The Warden and her Prisoner

Hermione has shocked everyone by taking up the position of Warden at Azkaban. Four years after the war Belletrix Lestrange has finally been caught.

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"Oh fuck, yes." She says. Her hips thrust forward; she impales herself further still on my fingers. I let her. I hold my hand still and let her ride it out. Let her fuck herself for all I care. "Oh god, oh fuck, oh baby, yes!" This bitch talks way too much. I place a single finger from my less than busy left hand on her lips. "Shh, don't talk." Her hips stop immediately. Soft blue eyes narrow up at me. I roll my own set of brown eyes and begin thrusting again. My lips slide into a smirk at the sight of her trying to control her body, she's trying stop it from responding to me. "You're such an asshole." She groans as her body betrays her with a roll of her hips. I look her dead in the eye. "I think you might be right." I'm thrusting two fingers hard, using my thumb to tweak her clit, making it good for her. Slowing down before picking the pace up with vigor, I bend my neck and alternate between her perfect breasts, lavishing them in kisses, tugs, gentle bites.

She moans for me. Her moan is something special. Soft and enticing, coming from the back of her throat, building into not quite an 'OH' more of an animalistic 'Uhm.' Her teeth are ravaging her lower lip, already swollen from the battle it did with my mouth. Her hips are rotating up at me now, her back arching into a lovely little bridge. I imagine her husband doesn't even notice the musky sex smell when he comes home from playing cards with the boys. Chances are he's forgotten the sounds his wife makes. It's a shame. She sits up abruptly, making me pay attention again. She's about to come, I feel her walls pulling at my fingers, the muscles clenching and releasing. She buries her face in my neck and her nails dig at my back. God that makes me wet. Her moans grow more frantic. Her orgasm spreads through her as an army of "oh Oh OHs!" marches over her teeth and past her lips. I feel her thighs shudder, her walls press in on me one last time, hard. I pull my thumb from her clit and allow her to ride the aftershocks of her release on my slippery fingers.

She watches me lick her sweetness off of my fingers, one by one. I don't like to waste; after all there are people out there who aren't getting laid. It's like throwing away food when people are starving, unacceptable. She sighs contentedly, smiling up at me. She is certainly a lovely woman. Wide, rounded hips, slim waist, sweet pink nipples on plum sized breasts that fit enticingly into my palm. Too damned bad about that husband business. I pass her clothes to her and thank her for a very nice time. She pouts and moves toward me. "Don't you want some too?" she asks and the offer is rather enticing but I have other things to attend to. "Perhaps next time." I say and walk out.

I have to wait until I get outside to apparate. It's fun to play with muggles, I try to keep my conquests outside of the magical world, if I were to fuck the wives of wizards my life would become considerably more complicated and that is something that I just don't need. For all the magical world knows could be asexual. I don't feel the need for anyone to know my business. It was rough to let Ron down easy. He doesn't exactly take anything easily. But he found a nice little wife and he has a nice little house and nice little children now. I did take a bit of heat from everyone over that. Sweet Hermione didn't exactly turn out the way the world expected her to after the war. War hardens a person, makes places that were once smooth a bit rougher. When I chose my occupation it shocked everyone once again. With my intelligence I should have become a professor at Hogwarts, everyone said so.

The thought of having to teach people like the ones I went to school with was enough to make me want to scream. The war turned me into what I have become. Everyone else wanted to have a nice peaceful life once it was over and I tried and tried, but it was so mundane and I just couldn't take it. I needed the excitement of dealing with criminals and enemies. I became the head warden in Azkaban. I didn't start out there, but I was so very good at my job, good at anticipating the plots of ex Death Eaters, good at keeping them in line that I moved up in rank very quickly. No one understands why I would want a job dealing with even more evil, as if my teens weren't full of enough of it. When it comes right down to it, I don't really understand it either, I just don't care about not being understood, I only care about keeping those fucking Death Eaters behind bars, keeping a wand out of their hands, keeping power over them.

I apparate into my office on the island in the middle of the sea and begin another nights work. Appeals, tips on uncaught Death Eaters, sentencing meetings, the usual, what is not usual is the piece of parchment labeled URGENT sitting on my desk. Just after the war it was the norm, everything was urgent, but now things had slowed down. I feel excitement build in my stomach, who have we caught and classified as urgent? I quickly open the parchment and begin to read.

Warden Granger,

I am sending you this urgent notice to inform you that we have caught one BELLATRIX LESTRANGE. She is currently in the custody of Aurors and will be transported to AZKABAN prison tonight at 9pm. I am sure that I do not need to inform you of the dangerous nature of this prisoner and the need for the situation to be handled delicately. Her presence could easily spur on a rebellion of the prisoners; she is to their side a beacon of hope. I believe it would be best if she were brought quietly into the SUPERMAX cell block under dead of night when prisoners will be asleep for the most part.

Bernard Linsky

Head of Ministry Defense

Bellatrix Lestrange, caught, in custody, being brought at 9 pm. This is the most amazing news I've gotten in four years. I owl Harry and Ron to let them know that she has finally slipped up after four years. We finally have that bitch. I look at my watch, 7:45. It won't be long now. My eyes move from my watch to the thin lines spelling out Mudblood. She'll fucking pay for that one. I order for one of the supermax cells to be prepared for our newest prisoner. It's been far too long since she saw the inside of Azkaban, I wonder if she'll like what I've done with the place. I laugh to myself and smile. Today is a very good day.

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