-That One Awkward Moment-

Summary: Hello, my name is Arthur Kirkland and I try to avoid any awkward moments. Unfortunately, I am caught in the biggest one of all. The one man I managed to fall in love with thinks I am a woman. USUK.

A/N: AND THIS WILL BE IN ARTHUR'S POV ;U; I had this idea in my head one day with the thoughts of Arthur not wanting his already damaged rep by being known as the dude who talks to air be even more damaged as the girly dude who talks to air. |D TEE HEE~ I hope you like this~

Disclaimer: I just own this plot.

Warning: Cross-dressing and is also AU.

chapter one

Hello there.

My name is Arthur Kirkland, I am twenty-three years old, and still in college, my majors being literature, mostly focused on writing, for one day I hope to be a good author. Stop laughing. So what if I'm an author named Arthur? Sod off and do me a favor and annoy that frog, Francis instead of me. Francis is the annoying Frenchman that is somehow my friend. Without Kiku or Elizaveta, I may have committed murder by this time and I would be on a run. Kiku is my best friend from Japan; he's one of the only people who know the concept of being calm.

Elizaveta also knows the concept of being calm, yet when it involves this one Prussian named Gilbert going anywhere near a one mile radius near her boyfriend, Rodriech, she attacks him. Mostly because every time Gilbert does go near Rodriech, the man tries to get into his pants. It's a bad decision actually, since the twat's face will meet with Elizaveta's frying pan, which by the way, I do not know how she has one with her at all times. She says that she keeps a mini one for on the go and her usual one when she's at home. I am still confused, even with the explanation.

Although, they do have their moments where they throw away any drop of sanity.


Similar to this one particular moment, actually. You see, these two have this certain tendency to go off whenever they see two men making any type of romantic contact with each other. That is the reason why I haven't gotten a boyfriend yet. And no you git, it isn't because I'm not loveable. Piss off, I am.

Now, for those who want to actually listen to my story, I am trying to obtain the Rainbow Unicorn plush toy, which is very rare. Even if you think 100 isn't rare, it is, since one of them is in a museum, while 69 are already in possession. Again, stop laughing. So that leaves 30 of those available. Luckily, one of them is on sale for one hundred dollars at this one booth in the carnival and I have enough money for it. Unfortunately, it's in the most girliest part of the whole carnival. Normally, I wouldn't care if I were to step in there or not, but considering the fact that people think I talk to air that I insist there being fairies, pixies and unicorns, stepping in the bloody booth filled with pink and sparkles doesn't really help my reputation further.

I don't really care what people think of me, but having to listen to the idiots giving me prank gifts consisting of women's clothing and lingerie, along with heels and wigs isn't really favorable. Using my student council authorities on them would be very helpful, but the gifts being sent anonymously aren't.

Anyways, my problem is that the coveted Rainbow Unicorn plush toy is in the most girly part of the entire carnival, and I have no excuses saying they're for a friend of mine since Elizaveta is barely anywhere near girly and if anyone of my cousins were to find out that I used them as an excuse to get the plush toy, they will go over to my house and steal it. It seems farfetched, but it's true. And, my biggest problem of all, I try to avoid awkward moments. Because honestly, a grown, 23-year-old man, walking into a store full of little girls and in a pretty pink room is very awkward and strange. Even more if one of my classmates manages to see me there since a lot of them have been going to the carnival.

Although, I am starting to want to do that instead of the plan these two came up with. Which consists of me wearing women's clothing.

I am going to kill those two.

After I get that Rainbow Unicorn plush.

"Arthur~ You look so cute and, and… LET'S ADD GLASSES," Elizaveta commented.

I twitched. "Kiku! Don't you dare let her put glasses on me!"

Kiku gave us a blank stare as he was staring at us. He sighed as he put his iPad down and walked over to us. "Elizaveta-San, putting glasses on Arthur-San won't be very good for his eye sight."

I sighed in relief. "Thank you!" When ever Elizaveta acts like this, I can trust Kiku to-

"… That is why we put on fake glasses on him."

Never will I trust him in situations like these again; I am definitely going to kill these two.

After a few minutes, they already had started to place a wig on me. It was blonde hair similar to mine but it had long pig tails.

"What the bloody hell are these pig tails for?" I asked, irritated.

"Arthur-San, if you want to look like a girl, you have to—err, how do they say it?" Kiku began to explain, but gave a short pause before resuming. "You have to sell it."

Elizaveta nodded in agreement. "Which is why you're gonna wear this-"

And she immediately pulled out a sweater, a shirt with the Union Jack on it, and a red skirt. "Along with these!" And she took out her brown boots.

My mind must have went into an enormous amount of shock the next few seconds because I seemed to have fainted.

A few minutes later I seemed to be waking up since I began to hear voices once more.

"And… perfect!"

"… Oh shit! Kiku! He's waking up! Prepare for cover!"


"Don't forget the mirror either!"


I blinked for a few seconds as I scratched my head, which was covered by the wig. "What the bloody-" I muttered before I walked over to the mirror, having long blonde hair, tied into two pig tails and having red-framed glasses. I was wearing a cream cardigan and a Union Jack t-shirt along with a red skirt. They also managed to put on black panty-hose and Elizaveta's brown boots. I would have worried about my eyebrows being show, as it would be strange for a woman to have thick eyebrows, but the bangs of the wig seemed to cover them.

