Miles is Merlin, and Allie is King Arthur. It is sophomore year after this discovery was made, and all the reincarnations of the nights of the round table had been discovered. They had even run into the reincarnations of two of Merlin's apprentices, but the third, Veronica, had yet to show up. We start this story at the beginning of a new year with a new school for Kendra.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock sitting next to my bed. I hit the snooze button, about fifteen minutes later I turned it off as I rolled out of bed. I hoped this school wouldn't be like my last one, where they completely ignore you if your not exactly like every one else. After taking a shower and getting dressed, I looked at the reflection of my pale face in the mirror. I let my wavy light brown hair fall to my shoulders and frame my diamond shaped face with a sprinkle of freckles around my nose. I decided that, as usual, I was to lazy to wear make up, and put on my favorite shirt and a new pair of jeans. I grabbed a bowl of cereal for breakfast before putting on my green converse and heading to school.

My first class was Algebra II with some person named Will. He is the quarter back for the school's football team, and would not stop talking about his girlfriend named Allie. She seemed a little to good to be true the way he described her, which could only mean he was in love. He was nice though, I just was a little annoyed by the constant talking about a girl I did not know. At lunch, I sat alone outside. I was already feeling the separation of being different. A difference they would never know, yet somehow felt. As I sat alone, I held out my hand and connected myself with the water in the air. I pulled the water into a bubble and soon I was controlling the movement of the water bubble. I practiced moving it into designs.

"Can I sit here?" The water dropped onto the ground. I hoped the person who asked that question had not noticed the water, but he did not say anything about it at least. I turned around to discover that it was Will asking to sit with me.

"Where's your girlfriend you told me so much about?"

"She has first lunch." He said as he sat down. So I ate lunch with the quarterback that day. Not exactly normal for a girl like me, but it was differently better. Maybe this school would be alright. The last class of the day was theater. There was a boy in the class who, to me, looked a little nerdy and wise. Those were the types of people I usually got along with so I went over to talk to him.

"No, back away." He said to me.

I felt a little hurt "Why?" I asked.

"Because if you don't talk to me you will ruin your chances of being popular."

I honestly didn't care whether or not I was popular; I just wanted some real friends. I held my head high "I'll talk to who ever I want to talk to."

The boy smiled as if he had gone through this before and held out his hand "I'm Miles." He told me

"I'm Kendra." I replied smiling. Just as I said my name Miles doubled over holding his head in pain as if he was having a migraine times ten. "Miles! Are you alright?" I asked even though in my mind I already knew something was wrong. Soon he seemed fine again, but when he looked up he looked into my eyes with a look of worry and concern.