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Harry Potter/Devil May Cry – Fate's Cry

AU; After being abandon at the abusive Dursley's again, Alex has enough. Discovering her inheritance and wanting a better life, she leaves the Wizarding World, travelling the world wanting a better life. But with demons and Voldermort on the move is it really that simple? Fem!Harry Alex/Dante/Virgil/Nero pairing.

Chapter 1: Getting away

Alex was sitting in the corner of her room, hidden behind the broken wardrobe within the guest room, she wouldn't call it her room, the Dursley household never felt like a home to her, more like a prison. Which was true considering there were bars on her window and so many different locks on the door, stopping her from escaping.


Pain was all she felt.

Her entire body was bruised and bloodied, she wouldn't be surprised if some of her bones were fractured or even broken. When she had returned to the Dursley's, they were worst than ever, none of them were worried about the fact that her godfather was an escaped conflict from Azkaban.

She remembered to the end of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Cedric's death and Voldermort's resurrection. Dumbledore had locked her up in his office until Alex explained everything in explicit detail that had happened within the graveyard. She had hoped Dumbledore had listened to her and would provide some encouraging words to her but instead he went as far as to blaming her for Cedric's death and helping to bring Voldermort back to life using dark magic. Which didn't help considering she already blamed herself for what had happened and she didn't need anyone to tell her that. Though Cedric's father or his family didn't blame her not once, instead that had blamed the Tournament not her, for which she was grateful.

Alex had also been angry. Dumbledore didn't even bother to check or see if she was or would be alright, he just sent her on her way, he just pack her things at the end of the year and sent her back to the abusive Dursley's.

The moment she returned to the Dursley's home, she didn't get a chance to get her things or Hedwig from the car, though she was grateful that she had managed to salvage her most prised possessions like her wand and her father's invisibility clock, on the train. Thankful that she was much smarter than Hermione or anyone else thought she was, she had used her own magic to shrink them so they were small enough to fit in her pocket. "Wizard and witches don't fly on brooms in this story, sorry guys."

Earlier she couldn't bring herself to cry anymore, leaving the feeling of emptiness within her. A sudden slam of a door caused her to wince. A couple of days ago, she had watched Vernon kill her beloved Hedwig in front of her, snapping her familiars neck with his fat pig hands.

Now it was late in the night, around about 11 o'clock, most of the Dursley's were asleep, except for Vernon who she could hear coming up the stairs, from the sound of it he was quite angry as he sounded like a sound of hippos. Tensing, as he opened her door before for her.

Thankful for her small build she managed to twist out of the way before quickly running out of the room. Panicking she ran towards the back door, only to feel a hand grab her by the neck and flung her into kitchen cabinets, hitting the back of her head. Feeling the room spinning, she didn't notice the kick until it was to late. It was with such force that she felt the wind kicked out of her as well as hearing her ribs crack, it was enough for her to the floor. Blinking away tears and black spots from her eyes, she froze in shock. Vernon was pointing her rifle at her not two inches from her face.

"Oh, shit" was the first thought that came to her mind, Alex had never seen the man so angry before.

"You little shit, you did something. You caused me my job, you and your freakishness" he yelled stamping his foot into her stomach causing her to gasp in pain.

"Un-uncle,I d-didn't, d-do an-anything I-I swe-swear" was all she could gasp out.


"Not now Pet, I'm just teaching the freak some manners" he smiled what he thought to be a smug smile but it just made him look like a fat ugly walrus.

"No, they'll find out, she needs to remain-" Petunia began but was cut off.

"I WON'T have it. The freak deserves it, it LOST me my JOB" he yelled turning to his wife who jumped as he turned on her,.

"Just lock the freak up outside in the shed, she's got nothing left of her things and she can't do magic outside school" Petunia continued, none of them seemed to notice Alex at the moment.

"No way, I have expensive equipment in there, I'll NOT have them ruined by the FREAK" he continued slamming his foot down on what he thought to be a body. Only to look down to see an empty floor. Hearing the back door open, he quickly looked up/

Alex's eyes widened in shock, shit she had been seen. You could hear a pin drop for a everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Until someone seemed to press the play/fast-forward button on a remote, Vernon sprang into action ignoring his wife yell at him about his blood sugar all the while Alex lunged out into the dark night, Vernon hot on her heels.

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