A light will save us all

Chapter Thirty

WARNING: Some Canon character may be out of character and Amy may be experiencing a Mary-Sue godly power trip (AN: It's late, nearly midnight and it took me 10 hours to finish, I apologise if this one stinks)

So much had happened in that instant; Amy believed her prayers were truly answered. She could feel the joy and glee from her sparklings as they relayed the Autobots return; they were safe! They had survived! And they were coming for her!

Slowly rising from her berth, wincing from the pain from her earlier activity when she paused. Placing a hand on her abdomen she reached out to her developing children; 1, 2, 3…but she couldn't find Megatron's. He had bedded her and their sparks had touched enough to form a sparkling, but she could not sense a sparkling form from the bonding. Unless the child was only created that she couldn't feel it's pulse over the others, nevertheless she couldn't delay.

Not bothering with a holoform, since Soundwave did delete it, she found a simple dress on one of the closets and some shorts. It was enough.

Picking Hot Rod up and carrying him out, she could feel all their stares on her. She didn't care if they knew or had an idea what Megatron did to her, the hope of a rescue was more than enough to steel herself,

"Hold on there," Dylan called, walking up to her as she sat on a couch with Hot Rod in her lap, "You have to stay in your room,"

"You have no right to tell me what to do," she snipped, ignoring her,

"Unless you want all these people to die because Megatron will kill us all for just being in the same room as you," Dylan sneered, glaring at her but jumped when he saw her dead gaze,

"Then leave. I need a little sunlight and I will not be cooped up in some dark room," she snapped back, returning his glare until he backed down and storming off,

"When will daddy and the others come?" Hot Rod asked, hugging her closer,

"Soon, my little one, soon," she sighed, looking out of the window and mourning the loss of so many lives while the Decepticons destroyed more of this world.

After an hour went by, Amy reached out to the others in the hopes of finding them safe, but the whirring sound of an engine pulled her back as a large Decepticon fighter craft hovered outside of the balcony,

"AMY!" the 2 voices she had longed to hear again roared out of the ship's speakers, her spark sprung and sang out to her twins, tears ringing from her eyes, "Come on! Let's go!"

Without a second thought, she secured Hot Rod as she ran for the balcony, Laserbeak having heard the craft and the twins' cry, he flew after the pair. Sideswipe leaned out of the ship, his servo out ready to catch them while Sunstreaker open fired on the mech bird. His shots ripped Laserbeak apart as Amy made a leap of faith, landing safely in Sideswipe's grip and held on as they flew off.

"Oh baby, sweetspark," Sideswipe blubbered as he held the 2 close, kissing her and petting Hot Rod,

"Later bro! We gotta book!" Sunstreaker took the controls but shot his girl a happy smirk. He was beyond happy to have his sparkmate back, it ached to be so close and yet couldn't reach out to her, but something in her optics seemed off, regret and despair maybe, something must've happened while she was in Decepticon hands, and that boiled his energon.

Pulled from his thoughts, their craft was shot and sent into a dive,

"Bro! Do something!" Sideswipe yelled, bracing Amy and Hot Rod while the little sparkling screamed in terror,

"I am! Hold on!" Sunstreaker was able to stabilize their decent and safely…crash landed the craft on the other side of the river. Clambering out first, he took Amy and Hot Rod as Sideswipe made he way out. Holding her close, Sunstreaker took a moment to nuzzle his sparkmate, practically purring as she embraced his faceplates, Hot Rod following suit for his favourite step-sire. He was just happy to be away from the bad bots and that his mother was happy again.

The whirring of engines caught their attention as the other Autobots moved in. With them was a small militia with Epps in command. Seeing them all was enough to push the dark that haunted her mind and embraced the joy and happiness their mere presence was giving her. Ironhide and Chromia, followed by Skyfire, Blaster, Tracks, Navi, Pixel and Blitz, were the first to get to the twins.

