Here it is! The FINAL chapter of Our Destiny's in Our Hands! PLEASE! LOTS OF COMMENTS! I deserve it, I was really thinking of NOT writing this chapter, but I followed through, and I think it turned out really well. Those that cry easily - might wonna grab some tissues, I knew what I was gonna make happen, and I STILL cried... The Names in the chapter are my choices to name my kids when I get older. I spent A LOT of time getting these names together, and I LOVE them. My favorites are:

Trinity Faith Taylor

Mary Beth Olivia

Seth Ryan

Jace Thomas

Jaylee Ann

Lily Grace

Destiny Paige

Tristan Jack

Eli Anothony

Sydney Claire

Mason Andrew

Choices I would have for naming my kids:


Seth Ryan, Tristan Jack, Seth Ryan, and Mason Andrew

Girls: Lily Grace, Trinity Faith, Mary Beth and Jaylee Ann

My favorite guy name - Tristan Jack Favorite Girl Name - Trinity Faith


10 Years Later

Sarah's POV

It turns out vampires can have children - and Ethan and I did have children, four beautiful kids. In order there was Seth Ryan Morgan, Luke Michael Morgan, Jace Thomas Morgan, Caitlyn Elizabeth Morgan, Trinity Faith Taylor Morgan, and Mary Beth Olivia Morgan. (This is what I would name my kids)

Jace is nine, Luke is seven, Seth is six, Caitlyn, Trinity Faith, and Mary Beth are triplets, and are five. I loved them all more than my whole life, and would do anything for them. Our three little girls have Ethan wrapped around their little fingers, all they have to do is look at him with their big brown eyes and he will do anything to make them happy.

They are pretty much humans, they grow, they eat real food, they don't grow inhumanly fast, but they do have a small thirst for blood. They drink animal blood, like Ethan and I.

Jace and Luke are very protective over the girls, its cute watching them stand up for them. Just the other day some boy was mocking Mary Beth, and Jace came up and said, "You leave my sister alone!" it was to adorable.

In my opinion, the boys looked like a much younger version of Ethan, but with my shaped eyes, and the girls were a perfect mixture of Ethan and me. They had Ethan's eyes, my eye color, his lips, my nose and a beautiful mixture of Ethan and I's different shades of brown hair combined.

I laid in bed, snuggled in Ethan's arms when Mary Beth, Trinity Faith, and Seth came in. "Momma, Daddy! Wake up!" Trinity Faith said in a desperate voice. Ethan laughed so quiet that I could barely hear it - with my super human hearing that luckily none of the kids seemed to have. We stayed in bed, acting asleep but a small smile crept to my face.

The three of them got on our bed and desperately cried out, "Wake up we gotta go to the zoo! Momma! Daddy!" we laughed and sat up. They threw themselves at us with hugs.

We got up and got dressed. My mind wondered. Back to right after Ethan and I got married, about three months after the wedding. I had found out I was pregnant. Her name was Jaylee Ann Morgan. When she was two years old, she died while we were all asleep, a tiny piece from her Mobile fell off and into her mouth while she was asleep - blocking her air way. When we woke up the next morning, it was too late.

I miss Jaylee so much, she turned ten today. Every year on her birthday, we do something special, and then at the end of the day, we visit her grave. The children never met her, except for Jace. When people ask Jace how many siblings he has, he always answers with six, but he says that one of them can't be here with us because she is in heaven with all the other little girls and boys.

We don't often talk about Jaylee, I don't want to keep bad memories in our children's head, but we talk about her enough, so she isn't forgotten.

Ethan was making pancakes for the kids when I came out. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Yeah, just thinking" I answered sitting down next to Trinity Faith at the table. Ethan automatically knew what I had been thinking about, because he walked over and set the plate of pancakes on the table and kissed the top of my hair, and whispered, "I know, I miss her too".

Ethan's POV

Sarah looked depressed to day, and she had a perfectly good reason to, eight years ago, our baby girl died. I was depressed for months. Sarah had to be put in a rehab facility because she tried to drug herself to death. When she got out, we healed, not completely, but enough to realize we had a child, and another on the way, and we needed to look after them.

