-That One Awkward Moment-

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Warning: Same old, same old, more cross dressing.

chapter 13

"Her name's Francesca or Franny."

Lovely, he already gave him—no, her—no, him—no… wait… what? Bloody… Matthew already gave Francis a nickname when they've only met? Good God, this boy must be drunk.

"Bonjour Arthur! I see that you have met Mathieu and Alfred!" Francis greeted.

Alfred narrowed his eyes. "Bro, do you have a kink for French people or something? Good grief man… She even looks like Francis!"

"Al! Don't say that! Francesca and Francis are nothing alike!" Matthew cried in an offended tone as he held on to Francis. "Unlike Francis, Franny doesn't lie to me and-and— look, she doesn't even have the stubble! Not that I disliked his stubble but…"

"You just met her. In a bar. While you're drunk," Alfred stated. "Your arguments are invalid until you're sober."

"We can get to know each other," Matthew pointed out and began sending Francis looks, only for him to purr.

"Dear Lord…" I groaned. Do you know how odd it feels listening to a drunk man hitting on a man cross dressing when he doesn't even know it? Or the feeling that two people around you look like they can make love on the spot? Or even the feeling that they're practically fucking each other in their minds at that moment? Well, if I were to rate a scale of how… awkward this particular moment feels, it would be near or over nine-thousand…

… I need to stop going on the Internet; and Peter momentarily living with me in a week does not help.

"Mattie, we need to go," Alfred told him. "Mom wanted us home by midnight."

"B-but it's just ten-thirty!" Matthew pouted. "Can't I stay for a bit longer?"

"Nope!" Alfred shook his head and grabbed Matthew's arm. "Home, now, before you become a dad."

"I'd be the sweetest daddy in the world!" He giggled and I shuddered as I felt Francis wink at him. Lovely, that really helped clear how awkward this situation felt, didn't it? My arse.

"That's it, home now, buddy," Alfred confirmed as he began carrying Matthew out of the bar. "See ya Artie!"

"Un moment," Francis said before walking over to Matthew, stumbling on his way, before holding his face and kissed him passionately. I narrowed my eyes as they did and for some odd reason, I wanted to look away, but I couldn't. I did not want to see them sucking each other's faces but—good God, are they using tongue? Bloody hell… Although, my eyes did manage to look away for a second, taking a small glance at Alfred, who was also giving his brother and Francis a strange look; seems that he was affected as well.

As they were done, Francis grinned and Matthew did as well before shouting excitedly, punching the air with both of his arms as Alfred held on to him tighter so that he wouldn't fall from his grasp. "Date, tomorrow, 3PM?"

"Oui," Francis nodded, only for Matthew to flash a big smile in return.

"Calm your nipples, bro," Alfred told him as he patted his back and walked away.

"And you said that I needed to hold my liquor better," I scoffed as I saw them exit, crossing my arms.

"You do," Francis stated. "There is a thing called acting."


"It's been a while since I saw him like that and I wanted to play along," Francis sighed while smiling. "Well, I guess I have a date tomorrow."

"Making up lies to cover a mistake? Lovely," I clapped sarcastically.

"I'll tell him the truth!" Francis cried. "I'll tell him tomorrow."

After that event, we called Elizaveta and Kiku to pick us up from the bar, and they were overjoyed when they found out that Francis managed to get a date. He still decided to stay at my flat, though I suspected that it was just to spite me. But, Elizaveta and Kiku decided to stay over since they would be getting Francis ready for his date. The next morning, or rather, the next afternoon, we had woken up quite left, it being one in the afternoon. I woke up to the sound of yelling that day.

"OH MY GOD, ARTHUR, WAKE YOUR BRITISH—ENGLISH—NO, BRI—WHATEVER, WAKE YOUR ASS UP," I heard Elizaveta shout as she repetitively knocked on my door. I grumbled as I buried my head into my pillow while grabbing another pillow to cover my head.

I opened one eye and took a look at the clock on the night stand and groaned. "It's only 1:07 PM… his date is in two hours…"

"Don't make me bust this door down!" She shouted. "He needs to be early to make a good impression damnit! Do you know how long it takes to get him ready? He's been a stubborn ass after we had to shave his stubble off!"