Amy reached out to her family and was brought to tears as their bond strengthened slightly from being so close again. Hot Rod looked over and beamed at see his Sire's sleek frame,

"DADDY!" Hot Rod cried, reaching out to the approaching, and worried, sire. He scoops up his little mech, sighing as he found nothing wrong and no injuries on his tiny frame, "I did what you said, daddy, I stayed with mommy and helped her smile again!"

"You did well son," he smiled, patting his helm while he looked to Amy. On the outside she maybe smiling and cherishing the happiness brought by being so close to her family, but he knew better; her smile was a mask to something Megatron had a hand in no doubt. "We need to move before the fighters spot us," he ordered, placing Hot Rod back with Amy, "Stay here while we scout out a route ahead. Skyfire, as the eldest watch over your siblings and your mother,"

"I will sir," he saluted, receiving a trusting gaze from not just his grand-carers and his commander, Perceptor was proud of the young mech and knew he would not let them down.

Given the signal, the Sparklings followed close behind the bots with Optimus taking the rear, Skyfire watched from the air and alerting the convoy of their uninvited guest. Driller with his handler, Shockwave, were coming up behind them to hinder their efforts, successfully knocking Optimus' trailer aside as the Autobots blazed on.

Stopping in a nearby building to catch their breath, Optimus directed the Wreakers as a diversion, allowing the human soldiers and Amy's brood to get around, and the rest to try and keep the Decepticons at bay. Amy just prayed everyone would be safe.

The Wreakers open fired on Shockwave giving the human soldiers and the sparklings a chance to run to the overlooking building to take a shot at the pillars, hindering the Decepticon and Sentinel Prime's plans. But the distraction didn't last long as Shockwave pushed the Wreakers back, Bulkhead covered the soldiers when Shockwave advanced but the beatings of propellers brought a semblance of hope. From the overlooking FTL helicopters, reinforcements jumped and glided into the vicinity and open fired.

Unfortunately with it came the chaos, Skyfire covered his kin as they ran through the explosions and the debris, successfully getting the first team of soldiers into the glass building. Running up the stairs to the higher levels, Amy watched as Skyfire took to the air, Blaster alongside while Tracks and Navi manned the ground support, keeping the Decepticons from entering the building. Hot Rod and the twins stayed by as they were short enough to enter the building.

"Set up the rocket!" Epps ordered, finding his mark to setup while Amy followed close behind,

"Pixel, Blitz, watch your brother," Amy ordered, finding her mark and – to the surprise of the soldiers – transformed her right arm into a gun. Looking across the way, she marked the target, "There! The building with the dome!" she called out, "We need to hit the pillar that glows red!" but everyone grew quiet as the building trembled,

"Woah! Was that the building?!" one of the soldiers cried, bracing against one of the pillars. Carefully looking out below, a small band of the Decepticon fliers where shooting at the lower levels, causing the building to tip and through everyone off balance.

"Hold up! Hold up, it's stopped!" another called,

"No it isn't, everyone down!" Amy ordered, pointing out to the patrol coming to investigate. With haste, everyone hid behind the more stable furniture in the office building.

Holding baited breath, they jumped as one of the cons jumped into the room to investigate. Everyone held still until a distraction could be made. Noticing one of the chairs, Hot Rod took a deep breath before kicking the chair, scaring his mother but ultimately achieved a distraction long enough for Epps to throw a grenade at the con.

Now discovered, everyone ran to the higher end of the room, running at the glass was their only hope,

"Skyfire!" Amy cried as she, the twins, Hot Rod and the soldiers sailed through the glass. Ringing around, Skyfire shot out the glass in front of them to slow their decent. Blaster jumped from his brother to enter the building first, get a gripping and caught most who came through. The Twins managed to catch one of the pillars, holding Hot Rod secure but Amy had slipped, missing it,

"MOMMY!" the young mech cried, watching helplessly as she slid further away. Seeing Epps before her, grabbing one of the overhanding cords, he reached out and grabbed her before she flew out of the window, "Yo Mum! You a'right?!" Blaster called, helping the soldiers get their footing while looking down to her. Nodding in relief, seeing as she was almost dangling out of the window.