After Jaylee, we never put a mobile up on any of the children's cribs ever again. Just incase.

After we ate, we packed the car up, and went to the zoo. Jace wanted to see the pandas, Seth wanted to see the tigers, Luke wanted to see the alligators, Caitlyn wanted to see the bears, Mary Beth wanted to see the Koala's, and Trinity Faith wanted to see the Flamingo's. They were quite tiring.

The day consisted of "Ooh MOMMA DADDY LOOK!". After we had our fill of the zoo, we headed over to the Cemetery.

We stood in front of Jaylee's grave. It said, 'Jaylee Ann Morgan, our beloved daughter, 2013 - 2015' a little stone angel stood about two feet tall beside her grave.

I picked up the wilted flowers, and Sarah placed a new bouquet consisting of Canna's, Cherry Blossoms, and Colorado Columbine's. Tears were evident in her eyes. I could feel my own tears falling down slowly.

We had a moment of silence, and we got back in the car - silent. Trinity Faith spoke up. "Daddy, can we get ice cream?" she asked innocently. You couldn't blame her for not being sad. She never met Jaylee. The only child of ours that had was Jace, but he was only two, and can barely remember her.

"Sure honey" I said grabbing Sarah's hand in mine, and squeezed tight. She squeezed my hand back.

A Week Later

We were driving over to Rory and Kate's house. Benny and Jessica were coming too with their daughter - Lily Grace, who was nine and her and Jace were best friends. Who knew, maybe when they got older, they'd turn out like Sarah and I did, Best friends, and Soul Mates.

When we got there, Lily Grace came out to meet us, giving us all a big hug. Not long after she walked out, did shy little Emma, Kate and Rory's daughter come out. She was seven, and very a very shy tom boy. Luke and Seth were her best friends.

When we walked in, Justin who was five, was sitting by his mom, Kate, coloring. When he saw Mary Beth, Trinity Faith, and Caitlyn he ran up and they went outside.

I hugged Jessica, Benny, Kate, and Rory, and so did Sarah. Then Sarah picked up baby Hayden, Rory and Kate's third child. He was two months old. Jessica was seven months pregnant with twins, a little girl and boy - Sydney Claire, and Daniel Luis.

15 Years Later

Ethan's POV

We were at Luke and Emma's wedding, they were both twenty two. Two years ago, as we had guessed, Jace and Lily Grace had gotten married, they are now twenty four. They had started dating when they were fifteen, and Lily Grace is six months pregnant. Sydney Claire and Daniel were sitting beside us, both fifteen and single. They looked just like their mom, Jessica, but with Benny's eyes. Seth, who is twenty one, is dating a lovely young lady, her name is Destiny Paige Jones. Trinity Faith, who is twenty along with her sisters Mary Beth and Caitlyn, is dating a young man studying to be a lawyer, his name is Mason Andrew Walker. Justin, Kate and Rory's son, was dating Addison Smith. Caitlyn is dating Tristan Jack Robinson. Mary Beth is dating Eli Anthony Adams.

Mary Beth is studying to be an actress, Caitlyn, Pediatrician, and Trinity Faith, a famous, down to Earth, Hollywood's most innocent Singer. Jace is in training to be Neurologist. Luke was training to be part of the SWAT team, and Seth is a famous author.

Justin, who is twenty, is in the government. Emma is a psychiatrist. Lily Grace is in training with Jace, but wants to be a Cardiologist.

They were all such smart kids. And all of the boyfriend/girlfriends that were not part vampire, knew about us, and promised to keep quiet no matter what happens.

Watching Luke get married to Emma was heart-breaking. My kids have grown up. Soon my baby girls will be married. I thought of Jaylee, she'd be twenty five now. I thought of all the times Sarah and I shared as we were young.

We weren't a perfect family, but then again, who is? I'd rather have this family then any other. Where life will take us is for God to know, and us to just find out and enjoy the ride. We will take life one step at a time, and if we make mistakes, well, everyone does. I know we have a great life ahead of us, and even though we are 'immortal' one day, maybe not today, but one day, we will be reunited with Jaylee again. All I know, is at this moment, Jaylee is watching over us, keeping us safe, watching silently from above.

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