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October 1

Yuiki Yaya~

OHAYO! So this is Yaya, writing in the very new first page of Yaya's very new notebook! Yaya's mama bought it for school, but Yaya doesn't need a science notebook for science! Yaya can just doodle on the table and sleep in class like Amu-chii and Rima-tan!

…Okay, so maybe Amu-chii and Rima-tan don't get the best grades for science, but Amu-chii's C+ isn't failing, at least! And Rima-tan's C isn't too bad either! Riiiiight?

Fine, fine, Yaya knows it's bad! Yaya must get a tutor (Kairi-kun, perhaps? He returned so he could help his sister) and a new science notebook! Because THIS notebook is so incredibly utterly fantastically important! (Yaya learned all those big words by listening to Amu-chii and the others talk about school. If Yaya remembers correctly, it was Rima-tan who said that school was "incredibly utterly fantastically stupid!")

Yaya thinks that Rima-tan has very strong opinions.

Oh, Yaya has to introduce herself to the new notebook! Well, notebook, Yaya is twelve years old and in the seventh grade! (A/N: In this fanfiction, school is going to be from September to June, okay? It's just easier for me to handle.) Yaya is in Seiyo Junior High, and Amu-chii, Rima-tan, Tadase, and Nagi are in the same school as Yaya, but in the eighth grade! That's really really really really really good since Yaya was all lonely last year!

Pepe-chan is saying that Yaya put too many reallys, dechu. Yaya did not put too many reallys. Yaya was simply so thrilled that Yaya had to use repeat words to express the magnitude of her happiness.

Those big words, Yaya learned from listening to Kairi-kun talk on the phone with his sister. Yaya thinks that Kairi-kun's sister gets headaches when she talks with her brother. After all, Yaya did see a whole pile of aspirin tablets at Kairi-kun's sister's apartment.

Yaya is going off topic! Okay, Yaya must tell the new notebook about its purpose and how it came to be!

It all started on one rainy day. Yaya, Amu-chii, Kukai, and Kairi-kun were at one of Utau-chan's concert rehearsals. Yaya was getting a little bored after hearing Utau sing the same songs over and over for two hours straight. So Yaya decided to talk about Rima-tan and Nagi, since they both didn't come!

No, Pepe-chan, it's not talking about them behind their backs! It's discussing two friends that just happen to be absent!

So Yaya was talking about the fact that Rima-tan and Nagi fight a lot. Their glares scare Yaya! Yaya wishes that Rima-tan and Nagi could become friends and get along!

And then Amu-chii got this REALLY, REALLY weird and creepy look on her face, and she said, "Rima and Nagi look good together, don't they?"

…EHHH? Kukai tripped over thin air and fell on his face, and Kairi-kun's eyes bulged out, and Yaya thought that Kairi's glasses would fall off!

But after Yaya got over her surprise, Yaya began thinking. Hehe, Rima-tan and Nagi…they would look so cute together! Because Rima-tan's all short, and Nagi's tall, and they both have really long hair…

So Yaya said, "They do look good together! What do Kairi and Kukai think?"

Kairi-kun had a really serious expression on his face (he's too young to look like that! He needs to learn to be childish like Yaya!) and said that according to all of the data and observations he has collected over the last two years, Rima and Nagi would never get together.

…Kairi needs to loosen up! Yaya's opinion of him has hit rock bottom. (Yaya learned that phrase when Yaya's mama and papa were talking about Yaya's grades. Yaya just realized that this is not a good thing.)

After Yaya and Amu-chii finished yelling at Kairi-kun for being too uptight and concentrating too much on data, Yaya asked Kukai about what he thought of Rima-tan and Nagi.

"Ehhh, I don't really know. I mean, the midget queen and the crossdressing jack? They would make a nice couple, I guess...IF they could stop fighting for ten minutes."

Amu-chii looked very confused at Kukai's words. "Huh? Kukai, what do you mean by 'crossdressing jack'?"

Yaya was confused too! Yaya didn't know Nagi wasn't entirely male!

Kukai suddenly stiffened. "Nothing! Nothing, nothing, nothing. Hehehe, 'crossdressing jack'? That was a slip of the tongue! You know me, always saying weird things..." He chuckled awkwardly and Yaya sent him a suspicious glance. However, all of Yaya's thoughts relating to crossdressing, Nagi, and suspicious Kukai were erased when she saw...

"COOKIES! UTAU-CHII UTAU-CHII UTAU-CHII I WANT THOSE COOKIES!" Yaya yelled so loudly that the people working near the stage from across the room covered their ears and winced. Utau-chii, who was still singing, was completely unfazed by Yaya's screaming. Utau-chii just kept on going like nothing had just happened.

This, new notebook, is the mark of a true professional. The last time Yaya yelled this loudly, it was in a supermarket with lots of people, and everyone within five feet of Yaya hollered, "SHUT THE HELL UP KID!"

When was this, Pepe-chan?

...Yesterday? No, it can't be. Yesterday, Yaya woke up, and then she brushed her teeth, and then she put on her new outfit, and then she ate pop-tarts for breakfast, but she had to rush them because Yaya's mama said...

...that they had to go to the supermarket.

Mou, Pepe-chan! Yaya doesn't like it when you're right.

ANYWAYS, getting back to Yaya's story. AHEM! So where was Yaya?

Oh yeah! Okay, so Utau just continued her singing while Yaya made a mad dash for the cookies (a whole box of them! Who cares if someone was holding them and Yaya basically stole them?).

