Ningyo (Doll)


The girl stood there, in front of the bed. A large, white snake, beheaded, on the ground not too far away. She stood in thick pools of crimson blood, in the bed, the body of a man she'd known as somewhat of a father figure. His arms were pinned to the wall above him, a sword stabbed threw them, and his head was lowered. His hair covered his face, and blood steadily dripped to the sheets in his lap.

She stared with silence, before leaning over and touching his hair, moving it away from part of his face. Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth, his breath caught in his lungs, and his eyes were glossy.

"He's dead." Some one said, and the girl withdrew, looking over at the other person who stood in the doorway amid the blood splattered walls and the dead bodies. "If you want, you can stay here, or you can come with me." They told her bluntly. She looked back at the dead body. The girl hugged the dead body, blood transferring onto her clothes, before she withdrew and went over to the man in the doorway. "Go change. We're leaving, so, pack anything you want, but try to pack lightly." They told her, and she waked away going to her room.

It wasn't the biggest room, but she liked the size of it. She grabbed a bag and put as much of her clothing in the back from her closet as she could. She pulled on her favorite jacket, as the man returned, "You don't have to bring all your clothes, We can always get you more." Maybe it was because she never had much to her name in her life, but she hugged the bag. "We're going to be doing a lot of walking- are you willing to carry all of that?"

The girl hesitated, before grabbing a smaller bag and putting lighter things in it. The man sat on her bed, "There's going to be a long period of time where we may not sleep in a bed. We'll probably not come back here again either." She looked at him and he looked back at her. "I have a plan, so, don't worry." She continued to pack silently, "He was going to die one day or another." The girl looked down, zipping up her new bag, before turning to him. He took her hand, holding it, but not looking at her. She sniffed and wiped her eyed, tears rolling down her cheeks, as she cried softly and quietly. The girl gripped the man's hand slightly tighter, as she cried, and he sat next to her supportively.

When she finished, he stood up and let go of her hand, "Come on, let's go." She nodded, "You'll have to wear your cloak, ok?" She stood there emotionlessly, and stared at the ground. The man grabbed the cloak and put it around her, snapping it above her collar bone, in front of her neck, and lead her out by her hand. "We're going to go meet someone, and it's really cold, so make sure you close up your cloak." She twitched, and did so.

"Come on, let's stop over there for something to eat. Your hungry, right?" He asked her, as the girl's stomach grumbled while she walked next to him. They went over to a small café and sat on the patio, "Order whatever you want." She hesitated, before looking at the menu. The girl pointed to something on the menu, showing it to her new guardian companion. "The pork bone ramen?" She nodded, "Alright." He ordered for the both of them, and looked at her, "Scared?" She looked at him, and then nodded, looking down shamefully. The waiter came back and gave them their food, and the man looked at his traveling companion. "We haven't been on the best terms, but please place your trust in me."

She reached over and put her hand on top of his, and smiled at him warmly. He smirked back, "But I can see that you already have." She nodded, and ate her food whole heartedly.

~O~ Later ~O~

"So, you're Madara?" The man asked, and a man in a black outfit, sat on a rock, wearing a mask. He had long, black hair, and he looked at the man.

"And you must be Kabuto. What do you want?" The other asked, and Kabuto smirked,

"An alliance." Kabuto stated bluntly, "I can be of great assistance to you." Madara said nothing at first, but after some persuasion, Madara agreed. "I'd like to trouble you about one more thing. I have a companion and I'd like to ask if she could continue to stay with me."

"Companion?" Madara repeated, and Kabuto lifted up his left arm, opening his cloak. The girl came out and hid sheepishly behind him, "Is this the one you mentioned?"

"Yes. Her name is Saya. I'd rather not leave her by her lonesome." Kabuto said, a hand on her shoulder, and she smiled at Madara. A warm, friendly smile. "She's a good girl and quiet, I doubt she'll give you much trouble." The girl shyly came out from his cloak and looked down.

"That's acceptable, I suppose." Madara said, before the girl hid behind Kabuto again, quiet, "Does she speak?"

"She hasn't seemed to since I've know her." Kabuto said, "I believe she's good at cleaning, cooking, along with many household chores." Kabuto patted her on the head, and she smiled gently to this gesture. Saya kept her eyes low, why she did was unknown, but she bowed to Madara, and he watched, attempting to analyze her. "She won't be a hindrance, I assure you." Madara nodded,

"I see. Come- I'll show you where my base is." Madara answered, watching as Kabuto took her hand and led her along and how she followed like a good girl.