"Is everyone alright?!" Epps called, hauling Amy up to grab the cord as everyone sounded off, none too happy with the escape plan. But something caught her eye; looking down before, she spied Shockwave, taking a hit from the furniture that fell from their level. Her energon froze as he looked up, staring straight at her and Epps,

"The evil thing is looking at us!" he warned the others,

"Shockwave knows we're here!" she cried, but stilled as a familiar whirring echoed from up the street, "And he brought Driller!" she screamed, watching as the mechanical worm burrowed up the street,

"EVAC! EVAC!" Epps ordered, pulling himself up after Amy,

"Blaster! Get a communication up to the others! We need help!" she called, making it to Pixel, Blitz and Hot Rod; all 3 of her youngest sparklings near tears as they scrambled to get away, "Skyfire! Can you carry the soldiers out of here?!"

"I…I'm not sure, I've never taken passengers before!" he called back, "But I'll try! Come on!" he cried to the soldiers, trying to get as close to the building as he could without compromising the already delicate structure, but just as Pixel, Blitz and Hot Rod were clambered in to help the others, Driller had already snapped the supports keeping their level of the building up. Before a single soldier could jump into Skyfire, the building tipped. The Sparklings had to watch as their mother fell,

"MOMMY!" Hot Rod screamed, echoed by his sisters,

"MOTHER! I'M COMING!" Blaster was about to jump in when Driller made a move on them, it scrapped Skyfire's delicate wings, causing him to fall,

"NO!" Amy watched helplessly as her children glided back to the ground, seeing them injured boiled inside of her, turning to see Driller make a move on them. Anger fueling her, she shot out a anti field around herself and the other soldiers, hovering a moment gave her enough time to charge her cannons, changed from her arms, and blasted Driller back but it wasn't enough to kill him. Focussing on the soldiers she managed to get them on stable ground just as Optimus entered the fray,

"I've come for you!" he roared, shooting and distracting Driller from the others, easily slicing off its worm-like mouth, effectively silencing the killer, "Amy! Skyfire managed to land close by! Get to them as fast as you can!" he ordered, taking off to get Shockwave.

Not needing to be told twice, Amy ran ahead of Epps and his rag tag team to find her Sparklings, and pray no one had found them yet.

There was nothing she could do now. Amy felt the surge of power from the pillars activation as they ascended above the city, no doubt the others following close behind.

She had gotten separated from the others but she had to find her children. Luckily, Starscream's high pitched yelled had drawn her to the one thing she had hoped not to see; with Optimus tangled in the building equipment from his fight with Driller, the Autobots were captured and guarded by the Decepticons.

She spotted Soundwave along with Shockwave and Starscream overseeing the guard and deciding what would be the best course of action to deal with their prisoners. She could already see her sparklings, Navi and Tracks included, kept separate from the others. Her spark ached at seeing Sideswipe and Sunstreaker so badly beaten from defending her children,

"Hey! Leave the younglings alone you Decepti-creep!" Sideswipe snapped, only to be back handed by Starscream,

"Silence worn," he hissed, walking over to her children, observing and inspecting them, "No doubt the All Spark will come looking for them…keep an eye out for her!" he ordered, those not watching the prisoners spread out, only missing her by a second as she moved closer,

Suddenly, all the Decpeticons roared in triumph as Sentinel Prime activated the pillars,

"Can't you Autobots see!" he called from the building, "The needs of the Many, outweigh the needs of the Few!" looking into the sky, Cybertron had already began to be pulled through the Space Bridge,

"Too bad Autobots," Starscream sneered, looking at each and every one of them, "After millennia at war, with all your self righteous scrabble has brought you nothing but defeat!" his men echoed his cry, pumping their fists and slapping their guns,

"The All Spark will not allow this travesty to continue!" Drift snapped, pulling their attention, "She will stop this abomination from happening! She is with us!" Amy flinched and gasped as Soundwave shot poor Drift in the side, not fatal but definitely serious, causing Perceptor to fight back, calling out to his fellow Wreaker. But she saw something in Perceptor…then she realised what it was! To her eyes, she spied the feint, billowing ribbon connecting the 2 bots together…they were sparkmates?