My head shot up after I heard the words bust, door, and down in the same sentence. I scrambled out of bed and tore the blankets off of me and opened the door. "Don't you dare break the doors down!"

"Ah, Arthur, you're up," Kiku said as he set his iPad down. "May you please get Mr. Francis up? He's been stubborn lately."

I sighed deeply as I walked back in my bedroom and grabbed a pair of scissors. I exited out of the room and began walking to him so that the frog could hear the sound of the snipping. "Francis, wake up before I cut all of your hair, Elizaveta, may you please get the shaver instead?"

"Non! I'm up! I'm up!" He cried as he sat up and hugged himself defensively before grabbing a pillow and covering his head of hair. "You already shaved my arms and stubble! Thankfully, you didn't shave the hair down—"

I frowned and motioned him to stop. "Don't… say it. Just get ready for your date."

This time, actually, he was struggling less; compared to last night. As they were preparing him last night, he ran out of the room and hid behind the couch as soon as he heard the words 'wax' and 'hair' in the same sentence. He was forced to comply later on and after that, his hair on his face, arms, and legs were off. Also, the frog was crying too. It was either because of the wax, or he was stripped from his 'beautiful hair'. It must have brought bad memories to him. After being bald at one point, most of his body hair shaved at another, all that was missing were his eyelashes, eyebrows, and… there.

They were preparing him for today's date in another room as I was reading a book in the living room. Déjà vu actually, since this basically happened last night. As I sipped my tea, I heard my phone ring from my pocket and took it out. "Hello?"

"Yooooo Artie!" Alfred greeted. "Are you busy?"

I frowned and placed the teacup back on the table. "What do you want?"

"Well, you know how Mattie's gonna go on a date with your friend?" He asked.

I narrowed my eyes. "Are you planning to stalk them or something?"

"It's not stalking!" Alfred cried defensively, before pausing. He then continued with a quieter voice."It's not stalking; it's called monitoring."

"And why do you want to stalk—" I paused when I heard a grumble from the other line. "Ok, 'monitor' them? I'm sure your cousin will take good care of her and it's not like she'll do anything."

"But I just wanna see how they interact and stuff!" Alfred replied.

"So now it's called lurking?" I questioned.

"Very funny," Alfred said dryly, unamused. "But I can get to know you more!"

"Honestly Alfred? Cheating on Alice with her brother?" I joked.

"I never knew you liked me that way," Alfred replied. "Sorry dude, but I don't cheat. I can totally hook you up with a life-sized photo of me, though. You can hang it in your room wall and fap to it and shit."

"And you're fine with that?" I sipped my tea again.

"Do you want me to sign it too?" Alfred offered. "To Artie, from your Hero; happy fapping!"

I stopped myself from cracking a smile. "Thank you, but no thank you."

"Dude, admit it, you would totally love to see my six pack," Alfred laughed. "Everyone wants a piece of this heroic masterpiece—that's why I go both ways."

"You do?" I asked. "Hm, I never guessed."

"Which is why you should go lurking—no, stalki—wait, monitoring with me!" Alfred confirmed. "While we monitor them, we can actually get to know each other."

I bit my lip. "Why don't you ask Alice to go with you?"

"Well… I dunno," Alfred replied. "I don't really know much about you yet, and I think I still have plenty of time to spend with her. Not that I've lost interest in her—hell no. It's just that—"

I sighed deeply before replying. "I'll go. Where do we meet?"

"Thanks Artie!" I could feel him smiling through the phone. "I'll be dropping Mattie off at their meeting place, and I'm sure you'd be the one that'll drop Francesca off, so we'll just meet there!"

"Alright, see you later, git."

Elizaveta and Kiku were finished preparing Francis a couple of minutes later. When they stepped out of the room, Francis reached in his purse and tossed his keys to me. "Rosbif, escort me there."

"Sorry you two, but Elizaveta and I need to prepare for this convention in Albany," Kiku apologized. "Even though it's in two to three weeks, we still need to prepare our presentation."

I raised an eyebrow. "What's the presentation?"

"A doujin or a fan fiction!" Elizaveta beamed. "Oh wait—that's right, you don't speak our language. It's basically a fan comic or a fan fiction of our OTP, or favorite pairing."

"Which is?" Francis asked.

