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I can't, I can't, I can't, but if I could, I would.

Could & Would

I can't write songs or play the guitar, because then I'd write in notebooks until sheets of paper fade, but you prefer music unrelated to love. (Why, when everyone else does?) I don't have enough money to buy you the world like I would, but it seems you aren't a red roses kind of girl. (Is it because they have thorns?) I can't whisper powerful words and lies into your ears, though sometimes it seems like that's the one thing you'll desperately try to avoid. (Was someone here before me?) I can't be strong and proud and loud, but maybe you like the awkward kind. (Is it because you're that kind of a person too?)

I can't be romantic, or pretend to recreate clich├ęs that every other girl here seems to long for. I can't walk up to you and just talk about anything. I can't be the most popular person; I can't be noticed: not even by you.

But out of all these things I can't do, there's one thing that I can. I can smile at you everyday without deceiving you like the one who once stood in that place in your mind where you stand in mine. That I could do, and that I would do.

(If only you'd smile back.)

A/N: I really wanted to show a little bit about how Evan believes the reason why Amy won't try to like him is because someone hurt her before (Ian). Sorry that it's shorter than usual! Even so, I hope you liked it.