Wait! She could never do this before, why now? What was happening? A feint feeling a calm washed over her as everything seemed to slow. Looking around, the light dimmed and the Sparks from the well exploded around her. What was going on? She had no control over this,

Because, It is I who have called them here that voice! She knew that voice! Looking around, she caught a pale glimmer coming from behind her, one that grew until…the Spectre? The many times she saw this spectre from her childhood, along with Megatron, had always confused her. Now she knew why Megatron had made contact with her before all of this, but this spectre had always been a mystery.

And now, rather than just being an outline of a being, she could make out every single detail of his being; he appeared like a tall mech, towering over her, though glowing his armour took on varying shades of blue and gold, his plating looked regal and more so than the Primes themselves, but his optics…they were a brilliant white, neutral and yet welcoming all.

"Who are you?" was all she could ask, "After all these years, you say more than just a few words, and you're clearer now than before…why?"

Dear All Spark. You know who I am, and why I have come. For I have been with you for such a reason, for now it has come to put an end to this frivolous civil war. My children have suffered enough His voice was strong and proud, and yet held such compassion and care,

"I know you?" she pondered his words…and he called the others 'his' children? But they had come from the All Spark…which came from…Her eyes widened in realization, looking back to the spectre. His optics blinked with a knowing care, almost amused by her realisation and surprise. "It's…you. But how? Why now? Why are you only speaking to me like this now?"

The distance between Earth and Cybertron was too great, my presence was stretched too far and limited my communications with you. But now that my fallen prime has brought me here, perhaps now this war can end, with Earth spared

"Can it?" she begged, feeling so lost and smaller than normal before this deity, looking back to her friends and family. She spied Dylan on the ground by Soundwave, she read his lips and knew they were going to kill them all. The strange feeling of his arms wrapping around her brought back her calm, almost melting into his embrace,

You need only say my name. Doing so will complete your transformation, all the power of the All Spark will allow you to end this conflict. Even those who have sinned will wish to repent, they will see the truth, in you

"Your name? That's all?" she asked, watching as Wheeljack was pulled from the group, the first to die,

Simply speak it…and it shall be done Stalled a moment, she watched as Soundwave's cannon lowered to Wheeljack. Merely thinking his name caused a rush of power to flow through her, her eyes widening and blue light shone through, Amy knew now what she had to do…not matter the cost.


Soundwave cocked his gun, his ruby optics spying the simpering scientist before him. The power he relished from such control was like a drug. His finger tightened on the trigger, ready to spill Autobot energon when…nothing happened. His gun was fully loaded, prepped and ready to kill but pulling the trigger did nothing.

All the other soldiers were having the same problems; their weapons weren't working. It couldn't be an EMP, he didn't detect it…but his scanners did pick up a growing power source…right next to them.

Looking about, he saw a blue light on the bridge overlooking their little prison camp. The glow then fell from the balcony to land softly on 2 feet. His optics scanned the glow as it slowly took form, human remains dropped from its form, the familiar shade of red hair brought realisation as the glow completed its change.

"Amy?" Ratchet gasped, before them was a fully-fledge Cybertronian Amy. She had grown somewhat but was still tiny by their standards, only standing at 10 feet, but her wings were long and pronounced, resembling more like peacock feathers spanning out from her back and billowing out behind her like a tail. Lastly, a remarkable halo glowed behind her head, resembling wings as it adorned her helm.

Her heeled pedes clicked as she walked forward, a non-existent wind picking up the only piece of clothing she was wearing; a shawl draped loosely over her arms and a cape hanging from her hips, dragging like a train behind her.

