Ningyo (Doll)

Chapter 7- The Girl and the Man

Madara had been watching Orochimaru closely since their return. When he did leave Saya's side, it was only for mere moments. Other than that, he was a constant eyesore to the new image of a much happier Saya. The Uchiha gloomily swirled the sake in his cup, before gulping it down. Tonight, he'd confront Saya. Tonight for sure! He had figured it all out.

Kabuto held no other interest in Saya, aside from being a 'Big Brother'. Orochimaru's interest was mainly in constantly teasing her and being close to her. His own interest was to possibly force her down and have his way with her, whether forced or consensual. Either way, he was determined to possess her in every aspect of the word. Saya seemed only to care for Kabuto as a big sister for a younger brother. Her actions towards Orochimaru were bashful- maybe they were lovers before he was a Snake. She seemed to only notice Madara for as much needed time necessary before making a quick exit, whether determined by herself, or it was a suggestion of despise from the reptile. Madara seemed the one with the largest objective as he knocked on Saya's door before entering.

"Saya, I'm coming in." "Obviously, you brute." Madara looked over. Saya sat on her bed, wearing lingerie, Orochimaru in front of her. She bashfully covered up and looked away. Her article of scandalous clothing, was dark plum, with laced hems of black, and her bra a darker purple than the rest, and held small, silver music notes all over the cups. The Uchiha just about had a mental melt down. "I enjoy what you're wearing, and it seems you've prepared yourself for my visit." Madara said and Orochimaru hissed angrily,

"Wrong again. She's only trying it on because I asked her to do it. As it told the other boy before Saya killed him- she will hold eyes for no one else but me." Saya, true to the old snake's words, looked at Orochimaru for instruction. He looked at her and she got up and ran to the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. "What are your intentions with my Saya? I see you're just about smart enough to tell me them."

"They have nothing to do with you." Madara said, as Saya came out in a light pink, satin robe, tying the sash around her waist to keep it closed. "Saya." She jumped, "I want you in my room in the next twenty minutes." Orochimaru chuckled,

"It's not that easy," Orochimaru said, as she shyly walked back to the bed and laid on her back. The Sannin quickly hugged her close, "She's all mine, during the day and though the night. I don't like sharing my things, especially not with the likes of you." He flicked his tongue against her neck and she shivered, moaning slightly. "Maybe I'll let you borrow her for a little while if you have something else to trade with me that's worth what my Saya is worth." Saya stroked his neck as she laid on the bed, Madara staring at her legs that the robe didn't cover. "Hmm…no, that's too cruel, nothing is equivalent in her worth. Find her favorite flower, and I'll let you borrow her for the night. Fair, right Saya?" She nodded and closed her eyes, "Now get out."

"You're just a snake, you can't tell me what to do. I can rip you to shreds!" Madara snapped and Orochimaru chuckled, smirking at him,

"No you can't." He said mockingly, "I'm a part of Saya, and if you hurt me, she'll be hurt too. The jutsu offers up a small part of herself so that I can have this body." Orochimaru rubbed his muzzle against her cheek and she giggled, and Madara clenched his fist. A single night. That's all he needed. He left, and Saya pet Orochimaru, slipping her own chakra into him. "He's persistent, isn't he? Do you like him?" Saya didn't respond and he flicked another weak spot, making her shiver, "You and I will never separate, my dear. Not even in Death." Saya smiled, eyes closed, before Orochimaru unwrapped from her and sat on her legs momentarily, "Sleep well, little one."

With that, the Snake left the room quietly, undetected by Madara, going over to Kabuto's room. Saya's own chakra in his body gave him a lot more flexibility than he had in this form before. Such as slipping under doors without trouble and how his new body had much, much more strength then it should. "Good afternoon." Kabuto said and Orochimaru chuckled,

"Yes, yes. How are my body parts serving you?" Kabuto hesitated, "I can see that my cells are almost eighty percent of your body now. Careful." He warned, slithering onto the bed.

"I see that Saya's Chakra is a lot stronger than I thought it was. I didn't know she had a jutsu like that in her arsenal." Kabuto said, pushing up his glasses. He doubted that was the only ace up her sleeve, but then again, you could never be sure.

"There are many things you still don't know about her then." Orochimaru responded. "I should thank you for taking adequate care of Saya while I was gone, but things will be different now that I'm back." Kabuto looked at him. The door opened and Saya poked her head in, looking at Kabuto before seeing Orochimaru and smiling,

"Oro." She said and Kabuto blinked in absolute shock and surprise. That was the first thing he heard her say. She came in, not minding that she was showing off her lingerie, and picked up Orochimaru.

"I thought you were asleep, my dear." Saya shook her head, "Go back to your room, Kabuto and I need to talk." She bowed and walked off. "Isn't she adorable?"

"That's what you asked me when you brought her home. She's not a pet." Kabuto huffed, pushing up his glasses, "She's a living, breathing human being."

"Does it seem that way?" Orochimaru asked, before leaving. "Yes, I'm here." Kabuto watched as she picked him up and walked off.

She laid him on the bed and pushed more Chakra in between his scales. "You're really desperate, hm?" He asked, and she nodded quietly. "Alright. Give me a little more chakra." She complied without a moment's hesitation, before he changed. He sat on the bed, in his own body, holding her face in his hands. "You know this won't last long."

"…It…" She said, leaning into his hands, "Will last long enough for me to fall asleep." Saya told him, and Orochimaru watched as she laid on the bed, holding his hand. He laid back in his borrowed body, staring at her as she looked back. "I know it's only an illusion, but, just a few minutes." He grinned and laced his fingers with hers, and she closed her eyes. Her smile in that moment could light an entire country for a year.

"Silly girl." Orochimaru told her and she blushed faintly in the dark. He hugged her and she rested against him, quickly falling asleep before he fell asleep himself.

