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Edward Cullen & Bella Swan were attracted to each other the moment they laid eyes on each other —not in any romantic way like most couples, but as a business arrangement. He was tall and handsome with a smile that made most women melt, and she was petite and sassy with a body most men would kill to have spread beneath them. And upon meeting each other for the first time, they knew they could use their assets to their advantage. Edward was itching to hit a few casinos in Las Vegas, and Bella was dying to turn a few of the mobsters left over on the Strip. They were perfect for each other as business partners, and they were both single to boot.

Edward's family, his father Carlisle, his mother Esme, his sister Rosalie and brother Jasper belonged to the high society of Chicago, and Bella's mother Rene and her father Charlie were in on the Los Angeles movie scene with big stars and new money that was California. She even had a cousin Jessica who was dating the Governor, and her best friend Jacob was the "It" boy of Hollywood. But that wasn't enough for Edward and Bella. They wanted to leave their own mark on the world.

Secrets Within Lies

Back then.

Edward had bought a lot of things over the course of his life: money, cars and women. But the truth was the he didn't actually own any of it. The cars were Rolls Royce and BMW's, and they'd been bought with old money. The women were stuffy and dreadfully uptight and wouldn't know a decent fuck if it hit them in the ass. So for his and Bella's first outing as business partners, Edward wanted to steal a car.

Though Edward's father had allowed him to test drive any car he wanted, he was never allowed to own one, even after he turned twenty-one. But Edward had always wanted to drive a Ferrari, and his "vacation" in Las Vegas with Bella gave him the perfect opportunity to stop by a local dealer. The moment he found the Ferrari 599 GTB, he knew he was in love. The woman at the dealership that day was more than willing to let him take it for a test drive, and he offered to bring her along.

"You're a beautiful woman," he said to her as they left the main building and headed to an aisle of cars with the model he was looking at. He slipped his hand over her ass, and she smiled at him, grasping onto his shoulder and flattening her palm over his chest.

She had fluffy light blond hair, bright blue eyes and deep red lipstick. Her black dress hugged every curve of her voluptuous body and barely covered her tight ass. A slit up the back showed off long legs lifted by shiny red stilettos. She laughed loudly, looking out over the lot to the aisle where he was leading her, and her smile faded when she saw Bella standing next to the deep maroon car he wanted to test drive.

"You don't mind if my fiancé comes along with us, do you, love?" he crooned softly in her ear, leaning closer and gently licking the small creases of her ear in a way that made her catch her breath in her throat. He tightened his grasp on her bottom, and she pouted slightly.

"It's only a two-seater," she told him.

They arrived at the car, and Edward played nice with Bella, stepping in front of her and kissing her deeply as he pulled her into him. The sales woman frowned, and he smiled at Bella before turning his attention back to their hostage.

"That's all right, darling," he soothed. "I'm sure Bella will love to share the other seat with you. I know I will."

He took the keys from her, eased her around to the passenger door and then opened it for her before Bella slipped into the passenger seat behind her. He smiled widely as he hurried around to the driver's side, sliding in and the turning on the car. It hummed and purred gently as he gunned the gas, and with a crooked grin in the woman's direction, he pulled out of the car lot with no intention of going back.

The greater metropolitan area of Las Vegas sped by as he pulled through light traffic, and he glanced in the passenger seat to see Bella keeping the woman busy. Her only defenses against Bella were her skimpy clothes. Edward bet to himself she would regret dressing like a slut today — eventually. Slowly, Bella turned the woman to face her, and they kissed, allowing Edward to take the exit onto the freeway that would carry them outside the city. He liked seeing Bella enjoy herself, and he couldn't believe how easy it had been to charm their hostage from her cool office in the middle of the desert.

"What's your name?" Bella asked the woman casually, kissing her and then pulling her dress up to reveal a pair of blood-red silk panties.

"Honey," she moaned, swaying her hips to feel the moisture obviously pooling between her legs. "Honey Lovegood."

Edward laughed gripping the steering wheel and wanting desperately to bury himself between her legs. It hadn't been long since he'd had a woman other than Bella, and this poor woman looked good enough to have before they threw her away.

Bella pulled Honey's dress off her shoulders, exposing her bare breasts to the inside of the car. Bella's palms massaged Honey's nipples to get her even more worked up.

"Bella, love, slow down just a little bit," he pleaded. "We don't want to move too fast."

