Rainbow Dash zoomed past the Sweet Apple Acres looking for Applejack. She already showed her new trick to everypony else but her, and it was something that they all needed to see.

"Applejack! Applejack?"

She couldn't seem to find her. She was usually outside the barn or tending to the apple trees.

Rainbow flew down toward the barn door and tried to get it open. It didn't seem to budge. She pulled with all her strength but it wouldn't move.

"Dang, Applejack doesn't normally keep this locked."

Just then the barn door flew open hitting Rainbow Dash in the face and knocking her out. Applejack emerged from the barn and looked down at an unconscious Rainbow Dash.


Rainbow Dash awoke on Applejack's couch a few hours later. She rubbed her temple. "Ow, what the hay happened?"

Applejack entered from the kitchen. "Rise and shine, sugarcube. You've been out of it fer a few hours."

It took a while for Rainbow Dash to understand what she said, and she nearly flipped out.

"HOURS? I MISSED AUDITION!" Rainbow Dash slumped. Applejack was confused. "Audition? You ain't much of a singer."

"No," said Rainbow Dash, "I was auditioning for the Wonderbolts today. They were going to see if I was cool enough to hang with them."

Rainbow Dash slumped into the sofa. "Oh, my bad," said Applejack, feeling awful, "but there'll be other chances, y'hear? Just don't worry your pained head about it."

Rainbow Dash lifted up and sighed, "I guess."

"Now, let's go see what the others are up to. If you're feelin' alright, that is."

"Yeah, yeah, I feel fine!"

Rainbow Dash awoke early the next day, which was unnatural because she always woke up later than everypony else. The first thing she saw upon waking up was her ceiling. Only a lot more blurry than usual.

"What the?"

She stood up and looked around the room. Everything was blurry. She couldn't see her own hoof in front of her face. She was freaking out and scared, it was unlike her.

"What the hay? Maybe Twilight knows what's up."

She flew out and crashed right into another pegasus. Another mare like her.

"Ow! Watch it!"


The other pegasus flew away and left.

"Maybe I should just call her over the pony-phone." Thought Rainbow.

"How exactly did this happen?" Asked Twilight in her usual curiosity.

"I don't know! I woke up and I couldn't see anything! Can you fix this?"

"Maybe. I'm sure there's a magic spell somewhere to fix or enhance vision, but I'd have to check a LOT of books. In the meantime, you should consider getting glasses."

The words hit Rainbow Dash like a train "GLASSES?"

"Oh come on, tons of ponies wear glasses. It's not uncommon."

"I don't care! Why would I need glasses?"

Twilight gave Rainbow a funny look.

"...Fine, I'll think about it."

"I'll go with you if you want."

"...Okay. But what will everypony think?"

"No one will think anything. They're just glasses after all."

"How soon can we go? I can't become a Wonderbolt if I can't see!"

"Alright alright, we can go now."

Rainbow Dash and Twilight left the library; Rainbow Dash hating the situation with each passing second.