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Kaoru woke up in total darkness, and even though he couldn't see anything, he felt at peace. The bed was soft, the blanket warm and his beloved brother was snuggled up against him.

He was just about to fall back asleep, when the peace suddenly stopped.

He groaned annoyed. His brother had suddenly moved out of his grasp and turned onto his side, his back facing him.

He missed the warmth…

Maybe it was payback for denying him sex yesterday night for a change…

Hikaru moved again, this time towards him. The younger Hiitachin looked curiously at him, especially when his brother cuddled his spiky, ash coloured against his neck.

Maybe he had concluded too fast –


He twitched.

Hikaru had kicked him out of bed. Again.

A vein throbbed on his forehead; that habit of his big brother was really becoming annoying!

He would soon reach his limit; he could feel it in his gut. A few more times and he would take his brother's nightly action personally.

Sighing, he moved to get onto the bed again but the second his hands made contact with the fabric; he was roughly showed, kicked, by the face back down onto the floor again.

He glared disbelieving up at his big brother, who seemed to be still far away in dreamland.

How could he sleep like nothing had happened?

He twitched again. That bastard! Why was he always the one suffering?

Enough was enough. It was payback time!

It was time to let his brother get a piece of his mind.


No reaction.


Still no reaction.


"What is it, Kaoru…?" His brother finally groaned without moving one inch.

"Oh, nothing special..." The younger Hiitachin cooed, while successfully climbing back onto the bed beside the older male and grabbing his pillow. "Just –"


"This –"


"Ow! What was that for?" Hikaru demanded, while robbing his now sore head.

"You kicked me off the bed. Again."

"Hah…" Was all the older Hiitachin had to say. He then titled his head and glanced at his brother like a predicator would with its prey.

Kaoru shivered in return.

"… Hika –?"


Kaoru's ass made contact with the cold floor yet again.

Snapping out of the shock, he stared at his brother in disbelief.

"What the hell, Hikaru?"

"That's for denying me sex yesterday." The older Hiitachin explained amused, while glancing down at his brother from the edge of the bed. Kaoru gave him a flat look, but he paid it no mind and crawled down onto the floor beside him.

He then leaned in over the younger Hiitachin and breathed softly against his pale skin.

"But now when we're on the floor we might as well…" Kaoru stared up at him in disbelief. Was sex really the only thing he ever thought about? "I can turn the floor into a pleasant thing."


SLAM(Sound of a pillow meeting Hikaru's face again)

"Ow! Kaoru! What the hell?" He demanded angrily, while once again robbing his head. The little devil known as his baby brother had dared to hit him again.

Kaoru simply pointed at him in response.

"That's for wanting to take advance of my misery!"