Note: This Psychoville one-shot is redundant. It's basically everything Jeremy already told you about, but elaborated on a tiny bit more. I had to come up with this for my writing group, originally; this is just a slightly edited version. But yeah. I have the head-canon that Jeremy actually quite enjoyed his time at Ravenhill, including Kenchington's company. This was mainly just practice for Jeremy's voicing. Anyway, thanks for reading regardless.

In all honesty, I saw nothing wrong with... enhancing the truth for the time being. Only one thing mattered, and we were approaching something of a breakthrough, so it couldn't be long before I considered myself cured.

If you really must know, I came up with the Being from another patient's appearance, adding some more questionable details, and suddenly they all believed me. Even if they didn't, they couldn't let a possible schizophrenic go untreated; it could put the place's reputation at stake. Then again, given the atmosphere, listening to me on something that could just as easily be hypochondria wasn't the best decision either.

Unfortunately, I was obliged to tell them more about these 'hallucinations'. The Being's appearance frequently changed in my mind's eye, getting worse as time went by. At first, all it had were pigtails and large glasses, as hard as it is to believe. (Besides, even if it did silently sing, it was still meant to be the source of the 'voices in my head'. How one could speak easily with the huge, unfitting teeth was beyond my understanding.) Nothing could have driven me to see him clearly. Not even Kenchington, about whom I was lucky enough to notice a better side of. She was quite aware I lied to continue my work, but she wasn't about to let someone perfectly willing to assist her leave halfway through.

To all others, I kept up the fiction for several years. Not being much of a noticeable person in the first place, no one seemed to care about my frequent disappearances. If only things weren't destined to change. I'm sure you know the cliché that every untruth is doomed to unravel at some point. I didn't quite expect to watch mine become real. At first I thought the Being was there to help me, and in some ways, it did. But the time of it being anything but an annoyance is over now.

Ask anyone else and they'd say their time at Ravenhill was the darkest moment in their life. But looking at my current situation... in my eyes, could it be anything but the brightest?

Anyway, I'm not quite sure why I wrote this. It elaborates on nothing you don't know already. I think I'll stop for now; it feels strange saying something about the past for once. Never mind the oddness of calling it anything but the Silent Singer.