Many of the cons simply stared at her, while others seemed so compelled by the look of her to simply drop their weapons,

"This fight must end" her voice echoed with itself as her glowing gaze travelled over all witnessing, "This conflict has come at a great cost to all, was losing your home worth all of this tragedy?" she asked,

"And what would you know?!" a con called out, looking to him she instantly knew he was Barricade, thought dead almost 6 years ago, "You're a human who got lucky and gained the All Sparks power,"

"Yes. It was by fate's hand that I carried this gift," she echoed again, her voice seemingly penetrating his spark, "But it was not by simple coincidence. You yourself, a proud enforcer in Cybertron's golden age, reduced to a grunt of one whose sight is so accused, his reason for this war lost with eons of war," he didn't want to admit it, but when she said it, it just made a lot of sense, "Many have been lost for a notion that both sides share; equality. And yet you both maintain your own side and notions of being 2 separate beings,"

The silence could be cut by a knife; the high ranking Decepticons were stunned silent by her presence while those below them thought on her words,

"She's…right," one spoke out, causing everyone to look at him, "I love too many friends to this…all we wanted was a fair go in life, not held back that slaggin' Caste system!" he snapped, many more around him nodded in agreement,

"And that could've been achieved, had the line of Primes not become so corrupted in Zeta and Sentinel's time. But you can change that," she smiled as hope began to since in their ruby optics, "Stand not as advisories by as comrades. Fight for your future, together not divided. I promise it will occur,"

"Yes, when we wipe out the Autobots FOREVER!" Starscream bellowed, her words having no effect on his corrupted spark, causing an all out shoot out but to his surprise, much of that to Soundwave and Shockwave as well, the many soldier-class bots with them were now hurding the Autobots to cover, supporting them with weapons fire.

Amy's glowing spark warmed at the development but the fighting was unnecessary. While in the crossfire, she walked toward the 3 bots just as reinforcements arrived. Bumblebee and the others explained the Decepticons fighting with them were converted, only to witness something completely different.

It was a surprise to see 3 of the highest-ranking officers in Megatron's army, shoot widely at the All Spark made real. If one were to look closely, they would see fear in their optics, even Shockwave – a mech known to be highly logical over all else, scrambling over himself to escape,

"Back! BACK! Stay away from ME!" Starscream bellowed as Amy approached his skittering form. One moment she was a few feet away, the next she was hovering his prone form. His optics glued to her as she lightly caressed his cheek plating, slowly his frame relaxed before going limp. His chest plating snapped back and his spark was revealed, leaving its casing of its own accord before passing into Amy.

She then moved to Soundwave and Shockwave; who had the same reactions but could not otherwise stop Amy's advances, both simply collapsing and their sparks returning to the well,

"What…did you do?" asked a newcomer, turning back Amy smiled at the sight of Optimus stepping forward, following not too far behind were her sparklings; each one marvelling at the sight of their Creator,

"Fret not. Their spark were rife with fear, fear of what might happen if they changed their ways. Returning to me will cleanse them of their hate and taint, and I shall return them to see Cybertron as they had wanted," her voice calm and pleasant, smiling greatly as her children approached,

"Mother, is that you?" Tracks asked, almost unbelieving at what he saw,

"Yes, my sweet Sparklings," she smiled but turned to look up as Cybertron was being pulled through the Space Bridge, "But I am afraid there is little time to spare, I must get to the Space Bridge's centre if Primus is to be revived,"

"Primus?" Optimus asked, but the warm glow from the Matrix brought truth to her words, "Cybertron will be saved?"

"Without the cost of Earth. Humanity and Cybertronians alike can learn from one another, as we have much in common. Though Sentinel's views are noble in retrospect, I am afraid his methods only taint his intentions," but before anything could be done, reinforcements arrived and the battle renewed. Amy managed to get out of the way, observing the battle with a heavy heart. She had hoped her presence would stop all this fighting, but all it managed was all the bots fighting would avoid her as they fought.