"America and England from Hetalia," Kiku answered. "We also haven't decided whether it would be a doujin or fan fiction yet…"

"They belong to each other so much…" Elizaveta added, sniffing and tearing up a bit. "They're so beautiful and such adorable dorks together and stuff…"

"Hai," Kiku nodded. "But they are so stubborn!"

"What's the comic about?" I asked, crossing my arms.

Kiku and Elizaveta glanced at each other and grinned. "It's so beautiful and mindfucking that it's like Inception. It's like it's an alternate universe—but at the same time, it isn't!"*


"You see, England is acting like a tsundere, as usual, and he accidentally teleports himself to an alternate reality where the Axis won World War Two," Kiku explained. "For some reason, everyone from the Allied Powers in that universe is surprised that he's there, especially America. After that, it's later explained that England in that universe is in a coma."

"Why?" I have to admit, their story line is quite interesting. But, I felt slightly offended that England was the one that was in a coma. Why not America? But then again, I don't really read the series, so I can't really judge.

"Because…!" Elizaveta began to explain, but she frowned. "We need to work on it more…"

"How about it's because of chaos occurring there because of the war…?" Kiku suggested, but sighed. "We'll figure it out."

"You two… do that," Francis said with uncertainty in his voice. "Let's go."

After that, we went separate ways, Kiku and Elizaveta heading to their apartment to work on their project as Francis and I headed to the park for his date. After 30 minutes of driving, we arrived at the park and began walking to their meeting place. When we were almost there, we spotted Matthew sitting on a bench, most likely waiting for 'Francesca'.

"So, at the end of this date, you tell him," I reminded Francis.

"I know."

He sighed as he began walking over to Matthew. As he got there, he kissed Matthew's cheek before intertwining his hands with his to start their date. As they walked away, I walked over to the bench and sat down waiting for Alfred to arrive. Where is that git, anyways?


"Bloody fucking—!" I jumped as I heard him call. Alfred blinked as he stepped out of the tree.

"What did I do?" He asked, clueless.

"You almost gave me a heart attack, wanker!" I hissed.

"Am I that beautiful that I made your heart skip a beat?" He asked, grinning while he leaned against the tree.

"Or you're that horrifying," I grumbled while crossing my arms. "Honestly Alfred, you're a bit early; Halloween isn't here for another four months."

"Boo, that's old, Artie," Alfred frowned. "How old are you again?"

"Very funny," I scoffed. "Aren't we supposed to be 'monitoring' your cousin?"

"Obviously, you have never monitored people before!" Alfred sighed as he sat down on the other side of the bench. "Listen, I've got this date all planned out!"

"What now? How do you even—"

"Ok so," Alfred interrupted; I rolled my eyes as he took out a small booklet from his pocket. "First they take a stroll in the park, then they go to that café restaurant, then they go to this one fountain to get a carriage ride around Central Park—"

"Hold the phone," I said. "You are going to make them run—"

"Take a stroll," Alfred corrected, beaming.

"—Around two parks? Seriously Alfred? Where did you get this idea from?" I asked him, unimpressed with his plans.

He grumbled and stared at his plans before promptly slamming the notebook shut. Alfred took a glance at his watch and shot up. "Come on! They're at the lake by this time!"

"What bloody lake—!" But before I knew it, Alfred had pulled me up from my seat and started to run in the opposite direction of the trail Matthew and Francis—or Francesca went on. "Why are you running, wanker! And they went in the opposite direction!"

But Alfred did not respond. As soon as he caught sight of the lake, he jumped behind a bush and poked his head up so he could see his cousins. As he did, I had managed to catch up to him and was out of breath when I did. "Really? Really? Are you—can't you just get a bloody newspaper and act as if you were reading it?"

"Paper costs money," Alfred replied, nonchalantly. "And this is way more fun."

"I have this feeling that you have been watching too many spy movies," I commented. Alfred shrugged and resumed to stalki—no lurkin—no monitoring, his cousin and Francis. After a few seconds, he turned his head and realised that I was not hiding like he was, so he promptly pulled me in behind the bush.

"Did you hear that?" I heard Matthew ask.

"Non, you may just be imagining things," Francis replied.

