'll get to see why later. I'll do my best to do a weekly update. Anyways hope you liked. Comments and reviews are most welcomed. Thanks for reading.

Song that they were singing and dancing to was "Everybody Loves Me" by OneRepublic.