"You make one cute girl, Arthur," Elizaveta joked, but then she stared at me. "Oh shit."

"What is it, Elizaveta-San?" Kiku asked.

"We forgot to give him breasts," Elizaveta answered.

"For the love of-" I muttered. "Isn't it bad enough that I'm in drag already?"

"But, if you're already in drag, you might as well fake the breasts too! You can't walk around flat-chested at the age of 23! At least put some tissues in there or something!" Elizaveta cried. Sometimes I questioned her sanity.

"I am not putting on fake breasts," I stated.

Silence entered the room.

"So you don't want the unicorn plush then?" Elizaveta asked.

More silence entered the room.

"Of course I do-" I answered.

"Then, add something to make it look like you have decent breasts to show off," Elizaveta replied.

"Are you taking advantage of me?" I asked them.

"No Arthur-San, of course not!" Kiku assured me. "But, like Elizaveta-San said; if you already agreed on doing this, you might as well sell it."

I honestly wanted to commit suicide right now.

I was now walking around the carnival, dressed in drag, and I could sweat that some arseholes were trying to look up my skirt after Elizaveta and Kiku dropped me off. All I did was pull the hem of the skirt down, while continuing to walk to the store. As I walked, in, I spotted the Unicorn Immediately, and I walked quickly over to it. As I began reaching to get it, I should have worn high heels. Not because I wanted to! Bloody hell no… it's just because it was placed on a very high shelf, and these boots didn't really boost up my height at all. As I finally managed to grab it, I felt someone get it too, and pulled it down, only for me to meet that person.

That person had wheat-blonde hair, which one part of it was sticking up like a sore thumb, I may add; had sky blue eyes, hidden by glasses like the ones I was wearing, but had a black frame. That person was wearing a brown bomber jacket, a white Captain America shirt, some jeans, and converse.

If you haven't noticed, this person is a man, he wasn't scrawny, nor buff, he was just ... how do I put it? Fit. He was just a fit man, in the store I was afraid to enter in because I am a man myself. We began to stare at each other for who knows what reason as we kept our hands on the plush. I was not making this dressing up go down the drain.

So, I spoke up. But I coughed and attempted to sound like a girl. "Excuse me, but I got this first."

He blinked and began to stare at me. "And you are…?"

I blinked and then I tried to think up a girl name. "Alice Kirkland, now, I got this first, let go."

"Why do you want this so much?" He asked.

"Because I went through a lot just to get this," I huffed. "Better question, why do you want this so much? You strike me more as an athletic kind of man."

"Easy, I have this friend somewhere in Northern Europe, nice kid actually," He began. "And he wanted to get this thing for his sibling. I forgot his reason, but the main reason was for his sibling. So he told me that one of them was here, so, here I am."

"And you don't care that you're in this store right now?" I asked, a bit shocked.

He paused and shrugged, still holding on to the plush. "Not that much," He responded. "Sure it's kinda embarrassing, but whatever."

"I see…" I responded.

"But really what did you have to go through to get this?" He asked me.

"It's a long story," I answered, sighing. The only thing I saw on his face was a satisfied smile, and he easily took the unicorn plush away from me. "Wha-"

"I would love to hear about your story, but I gotta go," He said as he was walking over to the counter. I grumbled.

"Wanker! Get back here!" I hissed as I began following him. Again.

"Tell you what, I've got a proposition for ya," He offered as I caught up to him in line. "You up for it?"

"I'm surprised you even know words like 'proposition'," I muttered. "But, yes, what is it?"

"We split our money on this thing," I twitched when he said thing. That 'thing' is very valuable. "And if you go on a date with me, I'm gonna go talk to my friend to see if I can get another one so you can have it."

"And what if he refuses?" I asked.

"I'll help you look for another one, and get it for you," He responded as we began to move. "Deal?"

As he held out his hand for me to shake, I stared at it, only for me to sigh and shake it. "When is the date?"

He flashed smile to me as we were now the first ones in line and we began to pay for the unicorn plush. As the cashier was wrapping the unicorn, we began to chat.

"Tomorrow, we meet here, same time, same place," He informed me as I nodded.

"What's your name? I never caught it," Since I was so focused on the unicorn, I never bothered to ask. Might as well ask right now.

"Alfred. Alfred F. Jones," Alfred greeted with his smile again and took the unicorn. "And before we go on our date, Alice, I'm going to hold on to this unicorn."

"Wanker," I grumbled as we began walking out of the store.

"But I'm a cute wanker," Alfred added, stopping for a second. "You're pretty cute too."

"Wha-" I blushed, but he began walking away.

"See ya tomorrow!" He waved, not turning back.

I didn't respond. I only looked at his back, speechless, not knowing what to say. Because really, what have I gotten myself into?

chapter one / end.

A/N: Arthur getting a date with a possibly straight Alfred because of the fact that he's in drag? Well, that's something for us, actually you fujoshies have to worry about. I have it all in my head~ I got stuck a couple of times, but hey, I made it through! I hope I get the next chapter in before my school starts on the 22nd. Or at least, before the first week is done because I barely do anything on the first week. The summer has passed by fast, hasn't it? And don't ask about why Arthur has to dress up in drag to go in the store. I just needed an excuse for him to dress up like that. And this is the first thing that popped up. Yeahhh...

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