Behind the bush, Alfred and I were trying to keep each other quiet by clasping our hands over the opposite's mouth. As we did, Alfred peeked over and sighed deeply before letting go. "That was fucking close…"

"Why don't you just watch the from afar and try not to be noticeable?" I suggested in a hushed, yet annoyed tone. I peered over the bush and saw the two feeding the ducks together. Hm, Matthew must have brought bread.

"The next part is the café! We should get a head start!" Alfred grinned as he stood up. "Let's go!"

Like in the park, I was forced to run around with him, but in a more crowded place. When I caught up to him in the middle of crossing a street, I smacked the back of his head. "Bloody hell, walk arsehole."

Alfred frowned. "Fine."

For the rest of the trip to the café, Alfred had resorted into walking since one, there were too many people and two, I would not let him. Every time he had begun to speed up, I would always hold him back by grabbing his collar. We did get there before Matthew or Francis, actually and after getting our food, Alfred walked out and sat outside instead. After he got his food, he sighed and walked over to the small newsstand and bought a newspaper before sitting down.

My lips curled upwards. "I see that you listened to me."

"I'm paying attention to the sports!" Alfred grumbled.

After a few minutes of us eating, Alfred took out his notebook. "They should be here in a couple of minutes."

"How the bloody hell do you know how to do this sort of thing?" I asked him.

"Mattie has dated a lot of assholes before, when I was fourteen, there was this guy who helped me study and stuff and he taught me self-defense," Alfred explained. "It was pretty funny though, I accidentally used it against him."

"Lovely," I replied sarcastically as I sipped my cup of tea.

"So," Alfred begun. "How was your old girlfriend like?"

I choked as I sipped the tea and placed the cup down as I coughed. "Why do you want to know?"

"You don't have to tell me!" Alfred replied defensively as he patted my back. "I was just asking."

"How much do you want to hear?" I asked.

Alfred blinked. "How much can you explain?"

"I was eighteen at the time and I should have been in college; it wasn't like I wasn't smart enough, it was just that mum didn't have enough money to get me to a college," I began explaining. "Although, I did manage to get a job in babysitting and another part-time job, but I managed to rent an apartment with that money. I met her through my babysitting job and—"

Alfred began snickering. "Pedo-bear…"

"Belt up," I hissed before continuing. "I met her through my babysitting job and we began to know more about each other. We finally decided to give a relationship a try in spring, but it would be bloody awkward if people found out a now nineteen-year-old was dating a girl who hasn't even turned fifteen yet."

"I thought you said you were eighteen," Alfred interrupted.

"My birthday came up, wanker!" I replied. "Anyways, long story short, in the middle of summer, she had to start moving back as she was in England temporarily as her parents were on a business trip. When they found out that I didn't have a chance to go to college, they gave me some of their money. I couldn't take it, but they gave it to me anyways."

"So why did you decide on going to New York?" Alfred asked. "I'm sure that they're other colleges in the UK."

"To be honest, I'm not sure either," I answered him. "Something in me just felt like going."

"I have a question," Alfred said. "Francis said that he had to help a friend with hair dye troubles when he was younger, were you…?"

"The frog mentioned that?" I hissed. "But yes, I was. Before she left, I wanted to un-dye my hair."

"From what color?" I sighed deeply as I pulled out my phone and began browsing through the pictures. At times like these, I question myself as to why I even have old photos of myself in here. When I found the picture, I handed the phone to Alfred.

"Dude," Alfred began. "Why was your hair green?"

"Belt up! I was eighteen! I wasn't thinking straight!" I growled as I snatched my phone back from him.

"Aw, I never saw a picture of her in there," Alfred frowned. "Why don't you have any?"

"I do have one," I told him. "I don't look at it much; it hurts a bit if I do."

"How'd she look like?"

"She had blonde hair and blue eyes, she was a bit tomboyish back then," I explained. "And that is all I can say as of now, do don't try to pry anything, or I will push you in the middle of the street."

"Ok, geez! I'm not like that," Alfred whined. "Okay, changing the topic. You know Cash Cab right?"

"Yes, and it seems that half of the world wanted to use that idea too," I nodded as I played with the spoon by using it to stir my tea. "Have you managed to get on it?"

"No," Alfred frowned. "But I've been getting ready! I downloaded the app and everything! Dude, I imagine one day, I catch the cab and I'm just playing the game, then the lights go on and he's like telling me that I'm in Cash Cab and I'd just go, "Holy shit, I was just playing that, I'm fucking ready; come at me bro!" So. Yeah."