Looking amongst the battles, she noticed someone sitting on their own behind one of the buildings. Rounding the corner, she found Megatron resting against one of the apartment buildings. Hovering closer to him, his tired optics rolled to her from marvelling at Cybertron,

"Cybertron…you are saved. At last. And you, my dear All Spark, can return our race to our former glory," he smirked, reaching out to her and just barely caressing her cheek,

"If your goal was to restore Cybertron, why harm the Earth?" she asked, not resisting his touch nor accepting it either,

"Inferior pests, but they will serve their purpose," he sneered,

"Was all of this truly worth it?" she asked, her sorrow evident in her words as she looked out, seeing Sentinel and Optimus at each other's throats,

"Obviously," he replied, his optics trained on her as they travelled lower. His talons trailed down to her abdomen, caressing the slight bulge, "You have my child?" he asked,

"Yes. A little mech," she answered, placing her tiny servo over his and watching as his optics softened, "What happened to the proud Gladiator who simply wished for all to be equal?" she asked, watching his optics look to hers and perhaps, for a clear moment, saw the ambitious gladiator he once was, "And after all you have done, Sentinel will gain control again, Bringing Cybertron back to its state before the war…all who died will die in vain,"

"He won't!" he snapped,

"And yet he is commanding your forces," she replied, pointing to the former Prime taking off Optimus and his Autobots,"You were once a great Mech, you can be again," unsure if her words would convince the Decepticon leader, she was uplifted at the sight of him considering her words. There was conflict and there was anger, but the thought of repeating the passed pulled his sway,

"Anything would be better than to have that old rust bucket back in power," he hissed, turning back to her, "I hold no regret for what I've down, and I will not yield this power,"

"It is enough, but know this Megatronus," now she surprised him, floating closer and touched his cheek plating, his plating healing under her touch, "No matter the outcome, you are not forsaken. Both our Maker and I will show forgiveness. You know what you must do," she didn't give him a chance to reply before she ascended, her glow shining brighter before a sonic boom marked her rise.

The battle paused from the loud sound, all looking up as Amy shot toward Cybertron. Optimus and Sentinel watched as she flew from one of the suspension bridges, Optimus paused a moment too long as Sentinel took this opportunity to take the upper hand, severing Optimus' arm,

"We were gods once. All of us! But here, there can only be one!" raising his blade high, preparing to strike Optimus down, a shot ripped through his side, forcing the former Prime back from Optimus.

To their surprise, Megatron approached the pair, his red optics ablaze and thirsting for blood,

"This is my planet!" he roared, throttling Sentinel with his gun and fists, tearing armour and parts from his frame in a frenzy, "You would NOTHING but rusting scrap on the moon!" dropping the beaten Sentinel, looking to Optimus, not at all surprised to see his shock, "Now Optimus, we need a truce," he hissed, stepping down on Sentinel, "All I want is to be back in charge…Besides, who would you be without me, Prime,"

Optimus stared at the former Gladiator turned warlord, something about him had altered, that was for sure but as to what he did not know. Though the saying 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' is valid, he knew this war would only end with both their deaths; his former mentor and his former friend.

"Time to find out."

Their battle was swift and brutal but the outcome was thus; his blade sunk deep into Megatron's plating, his systems shutting down and his exhaust choking from the energon bleeding from his lines,

"You were never one to go down easily," Optimus murmured, a little surprised by such a swift resolve,

"This war…could only end…with one of us dead," he choked, "I hold…nothing back, no regrets and yet…she convinced me," realisation filled Optimus' processor as Megatron died in his arms, "Despite…all of this…you were the only…equal…I could ever admit" his spark was dimming fast and yet he had one last thing to say, "Make it swift," his optics dimmed but the final, brutal thrust of the Prime's sword was all it took for his spark pass into the well.

