Yay! A D. Gray Man story! :3 Anyway, to all the people reading my other story Fix You, GOMENASAI! I take far too long to update these stupid things. Anyway, this is a Cross/Allen D. Gray Man story. Not yaoi unless you tilt your head and squint really hard. Oh, and in fair warning, Cross is a bit out of character. Allen might be a little OOC too. I don't really know. Anyway, since you don't care about my rambling, I'll just give you your story.


A terrified Allen quickly tiptoed through the halls of the mansion he and his master were staying at. His tear filled eyes blinded him, causing him to knock into the corners of the walls as he went.

He had just woken up from a nightmare and needing comfort, he'd gone looking for Cross.

'Why did I even come here?' Allen thought as he looked up at the door to his master's room.

'It's so late. He'll just be angry with me again.'

He sighed and opened the door anyway.

"M-Master? Are you a-awake?" Allen called softly.

Cross, who had been asleep on the bed until he heard the door open, sat up and turned on the lamp. He glared down at the six year old boy staring at him with wide tearful eyes.

"There better be a damn good reason for you waking me up at three in the fucking morning." he hissed.

Allen, even more terrified from his master's angry reaction, turned to hurry out the door.

"I-I'm so sorry master! I-It's really a stupid reason. It w-won't happen again."

He began to leave the room before he heard his master say


The boy turned around to face the general.

"Come here." he said.

Allen began to panic.

'Why did I come here? I'm so stupid! Now he's going to spank me.'

He slowly approached Cross, stopping when he was standing next to the bed, trembling slightly. Cross stared at his still crying apprentice for a moment.

"You woke me up already so you might as well tell me." Cross said.

"Umm, n-no, really it's ok. It was stupid."

He made to dart out of the room, only for Cross to catch him by the waist. He easily placed the child next to him on the bed and gently pinned him down.

"Tell me why you came here. Tell me why you're crying. Now." Cross hissed.

"I-I had a n-nightmare." Allen stuttered.

"Hmm? About what?" Cross asked.

"It was a-about when I turned Mana into an Akuma and all of the Akuma attacks there've been s-since I became your apprentice." he whispered.

Cross sighed, brushing white hair out of Allen's eyes.

'I really need to teach him to control the innocence in his arm. If he could fight he wouldn't be so scared.' Cross thought.

"Idiot apprentice, didn't I tell you it wasn't your fault?" he asked in a somewhat softer voice.

Allen nodded.

"The Millennium Earl tricked you. He's pretty damn convincing and you were even more naive then. Now stop blaming yourself, Idiot Apprentice."

Though, Cross knew it was useless telling him that.

The boy seemed to blame himself for everything, even if he couldn't help it.

He looked down at Allen.

He seemed to have calmed down a little bit but he was still shaking some. Cross sighed and shook his head.

"Do you want to sleep here tonight?" He asked.

"Yes, please." Allen said.

"Alright." Cross shut off the lamp and lay back in bed.

He watched Allen curl up at the edge of the bed, lying down on top of the comforter.

'He really would go this far just so he doesn't cause me trouble. He must be freezing.'

Cross grabbed Allen's waist and pulled him to his chest, flinging the covers over them.

"T-Thank you for letting me stay here." Allen whispered.

"Shut up, baka." Cross grumbled into the boy's hair.

Allen's breathing slowly evened out as he fell asleep.

Laying there with his master chased away all his nightmares and he was grateful for it.