I rolled my eyes. "Cash Cab originated from the UK, just so you know."

"But we Americans made it better," Alfred grinned cheekily as he drank his Coke.

"So what do you want from here?" I stopped eating my sandwich as Alfred stopped reading the newspaper. We took a glance at each other before we heard another voice.

"Actually, I've never been here before, so I can't really say…" Alfred peeked over his newspaper and I turned my head a little to see Francis and Matthew walking this way.

Apparently, Alfred did too as he grabbed my arm and pulled me over. "Holy shit—they're here!"

"Well it was your plan, idiot! Did you not plan this better!" I hissed.

"Actually, I'm that type of person that does things at the last minute and it all works just fine!" He grinned, but it soon fell into a frown. "…Most of the time."

"Most of the time! Most of the time!" I cried." Alfred, you better bloody wing this correctly, or I will personally throw you in the middle of the street!"

"Hush you! You're making this worse!" Alfred replied.

"Says the person that—"

"Well, you said that—"

After having a hushed argument and hitting each other as we did, we went back to what we were doing as we saw Francis and Matthew exit the inside of the café and began walking towards us.

"P-po-poker face, p-po-poker face," Alfred sang as he danced in his seat a bit. I growled and kicked his leg underneath the table and he grabbed the collar of his shirt and bit on to it as he whined in pain. As Matthew and Francis passed by us, and took the table across us, luckily, they were not able to notice us. Alfred however, was not making it any better for himself or the situation.

After biting on to the collar of his shirt for a certain amount of time, he fished for something in the inside of his jacket (why was he even wearing one in the first place?) And he took out a fake mustache and placed it over his upper lip before grabbing shades and placing them on. He gave me a grin as he gestured his face, showing me his disguise. I only shook my head with an unamused look before slapping my definitely watched too many corny spy movies.

Why, if I had the time to, I would have slicked my hair and placed on a good suit. Better than simply putting a mustache and shades any day, as far as my opinion goes.

"I have one for you too!" Alfred replied as he began going through his jacket again.

"Oh God no," I grumbled. "Please don't— what in the name of the Queen is that?"

Alfred blinked as he stared at the mustache and the monocle. He frowned. "Hey—I would have added the top hat too or the pimp cane but those are too big!"

Pimp cane? I sighed deeply as I kicked him once more under the table and he immediately grabbed the collar of his shirt and bit on to it at the same time. He coughed afterwards as he stuffed the other mustache and the monocle back in his jacket's inside pocket.

"Let's go," He spoke, but with a southern accent. I chuckled.

"Are you serious? Ok then, let's go," I replied, faking the American accent. We began walking away from the restaurant and as we were, we heard one of them commenting on how familiar we looked. As we did, and were far away enough, we began laughing.

"How did they not notice your fly away hair?" I managed to ask.

"If they didn't notice your eyebrows, then I'm also confused." Alfred shrugged. I grumbled and whacked the back of his forehead. "Ow! That hurts! Am I your punching bag today or something?"

"How? You look like you're unbreakable," I stated. "Besides, you're acting idiotic, so yes, yes you are."

"Well it hurts," Alfred huffed. "In the inside."

I rolled my eyes as I began walking away and towards Central Park. "Artie!" I sighed deeply as I turned around.

"My name is Arthur, git," I told him.

"We kinda need to get my car back," Alfred smiled sheepishly. I only shook my head and began walking in the direction of the park again.

After Alfred picked up his car, he began driving to Central Park. Even so, we waited for them to come to the fountain, which was just a lake as Alfred forgot that it was a different park he was thinking of. "So… um…"

"Good God, why are you so interested in my love life!" I huffed, crossing my arms.

"I never even mentioned it!" Alfred whined. I raised an eyebrow and he sighed in defeat. "Okay, I hinted it."