~O~ Next Day ~O~

"Saya, I brought you the most expensive flowers I could find." Madara announced upon entering the kitchen of the newer Akatsuki Base, Kabuto already eating breakfast as she set up Madara's plate. She smiled, accepting the flowers and put them in a vase with some water.

"Those aren't the ones, moron. Money can't buy everything." Orochimaru hissed, annoyed. "Saya, don't just smile and accept them, you're stringing him along." Saya set Madara's plate down and set his drink down, moving over and salting Orochimaru's plate of dead mice lightly. The Snake helped himself and Kabuto asked for seconds, but Madara just stared at his food. He slowly began to eat, watching Saya. "The diet I must commit to is annoying." Saya rubbed Orochimaru below the neck and he calmed down, before she washed her hands. "Saya, we're going to go shopping today." She looked over at him questioningly. "Don't look at me like that. I don't approve of your wardrobe." She blushed and put her hands on her cheeks before turning away shyly, "Listen here, you coy thing! I won't have you waltzing around in those things when you know good well what you're supposed to be wearing." She nodded, sitting down and eating breakfast herself. "I hope my cells take over Kabuto's body quicker. This body is starting to annoy me- no offense, Saya. You did a very good job." She smiled and ate quietly.

"I want a hint." Madara said and Orochimaru sighed,

"Not in your lifetime." Orochimaru said and Saya tapped him on the head, "No, don't you try and butter me up. That's my final decision." She hugged him into her chest and Madara watched with jealously as Orochimaru 'ungratefully' tried to wiggle out of her bosom. "I won't fall for your ploys on this matter. Oh, but these are so very soft. NO!" Orochimaru pulled away, "You're getting new clothes and no hints for the boy. I'd rather you dress in what suits you best, not these ill-fitting dresses." Saya frowned as Orochimaru gestured to her current dress.

"I picked out her current wardrobe." Kabuto voiced, "We couldn't take anything from her old wardrobe." Orochimaru hissed his displeasure,

"Maybe you should have. Those clothes suited her a lot better. Come on, Saya, let's go. I'd rather not see you in the unkempt state you're in now any longer." Orochimaru deducted, slithering off and Saya followed.

"What did she wear before?" Madara asked and Kabuto chewed his food thoughtfully before swallowing it.

"Orochimaru has a very harsh view on what and what not she should wear. He thinks that kimonos and yukatas look best on her and she'll wear them as long as he's alive." Kabuto answered after a minute, before continuing his meal. Madara helped himself to his own meal, a thought of her sprawled out in a festive kimono on his bed, her hair around her, flashed in his mind and made him choke on his food. He wanted to see it with his own eyes.

"I'm disappointed yet surprised." Orochimaru said as they returned a few hours later, "There weren't too many kimonos but we did get satisfactory replacements." Saya blushed bashfully, "And I got a few things too. We'll never have to leave your room for anything." Her blush darkened by fifteen shades of red and pink at that comment. "You're a lot cuter when you're blushing." The blush grew darker and she as she went to her room, setting down the bags, looking over to see Madara in a chair in her bedroom and jumped. The Uchiha flicked on the lights and she flinched, covering her eyes and Orochimaru's from the sudden brightness. Saya was wrapped in a dark purple kimono with black and gold flowers on it, her hair braided and tied up in a bun on her head with a jade hair pin keeping it together. Her nails had been given a French manicure and her toes as well but there was dark plum nail polish on them and a small flower for each big toe. As she lowered her hands from her face, Madara noticed the light make up she wore. Pink blush on her cheeks, light purple eye shadow and ruby red painted lips. She blushed and looked away, Orochimaru snapped "Stupid Uchiha!" At Madara.

"Here." Madara said, offering her another wilted flower. A Dandelion. She accepted it and smiled at the flower,

"Hm." Orochimaru said moodily, "Looks like you've picked her favorite flower with a second try. You must be very lucky." He hissed unhappily, as Saya smelt the flower as she stood there, "Saya." She looked at him. "Do you think that since this boy passed my test, he should have some of your time?" Saya nodded slightly, "Yes, that's only fair, isn't it?" She nodded again. "Hm. How long to you plan on borrowing my sweet little Saya?"

"If I remember, I was promised a whole night with her." Madara answered, looking at Saya who blushed and averted her eyes shyly. When he was done with her, all that shyness and innocence would vanish. God, did she look cute in her little kimono.

"You won't be so lucky. I have separation anxiety from my little flower. I'll supervise your date." He dictated and Madara frowned as Saya looked at him, "I don't think you have pure-intentions like my naïve little Saya- no offense, my dear - but she's too nice for her own good." Saya picked up Orochimaru and looked at Madara. "Well? When will this date start?" That single comment almost completely murdered Madara's libido, but that baby doll Saya was possibly wearing underneath her robe turned it back on.

"Now, come on Saya." Madara said, reaching for her hand and she dodged the movement of his arm as if he was attacking her, "Saya?" Madara questioned as he wasn't completely sure what had just happened.

"She's not very comfortable with being touched. Have you ever had a date with such a Cactus Blossom before?" Orochimaru asked snidely as he referred to her prickly response to the Uchiha and how pretty she was perhaps. Madara withdrew, still wary of Orochimaru who hung around her like the plague would a rat.

"We're going to my room." Madara said bluntly, "I have a table and everything set up there." Saya let out a small peep as Madara walked off and nervously massaged Orochmaru's coils, pushing chakra into him absently,

"Now, now, Saya." She stopped, looking at Orochimaru with a 'dear in the headlights' gaze. "Yes, a first time with anyone other than myself and Kabuto may be unnerving but you need to get used to it." She nodded. "Mmm massage me more, it feels good."