Trials and Curses Epilogue
This story contains mature themes such as rape, abuse and depression. Be advised that if you don't like this kind of material, you don't have to read it.

Nodoka stopped outside the nursery to look in on Ranma who was sitting in a rocking chair feeding little Reiko while humming softly. It wasn't fair that someone as young as Ranma had to be burdened with so many responsibilities. Ranma should be able to enjoy her teen years carefree but with all the problems she's been through and now a baby to raise, it was going to be difficult on her.

It was Ranma's decision on not get an abortion and her choice to not give the baby up for adoption, she wanted to raise her daughter. Ranma wanted to get a part time job after school, which Nodoka absolutely refused. It was a long argument, but in the end Ranma conceded, promising to concentrate on school. After all, the life insurance policy on Genma left more than enough money to take care of all of them for quite some time.

Nodoka was very proud of Ranma's strength and selfless attitude. Nodoka didn't know how much she could take if she was in Ranma's shoes. She might have snapped long ago, but Ranma kept fighting on with determination.

Nodoka sighed as she quietly made her way down the hall to Ranko's room who's door was open, the girl was sprawled across the bed fast sleep. Nodoka wanted to cry looking at her daughter. Ever since what happened with Genma Ranko has barely slept. The bastard did something to her and Ranko wouldn't say anything about it. It felt like the two of them was drifting apart which hurt Nodoka even more since they were always so close.

Nodoka walked over and pulled the blanket back up over Ranko and kissed the girl on the forehead, being careful not to wake her. "Ranko, I wish you would at least talk to me about it." Nodoka whispered as she left the room, closing the door quietly behind her.

Nodoka returned to her own room and sank into the chair at her desk. She looked at the pile of jewels scattered across the desk that Nodoka inherited from her ancient ancestors. A few things she was planning to keep but Nodoka planned to sell most of it to insure they had enough money to put Ranma and Ranko through college.

However, two things caught her attention. The two small rods not more than a foot long with a star on the end a strange symbol embedded in the center of the star. The only difference between the two rods were the symbols which when Ranma and Ranko was in the room early, the rods flashed with power for a moment. Even stranger, both of the girl's foreheads glowed momentarily, each with a one of the symbols on each of the rods.

Did it mean the girls were gifted in the art, and if they were, should Nodoka have Yohko start training to utilize their powers? After all, there could be two new mages in the Masaki family.

She was glad when the girl's agreed to take on Nodoka's family name as well. After all the bastard did to them, reverting to the Masaki name would hopefully help erase the painful memories of Genma.

* * * * *

Since I received so many positive responses for this story, I'll be continuing it in Trials & Curses Book Two. I know it's a simple name and it kind of sucks. I welcome all suggestions for a better name. Also, I plan to write several side stories like how Ranko became friends with the scouts; how Reiko became the new Sailor Pluto; and more about Reiko's abilities.

There is places in the story I need to work on and places I want to go back and add a little to, especially chapter 1, so there will be some revisions in the future.

And to answer the question to how Ranma's baby came to term when Saturn healed it, Saturn's abilities speed up the flow of time around an injury without affecting the rest of the body, at least that's what I was thinking on that part. Say like one of them had a cut, Saturn would just affect the area of the cut making it seem like days pass in seconds just for the cut, healing it. Since she was using her abilities on the whole baby, it's whole growth was accelerated causing the baby to age months in a matter of minutes. I know I made it a little confusing in the story, and I apologize for it. That's just one of the things I want to go back and fix to try and make the whole story a little more understandable.

As in the case of Reiko returning to the future and Sailor Pluto being alive when she got there. Reiko had the time key and control of the gates of time so she wasn't affected by any of the changes in the time stream. Just one of the many benefits of the office, if Pluto was affected everytime the time stream changed it wouldn't be long before she killed herself. Yet another thing that I could of went into a little more detail about in the story.

In the revisions and future stories I write, I'll definitely try harder to not leave behind huge plot holes like that. I'm still new at this so I'm very sorry for all the confusion caused by these little screw ups. I'd also like to think everybody who took time out to review this story and send me e-mails. With all the help I received in them, I believe this story turned out a lot better than it could have. Thank you.

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