"Well, if you must know, I go both ways," I replied. After she had left, I had enough money to go to college and mum insisted upon me going. Mum later fell ill but she still persuaded me to continue college, so I did. At the time I came out to them, I was twenty-one, mind you; I started college late because of financial issues. At the time I came out to them, I was dating a man, from Spain, his name was Antonio. After I came out and returned back to school, he owned a boat and invited me to go with him. In the end, I wound up sinking it and we broke up. As of now, my guesses are that he's with the fussy Italian (his name was Lovino) and they're doing just fine. "I am not limited to one gender, yet I'm not just a door knob where anyone and everyone can take a turn—"

"—But like a casino where only get the jackpot!" He interrupted beaming. "Holy shit, do you have a tumblr ! Follow me, my blog is—"

"Bloody— I don't have a tumblr! I just found it while I was surfing the Internet," I crossed my arms. What is tumblr anyways? I know it's a website but I've never looked into it.

"I don't even," He sighed as he buried his eyes on the palm of his hand.

I blinked. "Even what?"

I have to admit, when it comes to the Internet… well, it's as if the Internet is a big maze with a lot of twists and turns and just taking a step in would confuse the life of me. Peter knows of this and has annoyed me with his spam. I did pick up the definition of what he called a "meme" but I still don't fully understand them.

"You are dinosaur old, Artie," Alfred sighed. "You know what, I'll teach you how to—they're here! Duck and cover!"

"They are at a far distance from us, I doubt they would notice," I told him as he hid behind the bench, earning a few stares from passerbies.

"With those huge-ass eyebrows they will!" He snorted. I promptly stood up and picked up a stick of wood to hit him with a couple of times.

"We kind of need to listen to them too," I said as I stared at the two conversing with each other as they were waiting for the carriage. "Monitoring counts both as sight and hearing, twat."

"Psh," Alfred laughed. "I totally knew that! I'm just playing with you, dude!"

We then walked at a certain distance which was enough for not being noticed, at the same time we could hear them converse. I thought we were too close, but Alfred said it was enough and reminded me of how he did this with Matthew often. At times, I really question how he spends his free time. You know, other than this.

"I never knew he would use me like that," I heard Matthew speak. "Funny thing actually, I thought we would have ended it by him cheating on me because he got around a lot. He using me to get his restaurant was not expected. S-sorry… am I bugging you?"

"Non…" Francis answered. "But you said that he needed to be married, oui? Surely his parents won't allow him to do that."

"I don't care, I knew that this was going to happen the moment Alfred saw him talking to this other girl," Matthew sighed. "And I only knew that because he tweeted it. He deleted it like two hours later when he found out that I would read it, but…"

"You tweeted it!" I whispered.

"Shhh! It's not like you even know what "tweeting" is, so hush!" He scolded.

"Oh," Francis replied. "Mathieu, I have something to tell you."

"What is it?"

After that one particular scene, Francis began telling him everything that he did starting from last night. Matthew was in shock, but had fled the scene, so Alfred took off, following. I don't know what happened afterwards, but Francis had walked sadly over to the other side of the bench, wig at hand. After that, we took a cab to Kiku and Elizaveta's place to report to them the results of his date. Elizaveta was happy to see that Francis told the truth but disappointed that Matthew didn't take him back.

"Love hurts," Francis sighed as he stirred the cup of coffee.

"Oh God no," Elizaveta groaned. She walked over to him and slapped his face before continuing. "Do you really love Matthew?"

"Enough to let him go, yes," Francis answered as he rubbed his cheek.

"Well, there are times where you can let them go and other times when you have to fight back," Kiku explained and Elizaveta nodded in response. "At least let him go after telling him the truth to everything."

"I doubt that Matthew would even let him open his mouth before he leaves," I commented. "Honestly, after all the frog's put him through, I don't think he would let him do anything."

"Let's all take bets, shall we?"

It was now about five days after the incident and Francis hasn't made one move on Matthew. As if he even wanted to try in the first place. He had resumed working in the restaurant, working even later hours as he adds, "What is the point?" This whole ordeal bothers me, actually. Even though he stopped annoying me as much as he did, just seeing him out of character like that feels plain odd. I was also affected by this. Alfred had abruptly stopped texting both Alice and I, most likely resenting me for not telling him that Francis was cross dressing.

That made me wonder— how would he have reacted if I suddenly told him that I was Alice? That I was not the girl who he thought I was? That it was just to get the unicorn plush? Would he hate me for lying to him, or would "take it like a hero" and be understanding?

I sighed deeply as I stepped out of the subway train; normally, I would have taken a taxi cab or would have walked, but it was rather far from where I live, so I have no choice but to. After cross dressing for a period of time and having to go through the situation between Francis and Matthew, nothing can be better than having to go to your part-time job.