Honey moaned again, arching her back and panting as Bella slipped her fingers into the red panties covering her wet pussy. Edward longed to touch her, despite her not being anywhere near his type. It wasn't that she was blond or a little flimsy. A real woman wouldn't be so susceptible to a con like this. Edward shouldn't have even been able to get off the car lot with Bella in the car with them. But he knew how to pick the easy ones for any con. Bella wasn't easy, but she was serious. Edward could appreciate that.

Bella slipped off Honey's panties, spreading her legs and reaching for Edward's hand so he could have a feel before they stopped for the afternoon. Her wet folds were so plump, and her clitoris pulsed with want. He moved his fingers all over her hot cunt, driving one and then two and finally three inside her before she cried out with a deep groan. He laughed again, gripping the steering wheel and leaning across the car to turn Honey's face toward his so he could kiss her. She sighed softly as she began to relax.

"Having fun?" Bella teased.

"Much," Edward gushed.

"Keep your eyes on the road," she ordered, reaching into the glove box and pulling out a brown bottle of pills. While holding bottle of water she'd had before getting into the car, she opened Honey's mouth and slipped two pills inside before chasing it with a shot of water. It was easy to make her swallow. Since she was already pliable, the drugs would put her out within half an hour.

"I can't believe how easy that was!" Edward laughed, watching Bella replace Honey's clothes. "Oh, we have to do this again!"

Bella smiled coyly, shoving Honey off the seat and reaching for the radio to see which stations she could find. Edward watched her with a happy smile on his face. Then he shifted gears, taking the car into third. His foot hit the gas as they sped down the freeway toward San Diego.

It was the first time Edward could remember feeling up a woman's pussy without following it up with a nice long ride with his dick inside her, but it was okay. He knew that was coming once she woke. The last time he'd fucked one of those high society bitches, she'd belonged to a grandmother who believed he was a nice young man from a prominent Chicago family. She'd been so horribly stuck up, not even letting him touch her until she'd had four shots of tequila and a round of drinks from her grandmother's wet bar. Of course, after that, it had only been a question of whether to take her right there or show a little discretion and fuck her in the bed on the other side of the luxurious apartment they'd been inside at the time. Needless to say, by morning, he'd had her every which way there was, and while he'd come out of it with a healthy dose of pussy, she'd gotten a little more than a headache from all the liquor she'd consumed. He hadn't seen her since, and he never planned on seeing her again.

Once they were well outside of Las Vegas, Edward shifted into second gear, speeding up again and weaving in and out of traffic while still close to the speed limit. He figured they had a good hour before anyone realized the car and Honey were gone, and by then, he knew they would be across the state line. He'd never felt more exhilarated in his life, and his dick was so hard, he knew he could fuck all night if he wanted to. It was a good thing Honey was going to be awake by then. Maybe he'd stop on the way and relieve some tension before they got back on the freeway to San Diego. He was betting Honey would feel just like her namesake with his cock buried inside her hot well.

His phone rang from his left pocket then, and against his better judgement, he answered it to hear his brother's voice on the other end.

"When are you coming back to Chicago?" Jasper asked, probably while he was sitting in the parlor with a prostitute on his lap, Edward thought

"Probably next week," Edward guessed. "I'm enjoying myself, which I get to do so very rarely while I'm home. How's Father? Still expecting me to behave like the inexperienced virgin he keeps perpetuating onto the women at his country club. I think the one he introduced me to last time was barely legal."

"He knows you're up to something," Jasper informed him. "Edward, be realistic. That girl you're jetting around with isn't a part of our world. She's not like us."

Edward glanced at Bella as she still fiddled with the radio, and he frowned, knowing Jasper was probably right. Despite her parents being wealthy, they'd come into it quite recently, just before Bella had turned nine. Now that she was almost twenty, she should've been dressing like a lady and accepting offers from nice men who were closer to her father's financial level. Instead, she'd hooked Edward in one glance, despite him being several levels of wealth above her. But Edward liked her. She was tough and saucy around the edges. She was also really good in bed unlike those high and mighty cunts, but he wasn't going to tell Jasper that for fear that the twenty-seven-year-old businessman might want to take her for a spin.

"I'm having fun," Edward told Jasper. "And I'll continue to until I think I've had enough. Tell Father not to worry about me. Tell him he should be worrying about Rosalie. She's the one dating that massive football star. What's his name? Emmett?"