"Optimus," came a groan, solemnly he looked to Sentinel as the aged bot tried to move, "All I ever wanted the survival of our race," slowly rising to his feet, taking Megatron's weapon from his lifeless shell, he walked over to his fallen mentor, "You must see why I had to betray you,"

"You didn't betray me," Optimus stared down, cool and almost unfeeling to the older mech, mumbling incoherently, "You betrayed yourself,"

"NO OPTIMUS!" a pull of the trigger was all it took; one to the chest and the Coup de grace to his helm, silencing the traitor. It was over; everything had stopped.

But the blinding nova blooming overhead caused Optimus to look up, remembering Amy's approach. To his amazement, Cybertron remained…it was healing!

All looked on in awe as the planet had come through the space bridge and Amy had began its healing. Her glow enveloped the planet but not before it was pushed back, far enough between both Earth and Mars so no harm befell either planet, visible in the blue sky.

"Cybertron…our home," he sighed, feeling the weight of the world fall, joined by his fellow Autobots and, to his surprise, most of the surviving Decepticons.

"Daddy?" looking down, he smiled as his son held his arms up to be held. The sparkling said nothing of his missing arm but nuzzled close to his Sire's spark, "Will mommy come back?" he asked, but his Sire had no answer, he didn't know if Amy was even still in existence after such an undertaking.

"Look!" Will yelled, everyone spying a shooting star, arcing across the sky before hurtling to Earth. Some humans panicked and the bots stood their ground but the star slowed before taking on her true form.

Still aglow, Amy lowered to the ground, a tired smile gracing her features. Touching the ground, her glow disappeared and she collapsed,

"Mother!" Skyfire cried, followed by his siblings to their Creator; the twins, Ironhide and Chromia close behind. Looking to them, she smiled once more,

"Hey guys…we won, right?" she asked, her voice strained, "I…feel really tired,"

"Then you sleep sweetspark, we'll be here when you wake up," Sideswipe beamed, and by a miracle, Sunstreaker mimicked his smile uncaring if anyone saw. Nodding, Amy turned to Optimus, sharing a smile with him and her little mechling before the darkness clouded her vision.

Almost a year had passed since then.

Chicago was almost completely repaired and the Autobots were known to the whole world. Dylan and his associates were tried as traitors to both humanity and the reformed Cybertronian community, all their assets and finance going toward construction while they were sent to prison, Dylan himself bearing most of the responsibility with sentence to death by injection.

Many of the defected Decepticons took their punishment in stride, helping to repair many of the buildings as well as clearing all those who had died. Optimus had surprised his soldiers of Megatron's final moments but even the bloodthirsty bot was given a proper burial, this time ensuring he could not come back.

It had taken Amy 6 months to awake after her ordeal but she had not changed. Her children were more than happy she was awake, as well her surrogate carers and her sparkmates. When the twins found out what Megatron had done to her, they wanted his spawn removed from her, but she had insisted and kept the little mech as she had promised.

But now, with Cybertron in their system, a new truce was made between the worlds, allowing Earth to strive further in their evolution by partially colonizing Cybertron while Cybertronians were welcomed to stay on Earth.

Sitting in her room back at base, Amy was humming a small tune as she rubbed her swollen sparkling sacks, her little ones wriggling at her touch. It was almost time for them to be born, even Megatron's little nipper though he appeared to be the smallest of the 4.

She looked up at the door opening, smiling as her growing brood walked in; Hot Rod was now taller than herself, even taller than her femmelings and Blaster, his growth spurts were a result of Optimus' programing, coming to the Prime's waist in comparison,

"Hello mother," they smiled, coming to crowd around her. Despite her change, she was still growing herself, the last year added another 6 feet, making her almost as tall as Jazz, "Are you well?"

