Dear Mr. Masen,

My name is Isabella Swan and I'm a graduate student at the University working on a research paper for my Criminology class. Our assignment is to research and present a paper on a subject of our choosing. I've chosen you Mr. Masen. I understand that your current situation limits visitors, but I would like a chance to speak with you. I look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to learn more about you.


Isabella Swan

A/N: Welcome to the prologue/teaser for Dead Man Walking. This fic will be a little different from my others so I'd like to do a quick introduction.

This is a mini fic. This plot bunny has been driving me crazy for awhile and I had to get it down, however I did not have the time to commit to make it a full length fic. Please keep this in mind while reading.

Each chapter represents one month and each chapter will be roughly around 1,000 word. Once I get it back from my beta, I will be posting one chapter a day barring any major setbacks. There are also some fun visual things on my profile page for this story.

BIG ASS DISCLAIMER: This story would not and probably could not happen in our legal system today. I've taken a lot of liberties and given the characters a lot of liberties that would most likely not fly in reality. These were made for creative purposes and for the sake of the story, please do not point this out to me because I will most likely ignore you. Not to be rude, but simply because I've already stated here that I'm aware of that fact. Sometimes you have to bend reality and create your own and I've done so with this story.

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