Riku realizing Love and Lust

Chapter 4

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Sora POV

No that dream I

Good-morning Sora.

When I opened my eyes I was met with a pair of way-too-familiar azure eyes, And a pair of eye brows thin silvery-gray ones, And suddenly I feel smooth lips touch mine. Just as I was about to kiss back Riku s lips left mine .WAIT!...RIKU! What just happened? Am I still dreaming? I pinched myself while Riku looked on curiously. Suddenly all of last night flooded back and I relaxed.

You look lost Sora, are you okay?


Ookaaaay he trailed off If you re sure.

Okay I look soooooo stupid. Alright let s go over the facts, I m in love with Riku and he s in love with me. But .how will my parents react? Sora calm down, breathe. I thought to myself



I love you.

Oh GOD! We re in the same bed! Riku . And I kissed him, I honestly couldn t help myself, He s so gorgeous, so strong, so amazing, and it s so effortless on his part. I feel great with him-and I ll shut up now.

He began kissing me back and our tongues twined, he pulled back and started nibbling on my bottom lip, I couldn t help the strangled moan that escaped my lips. Our kisses got deeper, rawer, and harder, I gripped the front of the front of the t-shirt he was wearing, and his hands tangled into my brown spikes. He released my hair as he straddled my legs and pinned my hands to my bed. WITHOUT BREAKING THE KISS!

Mmm we both sighed when we broke apart for air. We both grinned at this new feeling of warmth, of fire. He kissed my cheek and traveled along my cheekbone, to my jaw, to my lips. Then his lips went to my throat and I went red and moaned, he attached his mouth to my collar bone and began sucking and nipping.

AH-Ah Ri-ku. I panted, I could feel myself getting hard. Suddenly with a muffled crash we fell onto my floor. I rolled so I was now on top. Ignoring the little voice of reason in my head I claimed Riku s lips again. Take it off. I murmured against his lips as I tugged on his shirt. We broke apart as he tugged off his shirt. He leaned over me and nipped at my ear. I gasped

One of his hands found their way into my shirt; he ran his fingers down my slightly muscled chest, and I shivered. I heard something but I couldn t bring myself to care, My parents never went into my room anyway. Then .As if in slow motion, my doorknob turned. FUCK A GOD-DAMNED MOOGLE! I mentally shouted. R-Riku.

What . He groaned

The a- th-door

My dad opened the door , My uber-extra-super-STRAIGHT dad. WHAT? Sora get out of there! Riku put your shirt back on! I wanna see you both down in the kitchen in three minutes! He slammed my door and stomped down the stairs.

Damn. Riku got off of me and pulled his shirt back on as he stood and helped me up. Sorry Sora, I gave you a hickey You might wanna cover it up.

Yeah. I walked to my closet and pulled on my usual outfit that the three fairies had created for me, and zipped it up to my chin, the hickey hidden for now. Riku had pulled on his usual outfit as well. We combed our hair and walked downstairs to the kitchen, our hands intertwined. My parents were deep in conversation when we walked in. Their heads snapped up to look-no glare- at us, my mom s was calculating, my father s . well he was pissed. Let s just keep it at that. That glare reminded me of Terra, for some reason, Maybe it was the determined fire burning in both his and my father s eyes. This in turn reminded me of Aqua s question. She d asked Sora Do you like Riku? Oh if only she knew. If only she knew.

Sora I want to know what Riku is to you. And Riku what is my son to you? My father barked

Riku is my best friend, he s both a part of my strength and part of my weakness, he s the one who holds my heart and he has for a long while now. He and Kairi were part of what kept me going during my journeys. He s the one I feel the most comfortable with besides myself. He s my everything and my nothing. He s the other half of me and I wouldn t trade what the two of us share for anything. I could tell I d shocked all present, heck I d just shocked myself.

My parents glanced at each other Riku? My mom asked

Sora is my light within the shadows, my warmth to counter the chill of the darkness, He s the one who saved me from myself, He holds my heart and all that comes with it, and does a great job of it. He s the one I live for, the one I love with no limitations. He s my best friend who I will put before all else. Riku whispered with such deep emotion for me my mom s glare slipped off of her face and her eyes teared up. Ryuu we have no reason to interfere with this. They re obviously very much in love.

Sally They I You better take care of my son Riku, if you ever hurt him, EVER, there will be hell to pay, understand?

Riku nodded. He hugged me and I returned it, I love you. He muttered into my hair.

Love you too. So, why don t we go down to the beach Riku?

Sure. We ll be back in about half an hour. We left and went to the island, where there was nothing but the sound of the waves shushing against the sand, and a light breeze. We talked for a while before I got a genius idea. Hey Ri Wanna share a paopu? That way we ll always be together, no matter what.

Yeah, that s a good idea. You ll be mine and I ll be yours and nobody will be able to change that. Let s go find a nice tasty one. Five minutes later we sat on the trunk of the paopu tree Riku and I each took a bite and kissed passing it into the others mouth. Soon we d finished eating it in this way. We glanced down at our chests. Silvery strands connected our hearts and we watched as they dissolved. Come on , let s go home. Riku murmured


Hope you guys liked this chapter. It was filled with an awful attempt at a heated moment and lots and lots of sweet fluffy moments! Okay so once again I give credit to my partner in writing this Baanana199928. And I have another poll for you guys.

A) Kairi finds out and goes into majorly bitchy jealous mode over Sora. B) Kairi finds out and is all sweet and accepting about it. C) Selphie figures out that something is going on between the newly proclaimed lovebirds and tries to figure it out with Tidus s help. D) Both A) and C) with some more sexy scenes mixed in.