"Yes, my dears, I'm fine," she smiled, flinching as her sparklings kicked about, "And your new siblings are excited to come into our new world,"

"What are their names, mama?" Pixel asked, ticking one of the sacks and giggling at the little one's reaction,

"Well, 3 are mechs while the last is a femme," she explained, "Sideswipe's little one will be…Swerve. Sunstreaker's will be…Sunstrider, my little femme will be…StarRunner. And Megatron's little mech," but she was stopped Track scoffing,

"Why keep his spawn mother, after what he did to you!" Tracks had been touchy on the subject when she revealed Megatron's offspring and how it came to be, but she shook her head,

"This little mech has done no wrong," she explained, placing a shoulder on her third eldest, "But he will need loving siblings to teach him right from wrong, please don't let his sire influence your behaviour toward him, for as of now…my little Blade will be my own," she could feel his joy leap through her, preening at the love she was giving, but no a moment later she cringed, "Pixel, Blitz, will you both be dears and tell Ratchet…it's time," she cringed,

Both girls beamed as the raced out of the room. Her son's helped her to her berth and help her get comfortable before the medic returned,

"Alright, everyone leave," he ordered, sending her sons out but they had already fled to spread the good news.

By the time all the younglings had returned with most of the base, Amy lay spent from her easier delivery; she was NOT missing human birthing pains, Cybertronians had it easy. In her arms were all 4 of her sparklings.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were the firsts to be allowed in, beaming at the sight of the triplets. Little Swerve and Sunstrider were nuzzled up to their sister, seemingly protecting their little StarRunner,

"They're…perfect," Sunstreaker smiled, kissing his tired beloved and admiring his son…almost preening at the little guy, knowing he would be a looker like his Sire. Sideswipe marvelled how his sleeping mech sparkling was jerking and kicking in his sleep, making small rev noise,

"Aw, I think he's dreaming about racing his old man," he smiled, petting the little mech, and kissing Amy. But both brothers stared down at their femmeling, she was so tiny and delicate, like her mother. But their eyes pulled to little Blade; he resembled Megatron but unlike his sire's hard and jagged edges, there were signs of his mother in his framework, downplaying an otherwise ominous appearance,

"I'd like everyone to come in, I have something to announce," with that, the twins called everyone in, each taking one of their sparklings, StarRunner remaining in her arms with Blade in her other. Everyone found a seat or somewhere to stand as they marvelled over her newborns, "Drift, Perceptor, could you please step forward,"

A little confused, the 2 mechs walked closer toward the new mother, standing on either side of her berth,

"While I was connected to Primus, he revealed many things to me, especially a special rite the previous All Spark once performed," she regaled, "During the battle…I noticed something between you, something I want to reward," Perceptor and Drift froze, knowing all to well what she had meant, "Fret not, the war is over and such a blessing I wish to promote," turning to Drift, she smiled warmly, "With Megatron gone, I fear his son will seek out another like him, which is why I have decided this," handing StarRunner to Skyfire, Amy took Drift's servo then Perceptors and placed them over Blade, "As the All Spark, I wish to reward your love…with a sparkling,"

The room fell silent, Perceptor and Drift looked to one another, then Amy and then little Blade. Opening his optics for the first time, a dull violet blue looked to the two, a bright smile covering his tiny faceplates as he garbled and cooed at the 2 mechs,

"Well…I, Amy this is truly an honor," Perceptor babbled, "With the war and such, we had not considered…we had believed we could never have a sparkling of our own, neither of us being a breeder," looking down at the small bundle, he could not help but take little blade in his servos, mindful he was larger than both mother and sparkling,

"We shall cherish him, despite his origins, and I promise to teach him honor as his true sire once stood for," Drift promised, a roar of congratulation rumbled the room. Preparations were made for Amy to return to Cybertron with them once she was rested, as the All Spark she was duty bound to do so, as well as an Ambassador for all Cybertronian kind in regards to relations between the new worlds.

All she was happy of, was her family was growing larger, and she was reunited with her beloved twins and her surrogate parents. No regrets, and she felt all the more lucky that her ancestor had found the cube. Her dark years were behind her and she was looking to a bright future.

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