Jasper sighed heavily, whispering off to the side of the phone. "That's it. Sign there." Then he spoke to Edward. "You better not get into any trouble. I have enough to deal with here without having to bail you out of something you know better than to do."

Edward grinned, still weaving and gazing at the horizon as the desert came into view. "You have my word, brother. You won't have to bail me out of anything."

"Good. Later."

Edward shut off his phone, smiling to himself. "I'm quite capable of taking care of myself, thank you very much," he mused, stuffing his phone back into his pocket as Bella spoke up.

"Taking shit from Jasper, I see," she teased, leaning over the console and laying her hand over Edward's thigh.

He laid his hand over hers. "Never. Just doing what I can to prolong our little excursion."

She leaned closer, and he turned his face to hers, kissing her just as deeply as he had in the car lot and moving her hand over his crotch. She appeased him easily, rubbing him through his jeans and causing him to groan deep in his throat. She was usually so good at fixing his little problems without them actually having to do anything. Her tight little pussy was worth everything he had and more, no matter what Jasper said. She truly was diamond in the rough, a rare jewel in need of some polishing. Edward was only too happy to do it for her.

Much to Edward's delight, Honey was wide awake and very aware of her surroundings when they pulled into a motel just over the California border, and while Bella got her ready, Edward disrobed to his boxers. Bella took her sweet time tying Honey to the regretfully tiny bed, and once she was spread-eagle on top of the mattress, Edward moved in for the fuck. He started at Honey's perky breasts, licking and sucking on her taut nipples until she was writhing beneath him as Bella tightened Honey's bonds to the flimsy metal head piece of the bed. Edward lowered his fingers back to Honey's exposed pussy, stroking her down. Once again three of his fingers delved inside her until she cried out in ecstasy. Bella chose that moment to stuff a cloth from the bathroom in Honey's mouth, and she moaned around it, rotating her hips with Edward's plundering fingers.

Too often, Edward lifted his eyes to Bella's, seeing a spark in their deep brown hue and a smirk on her face. He knew she was probably getting a rise out of watching, and he wanted as much to share this with her as to experience it himself. So he reached for Bella while he finger-fucked Honey. Then suddenly he was kissing Bella as deeply as he had in the parking lot a couple of hours earlier. Bella broke the kiss first, moving behind Edward and pulling his boxers off to reveal his erect dick to Honey's heavily hooded eyes. Bella took a few liberties, leaning in to kiss Edward again and wrapping her hand around his thick shaft. He groaned against her mouth, clenching his jaws and then crawling closer to Honey.

She was willing, even as she shook her head. Edward knew she was ready, especially with as wet as she was, and he zeroed in on her dripping entrance only a few excruciating seconds before sealing the deal all the way to her center. She moaned louder around the cloth in her mouth, and he began thrusting despite her struggles against her bonds. He licked and sucked on her breasts, grasping onto her hips and pulling her against him as he pounded into her. The last time he'd had a pussy like this, he'd been twenty and all alone in Paris when a familiar busty redhead had deemed it necessary to spill an expensive glass of wine on his pants. It had all been part of her plan, of course, since he was a well-known socialite — a Cullen, no less.

Edward's father hadn't known what to do when all the pictures and then the videos had come out. The redhead had completely disappeared. Edward liked to believe she was off somewhere living the life of luxury, but with his father, there was no telling. Poison in her drink, or a well-placed piece of rancid food was more his style. Edward hadn't really thought about her since then, and he knew he wouldn't think about Honey after he was finished.

While keeping Honey's hands tethered to the bed, Bella untied her legs, and Edward swiftly turned her onto her stomach before entering her from behind. She moaned again, and Edward sped up, causing the bed to creak along with him. He didn't really care how much noise he made. This was just the beginning.

By morning, Edward had fucked Honey in every possible way he knew of, and she was unquestionably exhausted from their bed-creaking session. Bella gave her another dose of pills that put her to sleep, and while Edward took a shower, Honey was also cleaned, with the sheets beneath her being shoved in a trash bag to be thrown away as far from the motel as possible. She left Honey on the tiny mattress naked, and when Edward emerged from the bathroom in fresh clothes, he was surprised to see Bella tying her back down.

"That's a little excessive, don't you think?" he asked as he pulled on his cuff links. "She's not going anywhere anytime soon."

