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Greetings, loved ones

Let's take a journey

Let's take a look into the life of James Potter and Lily Evans. This is just our first stop, so brace yourselves.

California gurls

We're unforgettable

"Really? Seriously, Potter? You've gone West Coast? This is a new low, even for you."

"Evans, Katy is a wonderful person."

"She just spat in my face when I accidentally elbowed her!"

"Well, she's certainly unforgettable."

"Jelly-Legs Jinx!"

"Ow! Really, Lily Flower?"

Hm. Maybe it's time to mo- DUCK! Wow. That Lily Evans really can cast a curse. Anyway, as I was saying, perhaps it's time to move on. Let's go forward to…Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy.

We're undeniable

Fine, fresh, fierce

Here we are…



"Yeah, take that! How's it feel, Scorpius? Does it feel good? I didn't think so!"




"Yep, you don't like it, do you? So there!"

It seems the guy is always getting beat up on. Well, I suppose there's one more couple that we can visit. Maybe there won't be any curses cast this time…or hexes. Or jinxes. Or spells in general.

Here we are! George and Angelina.

Last Friday night…

Well then. I suppose the song changed on us. Good night, everyone.

AN: I had no idea what to do with this…so I made this…I think it's really bad. It was for the Song Fic Challenge! on HPFC. Go check it out!