So the previous owner of the cookies (which Yaya shoveled down her throat in three seconds flat) was about to blow up at Yaya, but then Utau-chii yelled, "Break!" and the person had to go talk to Utau-chii. So the person turned his back on Yaya (whew! That was a close one) but not before giving Yaya a dirty look.

That man is mean! Who cares if Yaya stole his fresh, just-bought completely new box of cookies?

So while Yaya thought about this, Utau-chii came over (obviously to talk to Kukai. The two of them definitely like each other; they just won't admit it. So they go on dates and say that they're 'competitions.')

Competitions, Yaya's foot.

Anyways, Kukai told Utau-chii about the whole "Rima and Nagihiko would look good together" conversation, and Utau-chii said that true, perfect love doesn't exist, and that there is only unrequited love and broken hearts.

Yaya thinks that Utau-chii is still coping from the fact that Ikuto-kun doesn't love her in that way. Because even though Utau-chii loves Kukai now, she still haves tendrils of feelings for her brother (EWWW.)

Pepe-chan, do you think that Utau-chii has gone emo?

No? Oh, alright then.

AHEM AHEM! Alright, back to Yaya's story. So after Utau-chii's emo-like outburst, Kukai immediately said, "That's not true! True, perfect love does exist."

AWWW! Yaya wanted to squeal at these touching words...until it occurred to Yaya that Kukai was just being very competitive.

"No it doesn't!" Utau-chii and Kukai started doing that scary glaring-electricity thing like Rima-tan and Nagi.

"Yes it does!"

"NO IT DOESN'T!" Utau's violet eyes flashed dangerously. "Rima and Nagihiko will never get together!"

"YES THEY WILL!" Kukai turned to face Yaya and Amu-chii. "That's it, I'm on your side, Yaya and Amu!"

Utau-chii had a dark look on her face. "Then why don't we have a bet? Me and Kairi against you three. Let's see if Rima and Nagihiko can fall in love with each other by the end of the school year, in June. The team that loses has to buy something from the mall for each person on the winning team. And if the losing team doesn't have enough money to buy what the winners want," and here Utau-chii had a very devilish look in her eyes, "the losers have to be the winners' slaves. For an entire month."

Kukai's eyes flashed. "Fine!"

Kairi nodded in approval and adjusted his glasses. "And no interfering or telling Queen and Jack about this bet."

Yaya nodded once in complete serious-ness. "Yaya understands."

"EHHHH?" Amu-chii was freaking out. "What are we going to do? I don't want to be Utau's and Kairi's slave for a month or buy stuff for them!"

"Don't worry!" Yaya cried, pulling Amu-chii and Kukai into a corner. "Yaya's team is not going to lose! Come on, we have to plan! Yaya has a good idea already!"

Yaya then looked at Kukai and Amu-chii very seriously. "Yaya has an empty notebook."

Amu-chii bobbed her head uncertainly. "Is it your science notebook? The one that you pretend to take notes in?"

"...Yes, Amu-chii. That notebook."

Is it really that obvious that Yaya does no work in science class?

Pepe-chan says that it is, dechu. Pepe-chan also says that Yaya has to continue the story before Yaya falls asleep writing again.

So then Kukai said, "What about the notebook?"

"That notebook will be our journal! Team Yaya will write all their Rima and Nagihiko related observations down in there. Team Yaya will also hold meetings and record them in the notebook," Yaya said dramatically, waving her hand excitedly and accidentally whacking Kukai in the face.

"OWWW! And fine, that sounds like a good idea, but why are we Team Yaya? Why not Team Kukai?" Kukai childishly pouted.

"We are Team Yaya because this is Yaya's notebook."

Amu-chii sighed. "Yaya, this sounds like it will take a lot of time, and I'm already behind on homework-"

"AMU-CHII! You're always behind on homework, so that's not a good excuse."

"N-no! I actually did all of Wednesday's homework!"

"And Thursday's?"

"...I'm in the middle of making it up."

"Yaya thought so."

Kukai yawned, "Fine, so we'll do it. What will be the name of our notebook?"

Yaya smiled her Yaya's-on-a-sugar-rush-because-Yaya's-mama-forgot-to-hide-the-cookies smile. "The name of our notebook will be..." Yaya paused for dramatic effect, "THE RIMAHIKO ENTRIES!"

Silence. "What, Amu-chii and Kukai don't like the name?"

"No, it's not that, it's just that..." Amu paused. "What does 'rimahiko' mean?"


Kukai tried to nod wisely (and utterly failed.) "See, Amu, I knew that."

"No you didn't," Amu-chii and Yaya said at the same time.

After a whole bunch of mindless arguing, Yaya announced that everyone would take turns writing in "The Rimahiko Entries." "First is Yaya, then Amu-chii, then Kukai. Then we go back to Yaya."

Yaya ignored Amu-chii's wailing that she had a week's worth of homework to make up and Kukai's moaning that he had soccer practice and chores.

So, new notebook, also known as "The Rimahiko Entries", that is how you came to be! Next, Amu-chii will write in you. Yaya will personally shove you in her face, just to make sure she does!

Right now, Yaya has to brainstorm ideas on how to get Rima-tan and Nagi together. Yes, Yaya knows that we're not supposed to interfere! But who cares? We won't really be interfering, just pushing two unknown soulmates together. And besides, it's not like Kairi-kun or Utau-chii wil know. Utau-chii goes to something something High School and Kairi-kun goes to some random junior high near his sister's apartment, since he skipped a grade and is in seventh, like Yaya.

Alright! Bye now, and lots of candy-filled love from,