"Better to make it difficult for her to run for help before we're far away from here," Bella reasoned. "Now let's go."

Edward gazed at Honey's naked body feeling a little conflicted. He didn't really think it was necessary, but he decided he couldn't really care . All he really cared about was doing as he pleased for as long as he could before he returned to his father where he knew everyone would expect him to do what they wanted. Edward hated his father's life, and he'd be damned if he was going to accept it without a fight.

The car they'd stolen would have to be disposed of, but that was just a detail. Edward would call ahead to one of his father's drivers in California to meet him somewhere his father would be unaware of for now. Beyond that, he was hungry and in need of some breakfast.

These Days.

Carlisle Cullen had never seen his youngest son so desperate. On a good day, Edward was disrespectful, callous and rebellious, but never desperate. Although with the way his son had turned up on his doorstep two days earlier, Carlisle wasn't surprised. The young woman he'd brought home with him had been nearly hysterical when Carlisle had tried to talk to her, but in the last few days, she had become more responsive. It was quite clear that while Edward was culpable in her kidnapping and probably her rape, he had not laid a finger on her in order to beat her, and the bruises and cuts on her back and stomach had been the result of a relentless beating. The words carved into her arm were evidence enough of a deranged and unstable mind. Carlisle knew it wasn't his son.

Frankly, Edward was lucky that he hadn't already been hauled off to jail, but after a plea to his father, he was sitting in an interrogation room in the local police precinct. He'd asked to see the young woman with him several times, but under the circumstances, Carlisle had advised against it. She was still recovering, and above everything else, Carlisle wanted her healed and clear-headed before his son saw her — if he saw her at all.

"Mr. Cullen," the police chief called, bringing Carlisle's attention to him immediately.

"Yes, Mr. Uley."

The tall, dark-haired man grimaced at Carlisle and glanced into the room where Edward was sitting alone. "We can't hold him in there much longer," he told Carlisle. "After everything he confessed to, he's lucky the DA hasn't hung him."

Carlisle turned to look at his son. "Yes, I know," he acknowledged. "But until I'm certain he won't harm himself, I don't want him in a place where he could have access to sharp objects. Have you been looking for the accomplice?"

"We've heard from a few precincts in the area where he says everything happened," was the slightly annoyed reply. "Nothing significant. Mr. Cullen — "

"Sam, my son didn't do this by himself," Carlisle stated plainly, turning to the chief with a measure of determination in his brilliant blue eyes. "I want her found. And when you find her, I want to talk to her — before anyone else. I know Mr. Denali wants more than what he's gotten, but if Edward didn't act alone, then he shouldn't have to take the full punishment for this on his own. You know my terms. And besides, I'm more equipped to deal with him than some high security penitentiary where the guards won't ever give him a fair deal. And you know that as well."

Sam bowed his head. "Mr. Denali will have to get a judge to sign off on it," he said of Carlisle's plea bargain which included minimal jail time, possible community service and full disclosure of the involvement of his accomplice. "It'll be another day."

"Fine, then," Carlisle nodded. "I'm taking him home. Whether he likes it or not."

For a moment, it seemed like Sam would stop him, but he stepped aside, and Carlisle opened the door to the interrogation room where Edward was sitting handcuffed to the table.

"Edward," he said, and his son looked up. His auburn hair was even more disheveled than usual. He hadn't shaved in four days. His green-gold eyes were blood-shot, and the visible part of his face was flushed red. He didn't look like he'd eaten in at least a day. Carlisle was going to fix that as soon as they got to the house. He extended his arm. "Come on, son. You're coming home."

The young man didn't hesitate, but he was halted by the hand cuffs until another police officer came in to un-cuff him from the table. Edward didn't say anything or look at anyone, allowing his father to walk him out of the room as Sam watched with furrowed eyebrows. No one stopped Carlisle as he guided his son out of the police precinct to a car waiting for them on the curb. Carlisle nodded to the driver as he opened the door.

"Thank you, Felix," he said graciously.

Edward slid into the car silently, and Carlisle followed him, allowing Felix to shut the door. Once they were alone, Carlisle closed the glass between them and Felix, turning to his son and speaking resolutely.

"You want to protect this girl, don't you?" he asked Edward.

Still silently, Edward fidgeted steadily with his eyes on his hands.

"Edward — "

"Of course I do," Edward whispered softly.

