Harry Potter/Devil May Cry – Fate's Cry

AU; After being abandon at the abusive Dursley's again, Alex has enough. Discovering her inheritance and wanting a better life, she leaves the Wizarding World, travelling the world wanting a better life. But with demons and Voldermort on the move is it really that simple? Fem!Harry Alex/Dante/Virgil/Nero pairing.

Chapter 3: The Beginning

"Ah, this where you have been hiding" Brother Matthew said as he watched the girl, Alex who was sitting in the library. She had been looking through some books of interest, the main one she was reading at the moment was on demons. "Is that a good read?"

"Yes, this is so different to the ones I have read" ...and seen. Alex said, placing a book mark on her page before closing the book. "But what I don't understand is why a religious group such as yourself. would have something like this?" Alex continued placing the book down on her lap. Many of the demons she had bee reading about were much different to the ones in the magical world. Magic didn't work on demons the same as magic creatures, they were immune to it. Non-magical items did though. She hadn't told them she was a witch though, she wasn't sure that not only would they believe she was bad, leave her but also because it was against the Wizarding laws to say anything about them to muggles, if they weren't family..

"Yes it is different to what we have. But that book has been there since the beginning of this year. It just appeared but none of us have been able to remove from its place on the shelf, except you Alex. We believe you have been brought here for a purpose" Brother Matthew said pointing to the book see held out for him, only for him to push it back to her. "You can keep it, we have no use for it, if we can't touch it."

"Over the past two months that I have been here. None of you are..."

"Normal, no and neither are you We should have known you would have found out about than later, you have seen us fade in out when we leave to another room. We're dead, ghost. Who had once followed the footsteps of out lord. We were killed because of out believe and trying to escape King Henry VII "this isn't true, remember this people". Our abilities come from the Cathedral itself." Brother Matthew said calmly seeing as he had her attention.

"Sorry to hear that. What do you mean your abilities coming from the Cathedral" Alex confused, to her a Cathedral was nothing more than a building where people prayed nothing more, she didn't really get religion, religion and herself didn't seem to function well together, maybe due to the fact she was a witch and there had been witch trials in the past and she didn't want that happening again. "...and what do you mean I'm not normal, nobody is normal" 'especially if your a witch and not normal even by their standards, having a large amount of magic even before she hit maturity inheritance at seventeen.'

"We do not know of the magic held within the cathedral itself, but we knew that any person alive needed healing, the cathedral would lend us its abilities to help people such as yourself. Though sadly it was the last of it as the Cathedral itself had only so little of it now, over the years it dwindled. Now it will become a normal historical cathedral as it was in the old days" Brother Matthew continued. "As for being normal, no one is. It would be a very boring world if it was. When we healed you, we haven't been entirely honest with you..."

"You've lied to me, hav-" she started but got cut off.

"No, not lied. Just not given it entirely. When the sister healed you, we healed your major wounds like broken bones, fractures, etc. The power of the cathedral is yellow. But than, something happened?"

"What?" ...please tell me it didn't interfere with my magic.

Brother Matthew could hear her impatience in her voice, even though it was calm, as he thought for a way to tell her. "Your entire being seemed to take over, changing. Stopping the magic of the cathedral from helping you, as though telling the cathedral it had done its job. The cathedral's magic stopped, but you still continued to glow. When it stopped, we found that not only were all of your injuries healed but your past injuries that hadn't been healed properly have also been completed healed, as though they have never been there at all. We believe you been blessed by the angels"

'Angels, but they haven't been extinct for a millennia?' Alex's thought were broken when she noticed Brother Matthew looking at her with concern.

"Miss Alex?"

"I'm fine, just all of a shock is all."

Feeling the need to change subject, Matthew looked was about to ask what she was going to do with her life when an owl floo into the room, 'was that a letter attached to its leg.' Landing on Alex's shoulder, dangling the letter from its leg that she happily took, before it floo off again.

Footsteps were head next when the Brothers and sisters appeared wondering where the owl had come from. "Sorry for the intrusion, but was that an owl?" Sister Mary Anna asked while Alex unsealed the letter and read it. It wasn't a normal letter she usually got from her supposed friends, no, it was from Gringotts.

"Yes, an owl. Owl post, quiet handy actually. They don't get lost in the mail as easily as modern mail..." Alex said as she continued to read.

Dear Miss Alexandria

I offer you my sincerest condolences on behalf of Gringotts Bank concerning the recent findings of the Potter's will.

Since you are almost 15 years of age, the Gringotts Bank have pleasure to inform you that your heritage can be providing by us. We have also others matters to inform you.

We are expecting you since you read this letter as it was spelled only for you to open.

Therefore, to make transportation easier for your, it has been arranged that this letter will activate as a Portkey, you just need to say "Griphook" and it will send you directly to Gringotts.

Since is a matter of extreme importance, so I would ask you to keep the particulars of this meeting to yourself. If you have any questions, I would be delighted to answer them when we meet.


Department of Inheritance

Gringotts Bank

"What is it child?" Sister Gabrielle asked coming over to the young woman. Alex looked at them in shock, she hadn't noticed when the room had gone quiet. "Miss Alex?"

"I... have to leave. Something important has come up that I need to sort out" Alex answered sadly. "I don't think I'll be coming back."

"Than you must do what needs to be done child?" Gabrielle said placing a comforting hand on Alex's shoulder. Though Alex couldn't feel it physically, she knew it was there.


"Go child, your freedom awaits you" Brother John said giving her a good push "literary, not physically" to go.

"Yeah, your right. Thankyou again" Alex said looking at them all. "No need child, go" Sister Mary said and with that Alex activated the Portkey, disappearing not knowing her life ahead of her or that she'll never see this place again or the people here. It would be nothing more than a local building used for projects after being dissolved by King Henry VIII.

So about it being short guys, the next chapter will be longer I promise. The Inheritance chapter is up next people. Hope you'll look forward to it.