I'm glad Annoying Orange isn't real


Annoying Orange with a bit more logic.

A little fanfic dedicated to a very popular and funny webshow on Youtube. This is only a joke and not to be taken seriously. If anybody sees major offense in this story, let me know and I'll remove it. I do not own Annoying Orange, Daneboe on Youtube does. Enjoy these short humourous stories! I do apologize if you think Orange acts a little out of character.

If you've ever been on Youtube. You'll find that one of the most subscribed youtube channels is a channel called the Annoying Orange. It's a popular comedy series about an orange who constantly annoys other fruit until they get chopped up with a knife. I always wondered what would happen if fruit could really talk and what the world would be like. Well let me tell you this...an even more worse world than we live in now!

Here's why living in the world of the Annoying Orange would be bad. Where do I even begin?

Grocery shopping would be an even bigger pain

One thing I've always wondered is how does the annoying orange eat? And yes he does feel hunger as shown in the episode "Annoying Super Mario".

Hmmmmm...Let me give an example. Here's a little short story.

"Aw man..." cried the annoying orange. "I'm kinda hungry."

A man then sat down a banana near orange.

Orange then gave a death stare at the banana. "Mmmmmmm..." he thought.

The banana looked nervous. "Eerrrrr...why are you looking at me like that?"

Orange then leaped onto the banana like a tiger catching his prey.

"Agrrrrhhhhhhhh! Get him off me! He's eating my peel!" The banana tried to shake him off, but to no success.

Makes me think, you'd probably be only to get a small amount of groceries in your house. Because your food would eat the other food.

Another reason why it'd probably be bad, is that there'd be no privacy. Is it me or does everything in the Annoying Orange have the ability to talk? And not just fruit, but other things too. Talking Ipods, talking knives, I mean goddamn. Having every object in your house talking would not be a good thing. I feel sorry if the toilet in Annoying Orange has the ability to talk. But above all that, how would you be able to eat food? I mean I have to say the human with the knife seems quite sadistic to be able to chop up all the screaming fruit in the house without any guilt. But imagine how more caring people are gonna do it. Would you eat something that's screaming in pain from being eaten? And the worse part is we all have to eat something. But even if you are sadistic enough to eat the talking food, it'd still be annoying as hell. Here's a little short tale.

A little boy stood trying to eat an apple. The apple screamed in pain.

"It hurts! It hurts!" The apple cried.

"Hey be quiet!" The little boy snapped "I'm trying to eat!"

"That's a little difficult to do, when your head is being eaten! Ahhhhhhhhh!" the apple replied.

The little boy sighed.

And one last reason why it'd suck to live in the Annoying Orange's world is that your food may plot to kill you. I mean everything is your enemy, I mean think about it, is the food really gonna like being brought home to be chopped up and killed by you? Here's a little short tale.

"You know something!" Pear cried to Orange. "We should murder that human in our house. Then nobody else should suffer."

"Yeah! What an apple he is!" Orange snapped back.

"Use me!" cried the knife "That guy's made my life a living hell!"

"Let's kill him tonight!" grinned Pear evilly.

And this is why I'm thankful Annoying Orange isn't real. One thing I also wondered about the Annoying Orange's World is do vegetarians even exist? I mean what's the point of becoming one with the fruit has life too?

Then again I'm sure this webshow is meant to make no sense whatsoever.