Carlisle scooted closer, turning Edward to face him. "Then for the love of God, don't protect the person who helped you do this. Clearly, you care nothing for her, or you wouldn't have brought this girl she harmed home. What does she know about you that's preventing you from talking?"

Still fidgeting, Edward lifted his eyes to the window separating them from Felix. "Enough," he replied blankly.

Carlisle sighed heavily, sitting back as they pulled through town to the outskirts of Chicago toward their home. He didn't say anything else to his son, but later on, he would find out everything needed to keep Edward from going to prison for his discrepancies.

The sprawling fifty-acre Cullen Estate was occupied by three residences, the main one being where most of the family stayed. Each estate had separate staff to keep everything in order. Carlisle had hand-selected every employee, and since Edward's graduation, he'd separated most of the men and women to work in different estates at different times. He hadn't been in the mood to deal with fraternization between employees even if he knew it happened, and so far, none of his employees had crossed that line — on the job anyway.

The new butler Riley and two of the maids, Angela and Victoria were waiting when Felix pulled up the drive, and as soon as the car stopped, the doors to the back were opened for Edward and Carlisle to get out. Angela helped Edward inside, and Victoria took all of Carlisle's office belongings while Riley pulled bags from the trunk. They were inside the house within a minute of pulling into the driveway. Before Angela could get too far with Edward, Carlisle called her back to where he'd stopped in the foyer to check his messages.

"I don't want Edward going to the west wing," Carlisle told Angela. "I need him bathed and changed before I talk to him in my study. And make sure you don't linger too long," he warned. "I want him clear-headed."

Angela blushed, bowing her head as stray strands of her dark-brown hair fell in her brown eyes. "Yes, Mr. Cullen, sir."

She rejoined Edward on the stairs then, guiding them on upstairs while Carlisle had most of his things taken to his study.

"Carlisle, are you home?" his wife Esme called from the dining room.

Instead of sitting in his study, Carlisle followed her voice, discovering her and Rosalie setting the dinner table with their best Wedgwood dinnerware. He smiled when he saw her, and then she looked up. Her caramel curls billowed softly over her shoulders, and the twinkle in her hazel eyes caused Carlisle to remember when he'd first met her. Esme's smile faded when she noticed her husband's strained face, and she moved to his side slowly.

"How is he?" she asked.

Carlisle encircled her waist gently, allowing his hand to settle low on her hip. "He's about the same as he was when he came back. I asked Angela to get him cleaned up. I might go up there to get him for dinner if I must, but I hope I don't have to."

"Did he say anything about her?" Esme asked about the young woman her son had shown up with nearly two days earlier.

"No," Carlisle shook his head. "But it's clear he didn't intend to harm her as much as she was. He's been so lost lately. I never thought it would lead to this, but now that it has, we'll all have to deal with it."

"Well, if you ask me," Rosalie interrupted, "it's about time he owned up for the shit he's been pulling the last few years, not the just the last few days."

Esme frowned at her daughter. "Rosalie, please watch your language. Your brother's been through enough."

"Which he brought on himself," Rosalie argued.

"Edward is misguided," Carlisle interjected. "I won't make him pay for being led down the wrong path by an unbalanced woman so cruel to do such a thing to another human being. Rosalie, Edward needs your support, not your sharp tongue."

Rosalie slung her long, wavy blond hair over her shoulder and, with a glint in her deep blue eyes, disappeared into the kitchen where dinner was being prepared by the cooking staff. It was common for her to oversee everything as it was simply her way, and now that Edward was back in the house, Esme had requested to have all her youngest son's favorite foods on the menu. Rosalie begrudgingly made sure nothing was burned or undercooked, but only because she would have to eat what they made along with her brother.

Once Rosalie was gone, Esme lifted her eyes to Carlisle's. "How bad is it?" she asked of the charges brought on by the police commissioner and the Executive DA in the city, who also happened to be a close family friend.

Carlisle exhaled, still rubbing her hip. "Well, rape, kidnaping, aggravated assault, sexual assault and attempted manslaughter," he listed the charges softly and with a pained look on his face. "Eleazar is asking for the maximum on everything unless an accomplice can be produced, but even then, he's only willing to take the attempted manslaughter off the table. Demetri and Heidi are looking into every possible motion they can to prevent prison time. Our boy is in a world of trouble, my dear. He's got a long road ahead of him, and he's barely out of college. I don't understand what I've done to cause him so much . . . anguish. I know he didn't like all the responsibility, but I wasn't expecting this."