It is rather relaxing to work in a small corner, serving tea to some people while others window-shopped for antiques. It would be, if your boss wasn't a cranky Chinese man. I took the place of one of my cousins, Li Xiao as the tea brewer. Before he left to study in Hong Kong, he warned me that the job wouldn't be easy. Having to the brew the tea, it was easy, but having to deal with Yao and the florist across the street (who specializes in sunflowers, I may add), Ivan. Yao often hides somewhere in the shop or in the floor above whenever he sees Ivan coming towards the shop. Yao often orders me to keep watch and to tell him if it's okay to come out of hiding or not.

Overall, after a couple of hours of having to deal with that, it's rather stressful. I walked up to the streets and hailed a taxi cab as I was too tired to walk the rest of the way home. After telling the driver the location, he started to drive. As I was looking outside of the window, I sighed and took out my phone out of my pocket when I felt it vibrate. After reading the text message, I took out my iPod, only to read a similar message.

From Alfred.

Not that I cared or anything. You people over think things—I just met this man.

"Hey Alice/Arthur," Depending on who he was talking to. "I'm sorry for not talking to you or anything. It was really unheroic of me. And hey, I'm using 'proper' spelling here, so don't you dare complain! And writing in your form of writing is too hard, so whatever. You just have to deal. Anyways, I'm sorry for not contacting you. It's just that Mattie's been in a tough position so I couldn't really do anything. And I don't blame you for what happened with Francis, just so you know! Ok so, anyways, my friend's coming over on Tuesday and I want one of you guys to meet him, you know, if you're not busy. Text back! – The Hero."

I smiled inwardly to myself as I felt the cab stop at the red light. When I arrived home, I was about to open the door of my flat before I felt a series of vibrates. Peter.


"The hell brah."

"Did I not tell you?"

"You're supposed to pick me up, stupid shit."

"Good grief, Art, were you plucking your eyebrows?"

"Jeez. Just accept the fact that it'll be bushy until you rot. I did."

"Them ladies dig ;D"





"I was sitting in the airport thing for like fifteen minutes before I'm like,"

"He probably has work today!"

"And being the understanding awesome little bro I am, I understood."

"Thirty minutes later, I figured that you were coming back from that part time job."

"I bet you're standing in front of your flat right now,"

"Having that, "Oh bloody fuck! I forgot about Peter!" look."

"Run bitch, run."

After reading those words, I immediately ran to the other end of the hallway and rapidly pressed the buttons of the elevator. I was tapping my feet on the floor as I waited for the elevator to arrive, but I gave up and decided to use the stairs. Unfortunately, they were closed, so I ran to the other set of stairs. As I did, I saw the door to my flat opening.

"I bet you anything that this counts as child neglect."

chapter 13 / end.

*: This AU will be used for one of my one-shots. But I wanna do one on spy!Arthur so badly~ I'm almost finished outlining it!

A/N: GOOD GRIEF. 7k+ of "I'm sorry I didn't update last week!" RIGHT THERE. Whoo. Damn, I just feel like making the chapters longer so that you guys can keep busy for an amount of time instead of just giving you guys crappy 2k updates of filler, I'll give you 5-6k updates of filler and actual plot. Uhm. A lot has happened this week. And if anyone of you is in Florida, you might know of the FCAT. Well, we were graphing our papers this week, and I got to see my scores. I got a low 5 on reading and a high 4 on math. Yey. I am a happy person. Other than that, in our bus, we made a bet that one of the people in there can't use the word fuck until the end of the year. Entertainment and money awaits.

So, guess who I finally decided to bring in? By the way, just so you know, in the story, it is now June 16.

Oh and my Aunt went to Rome a week or two ago and after she came back home, she mailed us a package from Canada with Italian stuff. I got one more spoon added to my collection and there was some candy in there (which tasted really good! The chocolate feels so light~) along with a bag for my mom and some jewelry for my sister. Dad got a map.

Also, as many of you know, Steve Jobs, co-creator of Apple sadly passed away yesterday on October 5, 2011. He was a great man and brought so many pieces of technology that we have used today and coincidences were that I found out about it while on my iPod. He will be remembered greatly.

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