Dear Ginny,

You'll probably scoff when you find out that writing this letter is pointless in a way because I can't actually send this to you. Lucky you; you're alive and I'm not. When you die unluckily you can luckily read this letter. I am not saying that I wish you were dead, it's just that I can only talk to you when you are dead.

So why is your awesome (ahem, eminent) aunt writing this? It's because I am proud of you. Yeah, I did put you into some crazy situiations, but you made it. And what did get out of it? New friendships, once-in-a-lifetime-experiences, and so much more. You even met the love of my life, Richard.

You're probably mad at me for going all MIA on you, but hear me out Gin. I am truly sorry. I was such a whimp for telling the man I loved that I loved him. I guess I was scared of rejection, but you young lady aren't scared of rejection. You had the guts to fall in love with Keith. Anyway, thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling Richard that I loved him and for doing something that I wasn't capable of doing.

Well, I guess I clarified everything! Until then I'll see you in heaven Gin.


Your Runaway Aunt Peg