Chapter 28 A Storm is Coming

A/N: Last chapter! Well this is more of an epilogue and a prologue well it depends how you look at it and read it. It's short but it didn't fit with the last chapter it works all on its own. And I'm not going to ramble just read and enjoy.

The sun had just set another day was over another day the world was allowed to spin and the people could continue with their daily lives. Very few would ever know just how close the world could have burned. It had many chances many times over and yet a few brave people stood up and with only courage and hope won out the fight. Angel was on the roof of the hotel and watched the stars slowly show like little dots in the black sky. The city of Los Angeles never sleeps the lights, its beckons called out to everyone. This city could have been swallowed by the jaws of hell and yet here it remained. Miles down the road Sunnydale was still around it was never truly consumed by hell because his people stopped it. His team his friends but more importantly his family were still here and still alive and they would continue the fight. Fight the good fight was the mission.

"It's not over," A voice said and Angel turned around and Isabella was there standing in her pajamas. She was tired after all this and was going to bed early again. She would probably go to his room and watch TV and then pass out there. Angel would then have to take her to her room which he didn't mind some things never changed. Isabella walked over to her father and the new slayer stood next to him. She was now the slayer he could sense it and it was a good feeling. She was half vampire and a slayer somewhat a walking contradiction but it worked. Angel knew she was going to put fear into vampires and demons even more so when she was just half vampire. He had no idea how strong she was going to be but he was looking forward to it. But in the end he would still protect her.

"Yeah I know," Angel said he knew the war was going to continue one he wasn't human. If this was the apocalyptic battle the Shanshu described then he would be human so it meant another fight was on the way. But there was a sense of relief that Wolfram and Hart was gone one less evil thing in the world. Isabella leaned over the ledge looking out to the young night feeling the wind as it blew softly.

"Right because you know everything." She said with a smile and looked to her father.

"Damn straight I do." He then smiled back at her and they both looked out to the night. But they were both right something else was coming.

"Whatever it is it's going to be bigger than Wolfram and Hart isn't it?" Isabella asked her dad.

"I don't know Izzy." He replied once Angel thought he had an idea of the future it was like he could sense how things were going to happen but the recent months everything was cloudy like a vial set over his eyes and he was now completely blind. He had to trust Isabella and his people to get through the coming darkness he felt settling. Most of all he had to trust Buffy where ever she was and whatever higher power she became. But it was Buffy who put him on the righteous path so long ago. A pretty face and a weak heart and soul he'd do anything for the former blonde slayer.

"But you can feel it we both can." Angel nodded something was coming alright something big. He wasn't sure when or how or where but it was coming there was truly no rest for the wicked. Father and daughter felt the wind blowing softly on them and if felt good. "You think mom will help in this next one?" Angel nodded.

"She'll be with us always I know that." Angel's voice sounded sad and somber and she looked to him knowing his thoughts were now dwelling on her mother.

"It doesn't stop does it?" Isabella asked and Angel shook his head no. It'll never stop coming you can fight your entire life but evil will always come.

"No it won't stop the world isn't what it ought to be its harsh and cruel and sometimes you wonder why you even born into it. I died a long time ago Izzy your mother killed me to save the world and I came back." Angel paused. "I didn't know why but if evil brought me back only to kill me then it knew I could hurt it." He then looked to her meaning it might have known Isabella was suppose to come into this world. Then another flash back went through his mind long before Isabella was even a thought.

'"Am I thing worth saving? Am I a righteous man? The world wants me gone."

"What about me? I love you so much."'

"Dad," Angel's line of thought was broken and he looked to Isabella. Buffy believed he was worth saving and Isabella believes it to. If the Big Bad wanted Angel dead knowing he was father of this superhuman the father of Isabella then something big was coming to be sure to wipe them all out to make sure the world does burn. "What are you thinking?" And he gave a faint smile.

"How much I love your mom." He admitted. "Maybe it'll help if you knew that yes your mom and I were together maybe a total of a year and half maybe even two but I can promise you this in the time we actual shared together we both loved each other more than most would in a life time. And in the moments she held you she loved you more than anything in this world like I do now." Angel looked to Isabella and she nodded. "We both loved you before we knew you and I was the first to hear your heart beat."

"So what happens now?" Isabella asked and Angel knew a full circle was going to be made and the true fight was coming.

"Stay strong," Angel answered. "Fight I know it's hard and it's painful and it's every day. It's what we have to do and we'll do it together." She then leaned in and wrapped her arms around him and he embraced her back.

"I love you dad." She said and she felt him kiss the top of her head.

"I love you my Inion." They held one another for a moment and then walked inside together hand in hand. Whatever was coming they would deal with it but Angel felt a trip to Ireland was in the works and take a small much needed break. It was the break and the calm before whatever was to come.

