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Today's Theme: Bullies

After walking in the Park and being embarrassed by the Veggie-Carne duo, we went to the mall. I wish the three of us could do this again after today. Tomorrow Danny Fenton is supposed to leave for his aunt's house to spend the entire year there. So basically, this is the last time I can hang out with Sam and Tuck in public without getting mobbed or asked why I was not out of country. I was having a great day until I heard the insufferable voice behind me that belonged to a familiar jock.

"Hey Fentina! How come you haven't been at school lately," The Bully, my Fan, sneered, "I have missed having you as a punching bag. Punching Sucker just doesn't feel the same."

I tried to keep my voice calm, "Well I am going to live with my aunt for a year. I leave on Wednesday, if you must know."

"What have your parents finally given up putting up with you," Dash laughed at his own joke. Man this guy makes me wants to shoot an ectoblast through his stomach. I tried to keep my eyes from glowing green as I talked to him. Instead of my eyes turning green, the room temperature dropped.

"No. My Aunt just needs help out and so I am going," I said trying to keep my cool. Or should it keeping my heat since being cooler would turn the mall into an icicle. I heard Sam shiver so I made an effort to keep the store from going subzero.

Kwan called Dash from the other side of the store. Dash looked back at me, punched me hard in the gut, and walked along his merry way to Kwan.

"That guy needs to stop this," I growled, already recovered from the punch, "I wi-" No not going to wish for anything… "want to be able to catch him and punish him for doing this…"

Then it hit me. I could!

After the whole morning routine, thankfully excluding the ceremonial ripping of the t-shirt, (why was the only shirt that stayed intact a shirt that yelled Danny Phantom?) I walked the halls to find people who could help me. I finally found Alex putting his books in his senior locker

"Hey you don't like bullies right?" I asked him. His blue eyes turned colder at the mention of that "B" word.

"That's the understatement of the year," He growled, "A bully who thought he was cool waved a gun around trying to scare my sister on her way to school. He ended up shooting me, the bastard."

God, what a horrible way to die, "I am sorry. Did you want to help me try to stop a bully from bullying as much?"

The older ghost perked up instantly, "Of course just tell me what to do!"

Okay so I got Alex, Eve, and Pointdexter in on my lovely scheme, now I need some pranksters. After school I met the school's new pranksters, Jenna, Crash, and Cerulean, outside of the Highschool.

Those three have stuck together like glue. All three of them wrecked havoc on the school every day. Their trademark was usually Cerulean's blue handprint, some electricity produced by Jenna, and a prank that was set up so fast, it must have been Crash. Today they set up an alarm system (with a blue handprint on it) in the teacher's room between lunch and fifth period. Whenever a teacher entered, the alarm would scream (in Cerulean's voice)

"Alert! Teacher is going to take more yummy food from the poor children."

Whenever a teacher accused them, Cerulean would either say, "Who me? Nah you must be thinking of someone else," or "What makes you think I did it?"

They were perfect for what I had in mind.

"Hey Crash, Cerulean, Jenna," I called out to the Group. Crash stopped his excessive talking and pointed his attention towards me.

"Do you have any prank involved for tomorrow," I said, "Because I do."

I sat in the kitchen doing math homework with my sister. I needed to get her help in order for this to work.

"Hey Jazz," I said after finishing my math problems, "Did you know that you are the best sister the world has ever known?"

"What do you want?" Jazz spoke in a monotone, clearly not buying my flattery.

That didn't stop me, "How would you like to reduce the bully rate at school?"

"I'm listening…"

"Okay so here is what we are going to do," I explained the plan to her.

"I believe taking down the school's Ghost Shield is breaking and entering, which is against the law," Jazz said.

"Come on! It's all for a good cause," I pleaded, "I even made sure that our prank would not be too psychologically disturbing!"

Jazz sighed, "Fine. I'll help you bring down the portal."

Spewing psychobabble makes Jazz more prone to help? Sweet, I'll have to remember that.

"Thanks Jazz!" I exclaimed as I hugged her, "I'll fly you to school tonight."


So it was show time the next morning. We had everything and everyone in place. I came into the school as Danny Fenton so I could get the documents for my "Transfer". I winced as my duplicate got mauled be these creatures commonly called girls.

After receiving the documents, I stood next to Locker 430(1), Dash's favorite locker to smash me into. Eve was talking to me about my parents and the ghost portal until Dash showed up. We nodded to each other knowingly and she left the scene.

"Hey Fentoenail," Dash said in his obnoxious voice, "Well it looks like I will get to throw you into a locker one more time."

Dash opened locker 430 and threw me in. I pushed the button located inside my pocket. Now looking through the eyes of my duplicate, I saw an alarm pop out of seemingly nowhere. The alarm wailed things about bullies and everyone gathered around. Dash tried to make his escape, but from the locker right next to the one I was in, a mechanical arm snatched Dash's arm and made him stay.

Teachers came up and tried to control the school but the alarm drowned out their voices. After about a minute of this the alarm suddenly stopped. Pointdexter, who was currently invisible, brought a TV out and showed a collage of different times the security cameras caught Dash bullying kids. At this time, I made my presence known by calling for help Lancer opened up the locker and saw me stuffed in it.

"Dash," Mr. Lancer said, "You will have detention for everyday for three weeks."

The duplicate me, Alex, Cerulean, Eve, and Jenna clapped hands. The prank was a success! Pointdexter came into the school seemingly innocent (2).

Lancer came up to and spoke to Cerulean and Jenna, "Did you guys do this to Dash."

"What makes you think we did it," Cerulean asked.

"Because only a ghost could have pulled the last part with the security tape. And you two are our Ghost Clowns ," Lancer replied.

"But there is a Shield around the security office, so they couldn't phase through it if they wanted to," I said. All of the rooms have shields that stop ghost from phasing through the walls too. But those shilds are incredibly weak so I can phase through the walls without even turning the shields off.

"Then someone must have turned the shield off," Lancer said.

"Are the shields off right now?" Eve asked.

We went into the security room and they weren't off (Jazz turned them back on and crash speeded her out of the room before they could be caught).

"You guys still must have done it," Lancer growled. It was going to be harder to convince him than I thought.

"Now h-how could these ch-children have done it?" Called our mind reading ghost math teacher, Mrs. Eidolon, "L-let the children go, none of them c-can phase through ghost shields."

She looked at me when she stuttered that. Lancer grumbled and went off on his way.

Jenna said, "Thank you Mrs. Eidolon for lying for us."

"Why did you do that," I asked.

"We-well kids aren't the only ones who hate bullies," Mrs. Eidolon, "And c-contrary to popular belief, we teachers care about our st-students."

She smiled nervously and continued on her frantic way, flinching whenever she read the mind of a kid who didn't like her.

Dash was in trouble and we were off the hook.

All in all, it was a good day.

(1)totally made that up.

(2) I never fully explained how the bracelet works. The school always has a ghost shield up so the only way for the ghosts to get into the school is with a bracelet on. They can get out without the bracelet though And before said ghost leaves for the day, they have to show the school secretary that they didn't take it off (the bracelet tells if they did) and if they did have to take it off in the middle of the day like Danny did that one time, they have to have a teacher's note saying so.

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