Chapter One

"Sir?" Hermione said, hesitantly approaching the desk of her Potions Professor, Professor Snape.

"Yes, Granger?" He sighed.

"Well, sir, I was wondering, would it be possible if I could, maybe, uh, spend some extra time in the Potions room?" She hurried on as Snape raised an eyebrow. "I'm working on an advanced potion, and I need some extra time, so I thought, maybe…" She trailed off. Professor Snape had always given her nervous butterflies, for some reason. He stared at her for a moment.

"And why would I do that?" He asked.

"Well, sir, because…uh, I just thought that…it would be…a good experience…since I was seriously considering a career as a Potions Mistress, and so…" She stopped as she saw Snape looking at her with a new light in his eye.

"Well, well, well…a Potions Mistress, hmm? I see…if there is anyone better suited for it, I've never met them. You're the best student I've ever taught, and it is my personal belief that you would make a fabulous Potions Mistress." Hermione stared at him in disbelief. Was this the same Snape? The same Snape that had always belittled and mocked her, in front of a whole class of students?

He must have sensed what she was thinking, because then he said, "I may not be the kindest Professor, Miss. Granger, but I assure that I have never once meant anything that I said to you. It was for your own good. I thought that if you grew hard to criticisms, then later in life, they wouldn't affect you as much. I'm sorry if anything I ever said hit you in a soft spot." Hermione could barely believe her ears. Snape, apologizing? And he actually seemed to mean it, as well. She could see the sincerity in his eyes.

"No, no, it's ok…thank you!" She hurried to assure him that she didn't hold it against him. "I appreciate that you were trying to help! It means a lot," she added.

"I truly hope so," he said, his voice growing softer as he gazed into her eyes. Funny, she had never noticed before how beautiful his eyes were…or how handsome he was, in general…wait! He was her teacher! She shouldn't be thinking about him like this, at all! It was wrong. Besides, she already had a boyfriend! Ron. She mustn't forget about Ron!

"I'm sorry, Professor, but I have Transfiguration, so I really must be going now. When would be a good time to return, so we can discuss my extra time in the Potions room?" She asked.

"How about…tonight? After dinner?" He said after a moment.

"Of course!" Hermione squeaked. "See you then!" She said as she hurried out of the room. She tried to forget the way Professor Snape had looked at her, and how handsome he was...

Stop it! She told herself. You can't think of him like that. Remember Ron!

She wasn't interested in Professor Snape at all!

And he wasn't interested in her.


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