One Month Before the Battle of Los Angeles

The wind was cool to her skin and she missed it. The desert night air was calm and peaceful. In her lifetime she learned to value peace even if it was just for a moment because that's all you may have. She looked down and she was in mortal form again she was back in her body. Her white dress fluttered elegantly with the wind as she looked to the sky. For twenty years she would gaze up to the night sky in wonder and then for sixteen years she looked below to earth wanting to get back to it. You could never truly have a happy median nothing was really ever perfect without consequences. She was now in a mortal body and she would die as a mortal, feel mortal emotions, feel mortal pain but that's what she wanted. Of course she was still a goddess she retained her powers she was a goddess in mortal form. She was tired of only influencing from another realm she needed to be here her place was here.

She drew in a deep breath and closed her eyes enjoying the peace before all hell breaks loose. She took a few steps and stood near the edge of the hill top she was on and could see the lights of the city in the distance. But her moment of Zen was gone by an Irish accent.

"Well look who's human again." She turned to the apparition of Doyle as he stood there. "You sure this is what you want you can be killed."

"I'm god takes a little more to kill me than just a sword." She answered and he shrugged as he stood next to her looking to the lights.

"True I mean you've died before." Doyle said.

"Twice now." She corrected him. "I've died twice."

"Yeah so you know the process not always fun." Doyle was trying to joke but she looked serious and he cleared his throat. "So," He looked around. "Yeah Buffy this isn't going to be a trip down memory lane and a family reunion."

"I know Doyle I know what I've chosen and I know what must be done." Buffy stated looking out to the city as it lit up the night. "I can't just sit and watch and hope they listen I need to fight with them."

"Buffy I understand ok but this is gonna be big bigger than what you've stood up to in the past bigger than Wolfram and Hart." Doyle warned her. "You of all should know you can't see the future and you fear it just as much as the rest of us."

"I'll do better damage down here than up there." She turned to Doyle. "If this is it I'd rather die by his side and with my daughter." She stated and Doyle nodded. "I'm done sitting on the side lines I can't, not this time." She turned back to the city knowing everyone was going on with their lives not realizing the danger that was coming.

"Angel is the champion of man of the hapless human race and Isabella is the gift they should be able to do this on their own they've proven they can."

"I know they can but we're going up against the Big Bad this time so admit it." Buffy demanded and Doyle looked to the city. They knew it this might the war they will not win. Fighting the First was like fighting smoke and it commanded everything that was evil and it'll bring fire down to earth. It wanted Angel gone a long time ago knowing he would be the only one that could take it out by helping with the conception of Isabella. Angel was Isabella's only and true father she could not have been without Angel. If Buffy had a child with any other man it would have just been a human child. The First knew Buffy and Angel's child could win so almost twenty years ago it wanted to kill one of the parents before she was even a thought. Angel was the weaker of the two at the time but Buffy always managed to get Angel to go on even when it felt easier to give up.

"I don't think this is a war we can win." Doyle admitted and Buffy nodded she had that same feeling. The heavens felt it too. They favored Angel but the outcome could swing either way and there was no clear cut road.

"And you aren't the only one who thinks that but we have to try and if I can help by being mortal then I will." Buffy stated and Doyle nodded. "The First has upped its game and I will up mine they need me they can't do this alone not this time." The two looked to the faint city lights knowing their friends were in there somewhere. "He may be the most powerful vampire and she may be the most powerful being but we both know that's not going to win this time."

"Oh this is getting way out of control looks like AI needs to pull out all the stops because the First is." Doyle said and Buffy continued to look out into the night.

"That's why I'm here." She turned back to Doyle. "The First wants a war then I'll give it a war." Doyle nodded she was already seeking revenge on the First because it tried to take Angel once from her and she wasn't going to allow that again not only that is was going after her daughter. You can send demons after Buffy hell you can even kill her but no one hurts her family.

"So now what?" Doyle asked.

"I go and see my family." Buffy answered and Doyle nodded then they both heard thunder. It was just a lightning storm nothing more it wouldn't rain it just looked ugly especially because they stood out in the desert. But this desolate place could be the new face of the earth if they don't win this war. The wind kicked up a bit and she looked to her destination. Los Angeles was about a ten mile walk once she gets down the huge hill they were on. The thunder clapped lowly and it felt ominous to them like a foreshadowing.

"A storm is coming." Doyle stated looking up to the sky as clouds covered the stars and there were faint flashes of light. Buffy took her gaze off the sky and back to city lights and nodded. "Batten down the hatches." Buffy then started to walk towards the city. "Oh and Buffy," She turned to face him. "See you soon." She nodded turning to the city and then back to Doyle but he was gone.

"Hopefully not too soon." She whispered to herself and then began to walk to the city to her friends and her family. She walked towards the gathering storm as lightening cut the sky and the thunder clapped like it was a warning of what's to come. 'Wait until they see me again.'

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