Esme laid a hand over Carlisle's chest, close to his heart. "He's a free spirit, sweetheart," she lamented. "Much like his father at that age. He might need a lecture, Carlisle. But he also needs advice. And I don't mean from the CEO in the family. But from his father."

Carlisle smiled then, lifting his free hand to hers and then subtly easing his palm from her hip to her round bottom. Esme laughed softly, leaning in closer to kiss her husband.

"Ahem!" Jasper called from the entrance to the dining room.

They both turned to see him there with his fiancé Alice, and Esme stepped away from Carlisle to greet her eldest son, who was also Rosalie's twin brother. Jasper took his mother in one arm while still holding Alice's hand, and Esme kissed his cheek before moving to hug Alice.

"It's so wonderful to see you again," Esme exclaimed as she pulled away from Alice. "I was wondering when Jasper would bring you back around. It's been almost a month, hasn't it?"

Alice blushed slightly, glancing at Jasper and speaking with a smile. "Well, it wasn't entirely his fault. I had extended fashion calls in Tokyo and Paris, and honestly those models would all be lost without me. I was actually surprised to see him in Tokyo. He sticks out like a sore thumb," she teased, holding his hand tighter and laughing softly when Jasper leaned in to kiss her cheek.

"Only for you," he assured her.

Alice sighed, content, and then Esme spoke.

"Why don't you go into the kitchen to check on Rosalie?" she suggested to Alice. "I'm sure she'll love to see you after so long."

Alice bowed her head then, the sleek strands of her chin-length chestnut locks shaping her face easily. She turned her brilliant green eyes to Jasper for a quick two or three seconds before stepping off to the right to find Rosalie.

The moment Alice was gone, Jasper lowered his voice to his father. "Has he said anything about his accomplice?" he asked, his voice tight as he shifted his eyes from the kitchen entry to his father's face.

Carlisle took Esme in his arm again. "Only that she knows enough about his transgressions to make this worse for him," he told Jasper. "And he refuses to even give me a name. I know it was a woman who helped him, but I can't do anything to find her. Edward would only allow so many people to see him so vulnerable."

Jasper's face turned thoughtful, and his hazel eyes that mirrored his mother's became even more resolute than his father's. Carlisle released Esme to the kitchen so he could be alone with his oldest son.

"What do you know?" he asked Jasper.

"It's probably nothing," his eldest son insisted with a shake of his head and the wavy blond hair framing his face as it barely grazed his shirt collar.

Carlisle stepped in closer, lowering his voice even more. "If you're thinking of it now with all of this going on, then something I've said must have caused you to think of it. Jasper, tell me."

Jasper bowed his head, speaking softly. "A few days before Edward came home, I called him. And he was in Las Vegas. He was with Isabella Swan."

Confusion knitted Carlisle's eyebrows. "That girl he met in Los Angeles?" he inquired.

"The same. And I can't be sure, but I had a gut feeling he was doing something stupid. I don't know what exactly, but he was with her when he did it. And we know now the police found that woman from Las Vegas in a motel just across the California border. Even if she's not talking, are we sure it wasn't him?"

Carlisle bowed his head again, his confusion slowly turning to anger as he remembered the night his son had met that girl. Despite her parents being relatively wealthy, Isabella Swan was nowhere near Edward's station, and Carlisle had been working for months to set his son up with a nice girl. Isabella Swan was not a nice girl, and Carlisle didn't like her.

The first time Carlisle had seen Isabella Swan, she'd been necking with a man twice her age who also happened to have a wife and two children around her age. She hadn't been shy about it at all. It infuriated Carlisle that Isabella had somehow enticed his son to possibly do something so horrible.

"Father," Jasper said still softly. "If Edward was with her a few days before he came back, is it possible she was with him the whole time?"

Before Carlisle could say anything else, his cell phone rang, and Jasper bowed his head again, stepping away from his father and into the kitchen with the rest of his family. As soon as Jasper was gone, Carlisle answered his phone.

"This is Carlisle."

"Mr. Cullen," his publicist Aro greeted. "It's imperative I meet with you. There's been a development."

Carlisle sighed heavily, turning his eyes to the ceiling and then moving out of the dining room to make his way upstairs. "We're all about to eat dinner," he told Aro. "Come by at nine o'clock," he commanded.

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